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Reading Reviews for The Pursuit of Scorpius Malfoy
7 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Reems I Am Not Petty

9th October 2016:
I think it was great! I'm dying for more character building with rose and scorpius, though! Dying. Literally holding my breath as a I write this.. It was great, and I can't wait for the next one. (Eagerly waiting)

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much for this review, I'm really pleased you like it so far.
Don't worry, more Scorose will be coming ahah. I feel like I haven't really developed the characters properly or the relationships for that matter so that's something I'm really going to work on in the coming chapters but more will be happening with Rose and Scorpius soon, so I hope you enjoy!
I will update as soon as I can but right now I'm alternately updating between this and my James/OC which needs to be updated first sorry but I'm hoping that won't take too long!

~ Charlie ~

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Review #2, by beka_wotter I Am Not Petty

25th September 2016:
I feel conflicted about Rose, I can't quite love her yet because I disagree with her quite a bit haha
I think once her and Scorpius start to get along (if they ever do) I may warm to them but right now they're both a bit hard edged and hopefully will soften each other out :)
Loving it though and keep updating please! x

Author's Response: Twice I have tried to respond to this review and my laptop has crashed both times, it must have some sort of vendetta against me ahah so third time lucky I hope.

In a way I'm actually quite glad you are conflicted about Rose because although she's not bad deep down, she's very prejudiced towards Scorpius and sometimes (okay maybe a lot of the time) she's just downright awful to him and he doesn't deserve it.
Scorpius also has a habit of retaliating and being just as bad as Rose but both of them have their reasons behind their animosity (maybe Scorpius more so than Rose) and neither of them truly mean what they say. Rose has a longstanding if not slightly petty reason why she disliked him from the moment they met in first year and thus she wasn't nice to him so he didn't like her back. Also something is happening in Scorpius' life recently (which I shall not yet disclose) which is why he's been getting more wound up by her as he has a lot on his plate. It's also the reason why Al jumped in to defend him since he normally doesn't take sides.

And as for them getting along, lets just say they can't hate each other forever...
I mean, I agree with what you said about softening each other out, they're good for each other.

I'm pretty sure you've left a review before, in which case thank you so much for continuing to read and review as getting a review always makes my day.
As for updating, don't worry I will keep doing so. However updates may be a bit slower from now on as I've just started a new James/OC (bad of me to start one with this being unfinished, I know ahah) and I'm excited to write more for that.

~ Charlie ~

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Review #3, by Kiera Greene I Am Not Involved

30th August 2016:
Ive been following this fic for some time now and if I could only sum it up in a number of words it would be as follows: this girl knows her stuff. Not only does she bring the wizarding world we all know and love back to life, she does so in her own remarkable way with little tweaks here and there that are sure to make the reader smile. Perhaps one of my favourite things about it is the characterisation of Rose Weasley shes sarcastic, witty and has an interesting yet unique dynamic with every character. Furthermore, the dialogue itself flows so smoothly, as if youre watching the scene unfold right in front of you. Its light hearted yet adventurous; there are twists at every turn that give the reader the utmost satisfaction. It has great potential, so long as the writer keeps up with it. Trust me: you want to read this.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, this is literally the sweetest review ever aw. I'm pleased that you like Rose because I know she can be (very) bitchy at times but deep down she's not a bad person at all, just a little blunt and sarcastic sometimes (and maybe a tad prejudiced too).
Don't worry I'm not planning on giving up with this fic anytime soon chapter 5 is already in the queue and chapter 6 has been written.
Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Ophelia I Am Not Involved

16th August 2016:
This is Brilliant. there is nothing I dont love about this Story! i am so looking forward to more!!!

Author's Response: Aw this is such a lovely review thank you! I hope you enjoy whats to come :)

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Review #5, by Jio I Am Not Involved

11th August 2016:
Priory Incantatem or Varitaserum? Can't wait to see how it continues! :D

Author's Response: Aw thanks, hope you enjoy the coming chapters!

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Review #6, by Romana I Am Not Involved

22nd July 2016:
Enjoyable, keep it up !

Author's Response: Aw thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #7, by beka_wotter I Am Not Humiliated

14th July 2016:
Heyy, I really like this story, and how you write about the characters! It's funny, kept me interested and I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Aw thanks! I'm so glad that you like it and want to read on. I'm currently writing chapter four so hopefully you won't have to wait too long.

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