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Reading Reviews for Hallelujah
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Review #1, by Dojh167 Hallelujah

14th April 2017:
Hufflepuff CtF jailbreak review

Omg this story is so confusing to my feelings. I want to be sad because poor Remus and Tonks are dying, but also there is an incredible sweetness about it. It’s a really fine balance that you’ve done well.

So much death in Remus’ life. Way too much. Make it stop. No, not with his death!

In “seeing passed it to who I was” “passed” should be “past”

The line “Perhaps I should have kept up duelling practice. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.” absolutely destroys me.

I’m confused by the line “Then it became time to step up and perfect them.” What is he supposed to perfect. Oh, or did you mean to say “protect them?”

I think you did a good job characterizing Remus. He seems very solidly in character. Most of what we see her is stuff that we know from canon, and you’ve shown it through Remus’ eyes. I think you did a particularly good job tying Remus’ implied depression and self loathing in, and how that is a consistent force throughout his life.

My favorite part is the ending, when you switch to the present tense. That change makes the story feel very grounded in the moment, and the change from memory to the present moment of death is striking and significant.

Good job with this one ♥


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review and apologies for the delay in replying.
I have seen the typos but just not had a chance to go and edit!!
I think that seems to be an overlying 'theme' of Remus' character and the song seemed to suit it so well. And I thought he would be feeling so mixed at this point- reunion with his friends but leaving his family!!! Bless him.
Thank you so much again xx

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Review #2, by Felpata Lupin Hallelujah

14th April 2017:
Hello, my sweet Sophie! I'm here to review for CTF! I've missed you...

Aww... this was so sad... And so sweet at the same time... You know how to get to my feels, don't you? (Also, we share a love for Remus... :P)

The perspective was really interesting, they say you see all your life before your eyes when you are going to die, I experienced something similar once when I was a kid (I thought I was drowning) and it'seems really true... but I'm digressing, as usual.

The point is, I love the idea that it all happens in the very instant Remus is striken by the Killing Curse and then it's all a sequence of flashes of all the most significative moments of his life. I loved how you managed to include all this in such a short time.

(Side note, I'm using the word love in reference to your writing, I didn't enjoy seeing my Remus die, it was all quite heartbreaking)

Anyway, I loved how you wrote his relationship with Dora, the slowly growing feelings, the Constant fighting with himself and questioning all his choices, the happiness she gave him despite all his insecurities.

It really made me sad when you referenced to his loneliness and to the society's rejection. You can see why he didn't want to bring the people he loved most down with him (I still want to hit him on the head for his stupidity)

I loved the moment when Teddy was born... Poor child, this is so unfair... *hugs Teddy*

Sorry, I have to go now... lovely story, though, as always!

Tons of hugs, honey!

Author's Response: Chiara!
How fab to hear from you! Apologies for the delay in replying. I've gone back to work and haven't had a great deal of time.
I love this song so much, and it seemed to work so well for our Moony. It is heartbreaking and beautiful and gives all the feels!
I adored writing this so much. And thank you so much for the review!!

Loads of love to you lovely x

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Review #3, by Dinthemidwest Hallelujah

27th June 2016:
Beautiful... I can hear that song in my head! Remus & Tonks were such a great couple; I hated to see them die. You did a great job (as -usual!) in a short amount of space!

Author's Response: I adore this song so much, and listening to it, all of a sudden it seemed to fit Remus and Tonks so well! Thank you, I'm so happy you enjoyed!

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