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Reading Reviews for Roses In Ash
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Review #1, by PaulaTheProkaryote Zwei

28th August 2016:
(Hi, I'm cross posting reviews)

Hello! :D Oh boy! Chapter two!

The thing I like most about this fic so far is the normalization of Viktor, even at Durmstrang. You give him so much normality when part of me thinks he must have a glamorous life (especially during his school days, being in school AND playing professional quidditch). You don't make him seem like one of those two dimensional versions of an athlete who only really exists to show Ron that Hermione is desirable by inspiring jealousy (even if I'm hardcore rooting for him and Hermione, regardless of whether Ron makes her happy). Fred and George called him "Dumb Krum" in the movie and the whole him not understanding Hermione's name thing, well I always hated that.

All the details you gave us about Durmstrang is amazing. I could honestly imagine every spire and the Jormungandr's Stair and the harbor and I just want to live in that description.

"Most people prefer things to be simple, after all." I think that's so true. Him talking about how one of the things he loved about Durmstrang was the privacy he had there and I think that same feeling would probably resonate with Harry. Sure, Hogwarts knew half his business at any give time, but I can't even imagine how hard it would be for Harry, much less someone like Krum to find a moment of peace and privacy when the entire world is prying into their business.

Oh, my poor baby Krum and his jealousy and swirling acid in his stomach. Coffee will just make it worse! ;) I like the line "or is it not such a big thing" because it almost feels like he's probing to see how committed she is. Did she agree just for sake of obligation or is she over the moon about it?

This line was my favorite and Tamas is my spirit animal (can we have a Tamas spinoff?) ďHe was probably just hiding under his covers on principle (though what exactly that principle was, neither he nor Ferdi knew).Ē Letís add Ferdi to the spinoff too. Heís such a good friend.

One thing I want to know while reading this chapter is how is Viktor's relationships with people from back home? Are we still friends with Ferdi and Tamas? Do we grab coffee with them too? (I hadnít read that far when I asked this in my mind. WHY DO WE NOT KNOW WHERE TAMAS IS LIVING? How far gone is Viktor from his past life?)

I amend my previous statement. This was by far my favorite line: ďHe supposes hitting a war hero with a Beaterís bat isnít really a good idea Ė not all publicity is good publicity, no matter what newspaper editors like to chirp.Ē I full on snorted at that line and it was really cute.

I love the politics of Durmstrang. I love when you paint this history of it on my screen. I need more. I need more Karkaroff and the drama and Krumís history. I love the Hermione conflict in front of him, I truly do, but Iím living for the historical flashbacks. They just bring so much to the story that it keeps me on the edge of my seat wanting more information!

Fabulous chapter, as expected, and I canít wait for chapter three! Itís going to be a good one, Iím sure of it!

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Review #2, by PaulaTheProkaryote Eins

27th June 2016:
First I have to comment on the introductory lines of the story. I had no idea anyone could write writing so beautifully. All of the details and descriptions you gave just really gave the beginning such a delightful feel for me, despite the words themselves which he clearly was struggling with.

I can understand why, with such a hero for a grandfather, he'd be in his shadow. That being said, now I REALLY want a story in his grandfather's timeline. Is it too soon to ask for a spinoff? Also "with a love of Gobstones no one had ever explained" added such a nice, human touch that I don't think I would have thought of. Your entire story is so full of those little details that just really makes the story come to life for me.

I really love the way you describe the physical recovery of the world postwar. The scaffolding at Gringotts, the loss of Fortescue's, all of the cracks in the facade. I think it poetically translated well with the way Hermione seemed okay with her scars covered and the smiles. Rebuilding isn't easy. Moving on isn't either. But we persevere anyway and 'fake it until we make it'. It hurts that Viktor doesn't feel as though he belongs in the mourning, in the restoration. I can't wait for more of his backstory.

I think you REALLY nailed characterizing Hermione. Writing the Golden Trio is always super intimidating to me because we just know them so well that if anything is off it's so evident. I didn't see anything of the sort.

The first one at the cafe. She's very driven despite the exhaustion. The bit about the hope making her vibrant and passionate and her eyes lighting up was just so very Hermione. Along with her worrying and being overly sympathetic. She was always like that with Harry in the books so I think all of this is completely in line with what we'd expect from her.

I think what you've done with Viktor is very intriguing. From the beginning I was hooked on his character. Instead of the intense, passionate person I've often read him as or the absolute dunder head I've also read him as, you've created this brooding, enigmatic person that doesn't really seem to want to be a brooding, enigmatic person. Whatever exactly happened during that year had severely changed who he seemed to be and I'm dying to know more. You've really built up the suspense for it.

I really liked this line "All hope did to Viktor Krum was make him angry, make him restless and bitter and resentful." I think it does a great job highlighting the differences between Viktor and Hermione as both characters and survivors. To me it also ties back in to the conversation we first get from Hermione harping on how it's all about the differences.

I really liked all of the information along the naval theme. We don't really have much information about Durmstrang and what it was like so for you to spend so much time characterizing it and bringing it to life was such a nice part of the story.

I love that when he looks at Hermione his feelings toward the world and the future almost change. She seems to really brighten up his life and because of that I ship it hardcore.

I think the timelines weren't confusing at all. It seemed to flow really well and it made perfect sense. I wouldn't change a single thing about it.

I love the themes you've chosen like racism and blatant prejudice. I feel like it's more relevant now than ever (globally) and I am dying to see more of your development of these themes.

I think this is such a strong start to this story and I really hope that you continue it/let me read more of it. It really has such strong imagery and the story line itself seems so well developed already! Overall, I'd say this was an excellent read!

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