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Reading Reviews for Mistress Of Malfoy Manor
17 Reviews Found

Review #1, by HPfanJayden The Mysterious Woman

26th April 2017:
Please update soon
I love this story

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Review #2, by nel24 The Mysterious Woman

13th January 2017:
brilliant cant wait for the next one keep up the great writing

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Review #3, by Serpendor The Mysterious Woman

4th December 2016:
It was neat to see some of the other characters a bit more, and I can't WAIT to read more about Lily! If only chapters could validate faster!

*tosses a chocolate frog*

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Review #4, by GeekMom13 The Mysterious Woman

15th November 2016:
I think we owe you chocolate frogs! That was a great explanation if the stay at the dursleys. I can't wait for her next interaction with Draco. I like the extra characters.
Thanks for the shout out! I really enjoy reading your story.

Author's Response: Hehe! Thank you my lovely 😊
There will be some good interactions with Draco coming up in the next chapter, so look out for that!
Hope you're enjoying it all!!
As xXx

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Review #5, by Serpendor The Pledge Of Loyalty

12th November 2016:
Can you BELIEVE this?! Wait... you wrote it... right...

How will this affect Harry Potter? HIS MUM IS ON VOLDY'S SIDE!! :0

Hermione has become savage Pandora! Will she be this way forever? Or will she remember humbleness? If she didn't I guess I wouldn't be surprised. It looks like our Hermione is long gone!

I realize that I'm probably exploding your inbox with all of these comments on your two stories so sorry for that haha

Author's Response: You're numerous reviews do make me chuckle! I'm afraid you'll have to wait and see, there's a much bigger explanation next hap, which I will be uploading in a second, however there's a validation queue of 4 days, so expect it by next Wednesday-ish.

The Hermione we know is most definitely gone, never to return! It's most definitely a 'dark side fic', all of my fics are if I'm honest. It's what I enjoy writing, I just hope I'm good at it! I hope you enjoy all the chapters yet to come, and trust me there will be a ton of them, I'm aiming for about 70 all in all!

Much love
Az xXx

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Review #6, by Serpendor Ball Gowns and Slytherins

12th November 2016:
Oh. My. God.

HERMIONE JUST CRUCIOED DRACO MALFOY INTO SUBMISSION! Hermione Hermione! Why, Hermione? Wait, I mean... Pandora. AUGH she's switched from Gryffindor to Slytherin in just a few hours!

HARRY AND RON HATE HER! THE GOLDEN TRIO IS DEAD! It's two in the morning where I am by the way. This is stealing my sleep.

I feel like she's going to pay the price for this. She's forgotten what Dumbledore told her!

Okay I'm going to stop typing this review and see what happens next. Goodbye to my beauty sleep!

Author's Response: I'm afraid the Hermione we all know and love is gone, to be replaced with the power hungry Pandora. I apologise that it's stealing your sleep, but I'm glad you're hooked!!

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Review #7, by Serpendor Coming To Terms

12th November 2016:
Hello there! Your last chapter said to comment grammar errors which I wouldn't normally do, but here it is! Starting from the top...

In the first paragraph it should say "knew" not "new".

Also I'm not sure that infamousy is a word... did you mean infamy or infamously?

The question mark after "it's your favourite" might be best as an exclaimation point.

"Sat on the porch steps" is present tense but Hermione's referring to the past.

Storey isn't a word... but story is :)

"All bar Meredith" should be "but".

"Hogwarts friends", not friend.

Same sentence as the last one should be too not to. And the three following commas don't fit the sentences.

"standing just outside" not stood.

"Daughter's friend" not "daughters friend".

"Know by who" not "now by who".

Hmmm... WHAT is that mysterious TAPPING noise? not over here... not over here... kind of... catchy :)

Sorry for the above, I had to. If you have no clue what the heck I'm talking about that's fine.

"Up right" is one word.

These were just some little errors that stuck out to me, nothing major. Honestly I'm probably not going to do this a lot because it'll probably get annoying, especially since you wrote this chapter awhile ago.

I am not just the grammar corrector, though! I also must say that this story is very nice so far and that I'm probably going to face another sleepless night reading it all!

Author's Response: I completely get the reference! I chuckled when I saw it! And thank you for the typos and issues, I have two beta's from a different site where this is posted, who only started going through it yesterday, so I've yet to transfer their 'edits' over to this site. All will be fixed soon, so thank you 😊

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Review #8, by Lozzyone  The Pledge Of Loyalty

10th November 2016:
Would it be Lilly by any chance. I love how you have turned it from the normal reformed deatheater story to pan being the bad one :) i love it

Author's Response: Haha, you'll have to wait for the next chapter, which is currently in verification. It should be readable by Sunday.

And thank you :D I find reformed death eaters tend to be boring death eaters, it's far more fun to make Pan join in with the world domination!!

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Review #9, by DramioneLove90 The Pledge Of Loyalty

9th November 2016:
That is positively a delicious chapter! So excited to see what you have in store for Lily's backstore. Is there going to be any interaction between Pandora and Draco in your story? I won't lie I'm a suckered for it. I would love to see what you could come up with with a clean slate on an original story.

Author's Response: Why thank you! I'm currently working on the next chapter! It's about half finished so far. There will be a massive dose of backstory in the next chap, but there are still a few secrets I'm keeping quiet ;)
There will be some 'Pandraco' soon, as that is the main pairing, but I want to try and settle all the important information first, before adding yet another thread to this enormous tapestry I'm weaving! But I promise it will be juicy, but it won't be Smutty.

