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Reading Reviews for Stuck
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Review #1, by AbraxanUnicorn [6] I Like Stupid

18th December 2016:
Ha! This is great; I've not read another one like it. But poor James and Franny - what an embarrassment if one of them needs a poo. Let's hope diarrhoea doesn't feature...

Looking forward to the next chapter :D

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Review #2, by Alec [6] I Like Stupid

10th September 2016:
Hey there! I read everything so far and just HAD to leave a review as both thanks for this awesome story and encouragement to continue uploading! It's been AGES since i've found a story here that I find absolutely hilarious, with interesting, fun characters and a good story too but this is it.

If anything i'm just p*ssed there isn't more of it (yet). I do hope you continue uploading as soon as possible bc right now i just can't wait for how the story continues. Especially their date that, i presume, is in the next chapter. That should be hilarious!

One thing i love about this story is how well you ultilized the main plot point. You pulled it off near perfectly. I have to say you've forgotten to adress toilet situations though. As a point of critisicm (this is a review, after all, i can't just continueously kiss your ar*se) I'd say leaving that out is both a wasted opportunity and unrealistic (people go to the restroom multiple times a day after all. It should've gotten it's own little segment like showering did.) Another thing was her whole family divorcing out of nowhere all of the sudden. Perhaps that should've been explained better cause i had no idea wth was going on there haha.

I love the banter and the relationship between James and Franny. They bounce of each other perfectly and are perfect to be written in awkward situations, it's when they're at their funniest. I also love it when they show each other how vulnerable they can be, though i hope this won't be overused.

I also liked the romance and in particular the romance BUILDING, which imo is the most essential and fun part about it all; the seeing people actually develop feelings for each other or the subtle displays of it. I liked how sincere and sweet Al/Franny (Alnny? Fral? Fralbus???) played out and i sense James liking her too. If so, that should create a very entertaining love triangle. Especially since James'd be super jealous. However, he hasn't shown any kind of jealousy so far. I'm genuinely not sure if he likes her or not, which is pure kudo's to you as a writer.

I think hints were dropped but i also think i may be delusional and saw what wasn't there. I also wonder if the case is going to play a big role and if this is going to be an actual "big" story that continues for a long time.

Anyways, that was my review. I'm not logged in rn but i'm a writer on this site as well. My name is AlecJamesCaius_ , you can stop by my page if you'd like. I mostly make Humor based stories as well. Good luck with everything, can't wait for more! :D


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Review #3, by Crescent Moon  [6] I Like Stupid

26th June 2016:
I'm loving this story so far.
I think it's great how you've set it out of Hogwarts which makes it really original and a nice change to read.
Also I really, really hope and beg of you that you keep it with a Fran/Al relationship and don't change it to a James along the way like quite a few of this genre do. They're just so cute together and you can't ruin that! (I really need to mention how much I love Al, he is amazing.) And I'm really loving the growing James and Fran friendship and I don't want it to change. It would be so refreshing for them to get no romantic feelings towards each other. Because I'm loving this story and it's brilliant the way it is.
Anyway, sorry rant over. As I've mentioned I'm loving this story, all the characters are hilarious and I can't wait to see where you take it.

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Review #4, by Mrs Whatever [6] I Like Stupid

21st June 2016:
Oh Mah Gawd, u gotta finish this! Okay, now back to being a normal human, please finish this soon, it's really funny and I like it. It might just end up as good as Completely Normal! 😉Have a good one,

Author's Response: I promise, I will soon! Things have just been a bit crazy on my end recently. I just got a new job that takes up all of my time, and also just got my wisdom teeth extracted. But I promise, this story will be finished! I have outlines for so many things that I want to happen in the future. Bear with me for just a bit!

xx, Simi

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Review #5, by Purplenotebook [6] I Like Stupid

9th June 2016:
Ha this story is so improbable but yet I still love it! Please keep the fun and laughter coming!!!

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Review #6, by Purplenotebook [1] If Looks Could Kill

9th June 2016:
What the heck!!! They are both adults! That is bloody illegal to force them to be stuck together!! In any case why doesn't one of them just quit?!
But it does make a very nice story though ;)

Author's Response: It's in the description! Both of them are as stubborn as ever!
But thanks :)

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Review #7, by Kristina1990 [6] I Like Stupid

7th June 2016:
“Am I allowed to talk again?”

“Shut up.”

“Shutting up.”

*lol* I wish that work for me in real life ^^.

I wonder how the date with Albus will go. It was will be super awkward with James sitting next to it and (this time definitely) not shutting up. Unless James gets headphones and blinkers haha. What a sight. If this doesn't make it into the news, I don't know.

It's nice to see that they are starting to work together and getting some useful work done. Maybe if they continue like this, they will be freed from each other earlier.

