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Reading Reviews for The Ghostly Coup at Hogwarts
6 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Ron 4 Hermione The Failed Coup of 1967

26th October 2016:
Hey there!

This sounded like an interesting story so I thought Iíd give it a read! :)

Aha, I donít think Iíve ever read a story from the ghosts P.O.V before but it sure does make for an entertaining read! Especially since this is all in dialogue as well. I think youíve managed to get across their personalities and what they'd be like really well seeing as you're only using dialogue. I especially love Nick and his attitude to Patrick, guess heís still feeling a little bitter about not being allowed in the headless hunt.

I love the idea for this, that the ghosts are going to take over the school.I wonder what they want to use it for. Teaching ghosts? Each pair have such an amusing time together, I love Nickís conversation with Toad. I also think youíve written Peeves perfectly, heís such a character and so much fun to read about.

Aww, poor Patrick. I actually think I feel a bit sorry for him, he felt alive! That must be awful to be dead and not be able to do everything you could when you were alive. At least Dumbledore was a good sport though! Aha, love that last bit with Nick asking to join the headless hunt, itís a nice way to end the fic! This was a really fun read! :)

- Shaza

(HPFT Team Vampire Review)

Author's Response: Hey Shaza! I'm glad you liked it :) Thanks for reviewing!
(Woo, go vampires!)

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Review #2, by Felpata Lupin The Failed Coup of 1967

22nd October 2016:
Hello, little B!
I'm here with a HPFT Team Werewolf Review for you, because how could I not stop by (one of) my favourite(s) vampire(s)' page?
And I had to choose this one, because a ghost story seemed just fitting for the occasion. :P

Ahahah! This was so brilliantly funny! I'm howling with laughter! Really, B, you're awesome (but you already knew that, right?)

I loved the characters' voices. Sir Patrick with his haughtyness was just fantastic! I do wonder how he hoped that six ghosts could conquer a castle... Honestly, where did you even get the idea?

And Nick... Nick was my favourite. Poor thing, trying to be the rational one but no one would even listen... He's adorable, and so very in character with what we know from the books. (Btw, I loved the last touch of him asking Patrick if he would be admitted into the Headless Hunt... ahahah!)

Peeves... what can I say about Peeves? Once again, did Patrick really hope to succeed when Peeves was one of his "soldiers"? Ahahah! His presence alone added humour to humour, and you wrote him so well, too, songs, insolence and everything!

The Bloody Baron's silences... that was the best thing! (Okay, everything was the best thing!) I think it was a stroke of genius to pair the Bloody Baron with Patrick, the silent one with the one who can't shut up. Their "conversation" was so... unilateral. Ahahah! Loved it!

The last scene when Dumbledore arrived was so funny as well. So typical Peeves, ahahah!

If it wasn't clear enough, I loved this story (just like anything you write). I am a very amused and content werewolf. ;)

Shalt be back. Keep thy eyes opened.
With love,

Author's Response: Aw thanks so much little Chi! I'm glad you liked this one - it was a challenge! ♥

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Review #3, by PaulaTheProkaryote The Failed Coup of 1967

21st August 2016:
Failed coup, humor, and contains profanity. I loved this story from the summary page.

I thought that I had read everything from the dialogue challenge (mostly because it was frequently requested in my review thread) but WHY DID YOU NOT LET ME READ THIS ONE AND WHY WERE YOU HIDING IT FROM ME? Maybe not hiding it, but this is such a gem and I had no idea!

The dialogue totally works. Each of the characters are distinct enough in both personality and word choice that it's pretty apparent who is speaking after you get used to the lack of descriptors.

I especially loved Sir Patrick Delaney-Podmore. We didn't really get much of him at all in the books but he's really exactly the way I imagined him. Pompous, arrogant, and completely over the top ridiculous. I loved all of his lines and the way he treated the fellow ghosts. Especially Nick.

I loved, loved, loved Peeves too. I think you really nailed his characterization. He was straight out of the books, from his very *helpful* letter writing to Dumbledore down to his magnificently hilarious rhymes.

Not to mention the Bloody Baron's dialogue. ;)

I love that through all of this he managed to forget that as a ghost his spatial interactions are a bit limited.

My favorite line was from Peeves (no surprise there) which was ďA coup, a coup. Yes, he talks of it, but really Podmore is full of ĖĒ Seriously. You're hilarious.

Overall, I think you did a very fun job characterizing the lives of our beloved ghosts and it was such a fun little coup, failed or not.

Author's Response: I'M SORRY! I didn't mean to hide it, it's only that I posted it right before... well, you know.

