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Review #1, by magnifique11 Consuming

5th June 2016:
Wow this was really interesting/different! I liked it! I don't see a ton of post-Hogwarts Draco-centric stuff unless it has to do with Dramione or him being a good guy now, but I like how this was a little twisted and dark. Definitely sad, but you took kind of a new spin on post-Hogwarts Draco and I think you really hit on some interesting characterization. The one thing I was confused on was his Dark Mark talking to him? That's what I assumed it was, but I was kind of waiting for what was talking to him to be more explicitly stated and then that didn't happen. Other than that - like I said - I thought it was really good! :)

Author's Response: Hello,

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and review, I'm so glad that you liked it! I was decidedly aiming for a twisted storyline, one that wasn't clear from the outset so I reall hope that you enjoyed that aspect of it. :)
On the subject of the Dark Mark: I didn't explain what it what that was talking to him because I wanted readers to make up their own minds about what had happened. Personally, I find your interpretation a very interesting one and one that I really love, as it was not something that entered my mind when writing but I see how it would work very well. When I was writing, I had a certain mythical creature in mind as 'it', and I envisioned Draco falling under the misfortune of encountering one, and 'it' intentionally attacking him.
I will definitely work on a way of trying to explain my initial idea of what 'it' was within my story, however I still want to leave it vague as I like to leave some things to the readers imagination.

Thank you again for the review, I loved reading it!

a_r :)

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