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Review #1, by TidalDragon Saint of the Impossible

7th September 2016:
Howdy Sarah! I'm sorry I'm so late getting to your entry :(

Getting to your story though - I love that this Astoria/Draco dynamic, while totally dysfunctional isn't so in a high-strung or over-the-top fashion. And though it's not typical Astoria/Draco fic I find that really refreshing as well because I find the way they're typically characterized to be rather unrealistic.

Getting a little deeper, I think the background you crafted for the Greengrass family was so interesting and I loved the way you framed it around Saint Rita. Though I was raised Catholic (and recently returned to more active practice) she was not one that I knew much about and I think it was a really unique and apt comparison with Astoria even though she has kind of this unique family pressure added to it. It's interesting.

Draco...well, I thought you got post-War Draco down to a T at this point in his life. Just beyond messed up and self-medicating to the point of self-destruction.

Thanks very much for sharing this and participating in the challenge!

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Review #2, by Liana Saint of the Impossible

8th August 2016:
I think I'm kind of like Astoria's mother. It was always important for me to be someone by myself rather than be defined by my husband and the work he did. Unfortunately, that meant I would eventually leave him and go off on my own.

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