I'm so happy you enjoyed this! It didn't get a lot of love for a long time, and I'm so happy to know that it's actually alright!

Thanks again Paula! ♥

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Review #4, by pointless_proclamations The Failed Coup of 1967

21st August 2016:

From the very beginning, this story is hilarious. The dialogue is soft and sassy--brilliant. Naturally, I'm in love at 'we.' Peeves is such a magnificent character and you write him splendidly: that fine line between ragingly obnoxious and positively hilarious.

And then the Canadian Ryan's become jealous of me at this glorious phrase of yours: ectoplasm-dripping scum--top-notch, Bianca, and flipping awesome. Why are they jealous? Because my abs are now greater than theirs. Here's an ad for your stories: get abs instantly! Doctors hate her! Get and in five seconds. Easy trick. . .


Moving on.

Patric is a very smart man to trust Peeves like that. 😂

Anyway, the entire coup went amazingly. Exactly like how it would if only the leader of a group is enthused about a thing while the others just have to follow along. Brilliant an relatable.

BAHAHA. And of course, they're ghosts and coups on the living are nearly impossible--it just doesn't occur to Patrick. Sassy right up until the very end and these two words that make up a fantastic punchline, 'then no.' On
One hand, poor Nick. On the other hand, I'm laughing so hard, my poor diaphragm.

10/10 would recommend as they say.

Author's Response: EM.

Ha ha ha at your ad! That's amazing, I'll remember that when my current job fails ;)

I'm so glad I gave your diaphragm a workout, you definitely gave my cheeks one from smiling at this review!

Thank you ♥

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Review #5, by marauderfan The Failed Coup of 1967

19th August 2016:
MY DEAR BIANCA. I'm here with your requested review!

You wrote a story entirely in dialogue!! That's really impressive. Especially so because each of the characters is so well defined, and at a certain point I can tell exactly who is speaking, without you ever having to put in dialogue tags. Each character's voice was so distinct.

Bless Sir Nicholas, being the one voice of reason. Sir Patrick is kind of like what I'd expect Gilderoy Lockhart to be as a ghost 500 years later, exaggerating his heroic deeds that really aren't that impressive :P

Toad cracks me up. Like, is he just the ghost of an actual toad? XD What was especially funny was that everyone else seems to understand exactly what he's saying. He's kind of like Chewbacca, only smaller and much less furry, in that I can't understand him on his own but the other characters can, and it's through their responses that I can figure out what Toad is saying. He had some smartass comments about Sir Patrick's head, hahaha.

But the greatest dialogue by far would have to be the Bloody Baron. Honestly that was so funny.

Peeves, that jerk. Not even a real ghost! He had to ruin everything. :P This was such a silly story. I think I missed the bit on your request where it said this was a humour story, and so the actual story caught me by surprise a bit :P But honestly I loved this. I can't believe it doesn't have more reviews yet! So yeah, I think you have nothing to worry about - it's a highly enjoyable fic - it's a silly plot, cleverly written, and manages to tell a whole story entirely in dialogue (which is kind of an intimidating sounding task if I'm honest.) I loved this, thanks for requesting it in my thread!

P.S., by the way, did you know that an earthworm has 5 hearts.

Author's Response: MY DARLING KRISTIN.

I did, I did! Look what I gone and done! I'm so happy you thought everyone's voice was distinct - that was the real worry.

Omg Lockhart as a ghost... Can you imagine?!

Ah, Toad... Who knows! He was actually a ghost in JK's early drafts (I think) so I just had to use him (it?). HA HA the similarities between him and Chewbacca are so true :D

I don't know if I actually put that it was humour, but I think people just expect things from me to be dark? I don't know. But look - I'M FUNNY!

P.S. I did not know that, but did you know earthworms are disgusting?

Thanks again, Kristin ♥ ♥

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Review #6, by dreamgazer220 The Failed Coup of 1967

29th May 2016:

Hello my dear! You already know my thoughts on this, but I figured I would go ahead and review it anyway. All nice and proper, I am.

I love that you took the challenge and did something totally unique, writing with the Hogwarts ghosts. And not just one or two, but five! I know you were worried, but I wasn't confused at all and I think you kept the voices [to what we know of them] pretty in character.

My favorite was definitely Nearly Headless Nick, and I loved his interactions with Sir Patrick.

You really are expanding your horizons as an author, and it just makes me so proud :)

Great job, and good luck!


Author's Response: Aw Jill you surprised me with this lovely review, sneaky you. I knew multiple would be tricky so I'm glad to know it wasn't confusing.

That means the world to me, Jill, thank you so very very much :)♥ ♥ ♥

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