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Review #1, by GeekMom13 Part I

29th November 2016:
Nice. Very vivid imagery

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Review #2, by Flo Part I

12th September 2016:
Loveee this pls update!

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Review #3, by Dramione is life Part I

16th July 2016:
Oh this is just beautiful writing, you have a wonderful way with words! Very much looking forward to an update!

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Review #4, by Jakeyboyxxx Part I

14th July 2016:
Hey this is amazing! It's so weird I recently came back to this site to re-read prey and stumbled upon this instead! So happy I did (I'll still be reading prey after obviously) but I can't express to you how much I love this already. I'll tell you what you've done - you've made me want to come back to this site and start searching for new brilliant fics! So yeah, thank you I sincerely love all of your writing and I'm so happy you're still doing it because you have incredible talent! It seems like hpff is slowly fizzling out (at least some of my favourite authors are) but I'm so glad you're still here! Do you think you'll continue writing more dramione in the future? I hope you do! You basically write with my favourite style to read, you form your characters in my favourite way to read them, you wield words in a way that just leaves me stunned. In short: you're bloody amazing. Please update this soon can't wait for the next chapter!!!

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Review #5, by Eloise x Part I

14th July 2016:
This is breathtaking. Im truly impressed with this story so far. You've set a very good pace and I really like how you make these moments they have which are seemingly mundane into something significant - because they are to draco, as it's the only contact they have.
And this is the way I love to read draco portrayed - not weak and feeble, but more conflicted and enigmatic.
I also think you've written Hermione very well. It's going to be very interesting to read it from her perspective to see how she views him -I hope he has that intimidating stare that the Draco in prey had, that was perfection. I
also love how you've started this with a glimpse at their present circumstances because it's so intriguing and we get to find out how they got there.
I can't wait for the next installment, when do you think you'll be able to update? Very much looking forward to it!
P.s: never stop writing, you have an amazing talent!

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Review #6, by Helena Part I

18th June 2016:
Simply stunning! But only three parts makes me sad.
However, having read many of your pieces I know that you don't need to write millions of words to portray your work effectively - somehow you manage to just use the /right/ words and structure the sentences perfectly so that your story is provocative, powerful and beautiful.
I cant wait for the next installment and I'm looking forward to the shadow and the soul too! That is also amazing and so far I love draco in both of these stories.
I still think my favourite has to be Prey though haha

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Review #7, by Violet Part I

16th June 2016:
This is amazing, beautifully descriptive and it makes me yearn for the next chapter. It's a very interesting concept: draco in hiding, hermione being, I guess, a secret keeper to his location and therefore looking after him/checking up on him. It makes sense that he craves her visits because a lack of any human contact can be very damaging. I'm so intrigued and can not wait for the next chapter! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for such a lovely review. I'm delighted you're enjoying it so far! I'll be posting the next part within the week :)

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Review #8, by Jacqueline Noir Part I

16th June 2016:
This is so good! I'm very happy you decided to write a new story! I like the build-up very much and I am very curious to see how this will progress. Honestly, every chapter of yours seems a tad bit too short!

Can't wait for the next installment!

Author's Response: Thanks for another lovely review! XD Usually they're more than 5k! Admittedly this is a shorter piece... I just couldn't commit to anything bigger, and it's always a challenge for me to rein things in a bit. I hope you like the next part :)

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Review #9, by Ydnas Odell Part I

14th June 2016:
Wonderfully evocative with beautiful language.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the kind words! :)

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