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Review #1, by SilverMoonFairy A Growing Realisation

11th October 2016:
I had to stop by for your BIRTHDAY! *salute* And Harry and Luna are my OTP, so this caught my eye and I am just a little more than curious and hungry for more! I understand the challenge was for only 500 words, but o, I want to see what would happen! I have my own convoluted plots in mind for my AU but the inference here is just too much. I WANT MORE THAN 500 WORDS!

Okay, I'm done. But this was very interesting and you have JUST ENOUGH information to let us know what's going on at the perfect snapshots of their lives to pull this all together and I love the ending.

(Still want to read more...)

Okay, I'm out of here. I hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday! ♥


Author's Response: Omg Liz thank you so much for this review and I'm sorry this reply (like all my other replies...) is so late! It really warmed my heart to get this birthday review back in October! : D

Harry/Luna is one of my OTPs as well (high five!) - I would have LOVED for them to have become a thing in Canon! But I love Harry/Ginny too... and Ginny/Luna... and Harry/Ginny/Luna... I actually can never decide which of these ships I like the most, haha! Anyway, as Canon was a no go, fic is the place to go, of course.

I'm happy you liked this little story, and especially that you liked the ending! I think I'm done with this little series, but I'd definitely love to write another Harry/Luna story in the future, if my muse gives me a good enough idea! : )

Thanks again for the review!

Oh, and my birthday WAS pretty great!


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Review #2, by nott theodore A Growing Realisation

17th June 2016:
Hello again!

I was really intrigued to see what you were going to do with the third story in this series and you definitely didn't disappoint here. I liked the way that the story followed on from the previous two but also changed subtly in narrative style and focused on Harry as the protagonist instead. It feels like a really natural evolution.

I think one thing that I really liked about this piece was the fact that Harry noticed that Luna was attractive before anything to do with Ginny and Luna came out. That set up the rest of this story really well and I think it helped to introduce the idea of polyamory (maybe develop the idea of polyamory from the last fic?) to the reader quite subtly.

I'm so glad that Ginny told Harry about what had happened between her and Luna. I actually wondered whether she would or had told him when I first read the scene about them dancing together at the wedding, because it seemed like quite a big secret to hold back. Knowing that Ginny told Harry, though, and that Harry was okay with the fact that Ginny had found someone else when he was away (and to be fair he's right, he was the one who broke up with her and they hadn't been together, so how could he complain?), made it feel like their relationship was based more on trust and honesty than otherwise, and the later sections developed naturally from there.

I liked the way that the possibility of Harry and Ginny and Luna becoming something was left open at the end, kind of ambiguous for the reader to decide. It came from the rumours - and I think that was a really good way to introduce and address it (because let's face it, it's the sort of thing that would definitely cause rumours in most groups) and kind of suggest it to the reader. I'd be interested to read more stories about these characters, but I like the ambiguity here too!

Sian :)
LGBTQA+ Review Event

Author's Response: Aand the last one! Let me just tell you again how insightful and thought provoking your reviews are! They've been a joy to read and re-read! : )

I've always been a bit of a Luna/Harry shipper (lol, I actually shipped Ginny/Harry, Luna/Harry and Ginny/Luna all separately before making the connection that wait... there's a solution to this, haha!) and I knew I wanted to throw in a Luna/Harry scene early on here, because I wanted there to be that 'pull' between them even without any baggage and expectations, but I also wanted it to be a 'small' moment (to mimic the small stolen moments between Ginny and Luna, perhaps?) without any drama or anything. So I'm happy you think it worked in a subtle way. : )

And yeah, I always knew that Ginny told Harry about her and Luna, because as you said, that would be a pretty big secret to hide, but I actually had this huge dramatic reveal thought out with Ron and Hermione involved and everything, but then I figured that a more lowkey, private moment would work better (and I also figured that I didn't have room for that scene in a 500 word story, ehehe! : P ). I think Ginny angsted quite a bit about it though, and had a hard time knowing if it 'counted' or not - after all her relationship with Luna amounted to what, a few kisses and held hands, and as Luna seemed so happy to leave it behind, maybe it was nothing... and so on. Hm. I'm rambling and I don't even really know what I'm saying right now, haha.

It's good to hear that you think this story fits in with the other two. It has a whole different feel to me, and a whole different drive, sort of connecting the more dreamy nature of the previous stories to the 'real world'. The Ginny/Luna relationship here was always sort of 'out of time', and with this story it becomes a real possibility in a way it never really was before. I've actually been debating with myself about whether I should continue this series with a fourth story where they actually get together, but (for now, at least) I've decided to stop the series here, as a trilogy, with our three heroes on the verge of something new, without actually quite getting there. Ambiguity, as you say.

Again, thank you so much for all five of your LGBTQA+ reviews, they were quite the treat! : )


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