I'm seriously considering a clean slate Dramione, and my other fic which is still in it's early days will be a OC/draco, although the OC is largely based off of Hermione. But of course, as with all my fics, it will be a dark one :D

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Review #10, by GeekMom13 The Pledge Of Loyalty

9th November 2016:
I almost ditched the story, but I'm so glad I didn't. This is incredible. I can't wait to see what Harry's mother has to say

Author's Response: Well I'm glad you stuck with it, and trust me, she has a LOT to say in this next chapter, you'll get a massive dose of her Backstory, but there are still a few things I'm holding back for the next couple of chapters!

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Review #11, by BugaBoo The Pledge Of Loyalty

9th November 2016:

Thanks for a new chapter! It was really enjoyable to read.
I have to say Pan still resembles me very much of Hermione and I love it that you managed to make her the master of Dark Arts and keep her personality, as learning new spells and curses and getting deeper into the subject is what Hermione would do.

About that cliffhanger... Could that woman be Lily Potter? I mean I know it's crazy, but details do fit (thought to be dead, auburn hair and green eyes). Am I right about this one?


Author's Response: Heya! Thanks for the awesome review, I'm currently half way through writing the next chapter, hoping to have it finished and possibly uploaded by the weekend! Depends how long verification takes. I've tried to keep it as close to Canon Hermione as possible, the naturally inquisitive nature, the urge to learn everything she can possibly get her hands on. But with the new found flair for dramatics and an intense sense of righteousness and pride that could be seen in canon.

And you'll just have to wait and see ;)
Much love ~ Az

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Review #12, by Harry Potter rules The J.D.E's

16th October 2016:
when's the next chapter out and why is Hermione sounding evil? I AM REALLY ENJOYING THIS SO FAR!!!

Author's Response: Hey! In still typing up next chapter, and the queue has been as long as 4 days recently so hopefully some time during the week! And remember this is a DARK Hermione fic, so she won't be on the 'side of the light' although it will become more obvious as the story goes on as to why it was so easy for her to change sides. Hope you enjoy it :)
Az xXx

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Review #13, by BugaBoo Family Connections

4th October 2016:

To be honest, I've never thought that I would say that I enjoyed reading Hermione(or in this case, Pan) as a fairly dark character. But here I am. You are doing a wonderful work! Please, keep going ^^.

Author's Response: Thank you! That means so much to me! I know she's OCC compared to canon, but I've tried to keep her fairly close, she always had the possibility of going dark. I just utilised that, I know it's been about two weeks since o updated, I hit a bit of writers block, but I always find reviews inspiring, so I'll be spending this evening working on the next chapter! I hope I do you proud and you continue to enjoy my work :)
Az xXx

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Review #14, by DramioneLove90 Head Duties And A Sorting Hat

17th September 2016:
Filler or not it was very well done. Thanks for the shout out 😉 can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: You're more than welcome, I shoutout to those who actually take the time to review, and you did, just want to show my appreciation 😊
Next chapter is getting uploaded today, so should be on in about 2-3 days depending on the queue! Hope you enjoy it! Az x

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Review #15, by DramioneLove90 Ball Gowns and Slytherins

10th September 2016:
I must say I absolutely love this dark side of Hermione. I always thought Hermione would make a great dark witch with her hunger for knowledge. Please keep writing I'm on the edge of my seat.

Author's Response: That's an awesome review! I grinned! I'm currently up to chap 13 as I prefer to write ahead and give regular instalments :) and I intend to see this to the very end.

I personally absolutely love dark Hermione fan fics, so writing it has been and still is incredibly exciting and fulfilling! Although the chapters do seem to be getting much longer, well over 3,000 words in the upcoming chapters! I hope I do you proud, and you enjoy reading more! Az xXx

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Review #16, by blackdiamond Blood Ties And Demon Eyes

9th August 2016:
I'm new to your story. I just found it tonight and I'm intrigued as I have no idea where you will take this ..I love being surprised.
Placed on my current read list to follow. To early to favorite yet - but I want to as good writing and I have no idea where your going and story is not following canon = I'm Hooked.
Will await next chapter- hope you stick with it to the end. Do you have any idea about how many chapters this story will be? Do you know the ending yet that you are working toward? Just curious-I'm only a reader but helps me to know if your committed to finish at least from a non-writer view point. No intent to criticize or insult you, just so many stories I invested in that never got finished.
I hope Hermione gets back to ancestry and finds out who she descended from.
Bellatrix needs a very nasty end - she is so cruel and evil. I wonder what Draco will be like - he kind of saved their lives in the club-didn't he? One never knows with Draco and an Author can go in different directions and give story many types of ending. Please-lead me a merry chase!

Author's Response: I've never grinned so much in my life! That was an absolutely amazing review!

I'm determined to see it through to the end, I too have had many a disappointment from people abandoning stories that I was getting hooked on :(

I'm deviating from canon dramatically, but don't want to give away too much as it would spoil it. Although I can say that in the next chapter, which I'm currently writing as I type this; Hermione finds out more about her ancestry and discovers quite a large surprise on the way!

I have a vague ending that I'm working towards and my Beta Joey who I know IRL challenges me with ideas and suggestions when I get stuck, so fingers crossed I don't suffer too badly with writers block!

I hope I can do you proud, I cherish those who read my work, and any feedback is good feedback. Constructive criticism is key to producing work of a higher caliber!

Fingers crossed I don't let you down :)

Happy reading, and thank you!



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Review #17, by DaFossil The Summer Of Death

24th June 2016:
Nice start, looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope to not disappoint :) I'll try to update weekly, I've just got to get through these last few days at college and then I'll be able to update more frequently

Az x

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