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Reading Reviews for When Rain Falls
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Review #1, by May When Rain Falls

22nd January 2017:
Loved it they are my fav pair to brill

Author's Response: Thank you, May!

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Review #2, by dreamgazer220 When Rain Falls

20th July 2016:
Hey there! Here for review tag!

So, I've recently jumped on the Scorbus bandwagon, and when I saw this one-shot, I figured I'd check it out.

First things first: AWWW! I love the concept of this, of Scorpius looking back at memories and having all of the memories linked to the rain. I thought that was a great theme running throughout the story, and you really made it work for you. And also the fact that it leads right up to their wedding is really sweet.

I think you had a nice collection of memories. It was interesting seeing Draco as a dad, not as a father - if that makes sense. I think you could chalk it up to maybe marriage or having a child to change him, and it worked for this story. I loved seeing his relationship with Scorpius and how he's always loved him and was accepting of him.

I actually don't think the broom ride was that random; it was in connection with the rain, and it showed the relationship that Draco had with his son, which we saw later on, so I think it worked out well.

My only real CC for you is this: all of the memories are good, but it is a lot of text in italics. My suggestion would be, if you so desired, to go through this again and see if you could bring us back to the present a few more times before the end? Even if it's just a quick word with his mum, or even his dad, before the ceremony, I think that would have tied everything nicely together.

I also would have liked to see some of the memories fleshed out a bit more, like Scorbus' first kiss. I'm not sure how to suggest fleshing it out, but it seemed like it needed something more? Sorry if that doesn't make sense!

This was cute. I liked this.


Author's Response: Hey Jill, thanks for your fabulous review!

I know, that thing about the Scorbus wagon, it's kidnapping us! But we really don't seem to mind. I wish more people wrote Scorbus fics, so I'm trying to make a trend out of it, ha ha.

Thank you, I really love the concept too! This one-shot is actually based on a short film from the Irish Film Board called 'Downpour' and though it has fewer memories it's still very moving.

Originally this was going to be a Rose/Scorpius fic, but I write Scorbus so much better, and that gave the opportunity for more memories too!

I do think Draco is an underrated character, and I like to give him a vulnerability that we don't get to see often. I do have fics where I need to make him stricter though *grits teeth*.

Fewf, I'm glad you thought that wasn't out of place, because honestly I was super scared about putting it in.

I think I'll take your suggestion, I might even make some changes like a mini re-write! I like that, thanks.

Thanks so much for your review! Have an awesome day.


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Review #3, by May When Rain Falls

6th June 2016:
I so enjoyed the romantic trip to Paris I enjoyed all of it

Author's Response: Thanks, this is one of my favourite Scorbus one-shots to date.

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