Next chap please! ;)

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Review #8, by LB [5] You Don't Suck So Much

3rd June 2016:
this was so funny. and i love how realistic you made james. i mean not every guy is going to have 8 pack or whatever

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Review #9, by GinnyPotter29 [5] You Don't Suck So Much

3rd June 2016:
I love this story!! Reading other reviews I don't think albus is a creep he's just a kind person that really likes her plus its quite a funny situation to be in so I'd want to hang around them a lot. I am slightly confused though are they so stuck you can't fit a piece of paper in between their hips and they bash into each other walking or is it more like they can pull apart a bit to dress and can be like a metre away from each other? I really like the albus and franny relationship but I can see James falling for her and being very upset if they got together! I love the added info on her family and how frank her mum's letter was about getting divorces funny how none of them realised how bad it was but neither did their significant others?? I really hope you update soon because I can't wait to see how it develops!
p.s I think it was very sweet to show james as being insecure as opposed to franny for a change! Love this can't wait to read more

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks so much for reading my story :)

Now to answer your questions:
The way I pictured it when I wrote it is that they're legitimately stuck (can't stick paper through) but when they try to pull apart, the point at with they're stuck stretches and they can see it. However, it's like glue sticking skin to skin, so their skin isn't literally morphed to one skin. So when they put clothes on, whatever falls over that part of their body becomes stuck to whatever falls over that part of the body of the other person.
Hope that made sense! That's just what I pictured as I wrote it.

Secondly, pertaining to Franny's family: They all have gotten so used to the constant fights and toxicness that they think it's normal. Kind of like when your friend is friends with a very mean and nasty person, and your friend tells you "she's nice when you get to know her" (because that just means that "you get used to it to the point where you don't notice it anymore").
Hope that made sense as well!

xx, Simi

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Review #10, by leannadrobis [4] Potter, Are You...Okay?

29th May 2016:
thankx for updating! it was hilarious :)

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Review #11, by leannadrobis [4] Potter, Are You...Okay?

29th May 2016:
thankx for updating! it was hilarious :)

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Review #12, by leannadrobis [4] Potter, Are You...Okay?

29th May 2016:
thankx for updating! it was hilarious :)

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Review #13, by Kristina1990 [3] Al Potter, The Angel

27th May 2016:
I still think Albus is a little creep. He doesn't even know her. How can he be so annoying?

I feel for both of them. The lack of sleep will take its toll sooner or later. The question is - who snaps first? :D

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Review #14, by Lisa [3] Al Potter, The Angel

25th May 2016:
Ah, meeting the family, always fun! I looks like this is going to be great fun for us. I like that both of your central characters are flawed, usually it's always James who's the bad guy and the romantic interest is perfect and wants to change him, and I'm honestly a bit sick of that. So I love that Franny seems to have quite the temper. Although maybe their pranking and fighting is a bit overboard considering they're supposed to be adults with a professional job.

There just a few things I'm confused about, are they Aurors? (And Hit Wizards are lower in the hierarchy than Aurors, so they probably wouldn't handle more dangerous cases)
Also, why are they spending every weekend at the Burrow? I get that the Weasleys are a close family, but jfc doesn't anyone of them want a personal life? I'd buy if they went there for lunch or something a few times a month, but EVERY weekend? I'm surprised they haven't murdered one another yet.

Anyway, I think this is a really fun story, so I'm waiting for your next update!

Author's Response: Right, so I tried doing a bit of research on jobs in the Wizarding World, and I was under the impression that Hit Wizards were about the same level as Aurors (but Hit Wizards and the Magical Law Enforcement Squad are both under the same category, which is Auror), and that they go after highly dangerous wizards (as do Aurors), but that the difference between Auror and Hit Wizard is that HW's go after the dangerous criminals and arrest them/throw curses at them/etc. while Aurors actually go after the dark wizards/people involved with dark arts (at least, this is according to HP wiki).

Hope that helped!

Also, I know it seems much for the every weekend thing, but I've always felt that the Weasley-Potter clan would always be very very tightly knit together and that they would enjoy doing things like that (though, of course, it isn't like it's a mandatory thing, so some weekends, there will of course always be some people who aren't present because they have other important things to do). The reason everyone was present for this particular weekend is because Harry told everyone to drop everything and to show up because of Franny.

Anyway, thanks so much for reading the story!
Much love, Simi xx

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Review #15, by Kristina1990 [2] Meet The Potters/Weasleys

22nd May 2016:
Well... that is a quite unfortunate situation they have landed themselves in. I cannot imagine being stuck to a person, especially one I don't like.

At least the family is amused by it all. I like the fact that Mrs. Potter has decided to hit both of them. And Albus is behaving like a total creep.

Favourite part:

Meanwhile, Potter looks bored out of his mind. “This is where you live? It’s a bit small, isn’t it? My home is much bigger than this.”

“Yeah, well, your home’s still your parents’ house, now isn’t it, Potter?” I fire back, and that quickly shuts him up.

Excellent comeback to a really, really stupid comment that's basically asking for it.

Next chapter, please!

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Review #16, by beka_wotter [1] If Looks Could Kill

18th May 2016:
I really like the first chapter and I'm definitely intruiged, I particularly liked Harry bless him, looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: thank you! Next chapter coming within a few days, promise!
xx Simi

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Review #17, by blackzero [1] If Looks Could Kill

18th May 2016:
Good staet.Franny's characterization was very good.Update soon.

Author's Response: thank you very much!
xx Simi

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