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Review #1, by Dojh167 Urquart

16th April 2017:
Huffelpuff CtF Review

lol, of course you would use Minerva for a Dowager Countess challenge XD I like. Even if they weren’t played by the same actress it would be perfect.

Oh wow, I didn’t realize this was for the dialogue challenge too! I think that’s an interesting choice, and kind of goes along with a tv challenge really well, since tv writing is all dialogue.

I think for me it is harder for me to keep track of who is talking in this story without extra spaces between the lines - everything blurs together and gives me a bit of a headache. It’s an ambitious choice to have more than two people speak in a dialogue only story!

Oh, this is Minerva’s job interview, that’s interesting. It works well in this form - it kind of feels like a recording, and it’s not unrealistic that a recording would be made f a job interview.

Ew weird why does he have to ask if Minerva is married. Smells of gender discrimination to me.

High marks for “Not in the biblical sense”

What a contrast between the first two scenes, with the first letting Minerva be very dignified and professional, and the second putting her in an uncomfortable but sometimes flirty position.

I feel really bad for Minerva, being pulled between other people and what they want and having a hard time figuring out what it is that she wants.

Hahaha I love this: “What if your wrong, Minerva?” “I wouldn’t know. I’m not familiar with the sensation.”

Wowyikes that got really intense really fast!

This story is super interesting. You clearly thought out a ton of stuff and headcanons for it. The fact that it was only dialogue made it seem shorter than it would otherwise - to fit in so much happening including narrative would probably have taken several chapters. This was super ambitious! I think it sometimes got confusing about who was talking as there were so many characters, but you kept it engaging. Well done.


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Review #2, by victoria_anne Urquart

16th April 2017:
I attempted a dialogue challenge too, so I know how, well, challenging it is. But I think you've done a wonderful job! The speaker's come across clearly - even the waitress - and I can understand what's happening in the first scene. It's nice to read about one of Dumbledore and McGonagall's first meetings, especially when it's about him interviewing her for the job!

I think writing about Minerva and Elphinstone is an interesting topic to pick, and I love that you did. There's so much information about them on Pottermore now that just begs to be turned into a fic. Him teasing her is the sweetest thing! I can actually imagine Minerva being a blushing, giggling young woman.

Aw and she proposed to him! I love that! And their eventual nicknames for each other are so sweet, too :)

But nooo! Elf's death was so sad! I think it's lovely that Dumbledore was there to comfort her, though. And he definitely gave some great advice ♥

Also, maybe consider formatting a bit more, and just adding spaces between the dialogue to make for easier reading, and maybe an asterisk or something similar for clearer scene changes :)

Oh, and that Downton Abbey quote worked so perfectly too!

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Review #3, by Crumple-Horned Snorkac Urquart

10th October 2016:
Greetings my friend, and happy day of birth. I am the Crumple-Horned Snorkack, elusive inhabitant of the northern boreal forest. You may have heard of me, or maybe not. Some say I don't even exist. After all, no human has ever seen me, and the only evidence you have of my existence are these words I'm saying right now - I suppose I'm just talk. But that doesn't discredit me. After all, you can have a whole story that's just talking, like this one here. What a neat idea!

Right from the beginning I love how you are able to convey exactly what is happening even without any description to set the scene, using the interjections in the conversation, I can visualise Dumbledore and McGonagall at the Three Broomsticks and even exactly when the waitress comes by later on although she doesn't speak. It's really well done - even with kind of a limiting style, nothing feels like it's missing.

What a sad tale, as well. I find it very believable that McGonagall would place her career before following her heart, and the fact that she still thinks about Dougal McGregor many years later is so bittersweet. But what a hard choice to make. My friend the Loch Ness Monster once fell in love with a plesiosaur but it meant she would have had to move to a different Loch, and she couldn't give up her career of inspiring conspiracy theories among the humans that visit Loch Ness.

I'm glad McGonagall found someone else eventually and was able to be happy with him, if only for a while. And that's a lovely message at the end, in her conversation with Dumbledore.

I planned to meet Bigfoot for tea, and I am almost late, so I must be going now. Have a wonderful birthday.

Author's Response: Sorry for not seeing this earlier. Thank you for the kind birthday review!

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