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Review #1, by chocolatesoccerballs Default Chapter

6th January 2010:
That was great. I haven't read a story like that before but i really liked it. An awesome find considering i only clicked random story :D

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Review #2, by Moondanser83 Default Chapter

26th October 2008:
WOW. That was intense. I've never actualy read a SS/HG story and honestly I tend to avoid them, but I'm really glad I read this.. you set a wonderful dark tone to the story, and I even gasped a bit at the end when we found out she was dead.. on a side note I could see Snape being attracted to Hermione's Inteilligence... thought the concept is still a bitr

great job!

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Review #3, by alex Default Chapter

23rd July 2005:
so she died? aww... poor sevie... anywayz, this is beautifully written. love the adjectives! (oh crap, i'm starting to sound like my english teacher now!)*shuders* ah, love the fic!

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Review #4, by Peppercat Default Chapter

15th September 2004:
Sweett~ it's deep and I like it. I like the way you make it a bit miterious at the beginning. It's too short, though. It would great if you write a short story about what happened before that. Keep writing! -z>Peppercat P.S: Do you like Evanescence?

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Review #5, by Chelz Potter Default Chapter

8th June 2004:
Very well written. It's very sad. Who says that Severus Snape can't fall in love

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Review #6, by Judyl Default Chapter

13th May 2004:
Very well written reflection on loss of opportunity for relationship. Much of HP is about this issue. I, too, like SS/HG fics.

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Review #7, by PhoenixMyst Default Chapter

26th April 2004:
Dark, very dark. And sad too....Man that was very deep. Its good, but sad.

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Review #8, by Pixie Dust Default Chapter

25th April 2004:
You write very well! This story is so moving and so great so far, it caught my interested i love SS/HG love fics their so much fun to read.

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Review #9, by Tom Foolery Default Chapter

25th April 2004:
Nice word choice; it's very complex. You have an interesting way of using almost obscenely obscure words. You write well, but your story is morose bordering on all-consuming morbidity. Maybe you could lighten up a litte? If not, your story is good all the same, write some more and explain it and maybe that will help explain the use of dark words...

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Review #10, by alexia Default Chapter

24th April 2004:
oh, how sad! that is pretty good.

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