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Review #1, by Strawberries202 Easter at ╔tourdissant

17th January 2017:
This sucks! I really want Scorpius and Rose to be together, but at the same time, I want Rose to be able to not worry about having to leave her Significant Other alone. So in a way, I guess I can see where she's coming from. But I just love him and Rose together. Klaus, although nice, I don't think he fits quite right with Rose. You're supposed to be with someone who makes your heart race, not just with someone who makes you feel "safe", it's not a bad thing but I just want Rose to be happy. And I don't think Klaus will be able to give it to her.

Oh! And what's going on with Sonali and Albus? There's definitely something there. I hope they realize it soon! I want them to be together! At first I wanted, her and Gale to date, but ever since you dropped that bombshell about Gale being gay, I knew it would be a longshot. I never expected Albus to like Sonali, I thought it was someone else. I guess it was obvious though who it was.

Well anyway, I loved the story! Looking forward to how it goes!


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Review #2, by killjoy Easter at ╔tourdissant

7th January 2017:
I just sat here and read this story. And I have to say I really really don't like Rose. She wants to crush Scorpius heart but be greedy and to not have him out of her life. That's very cold of her.

Author's Response: That's very true, Rose is far from perfect and hopefully soon someone will help her realise what she's doing wrong. Her intentions are pure and her confusion is whats causing her to do it! Hope you enjoyed the story though x

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Review #3, by ShannonRay Klaus Brandt

29th December 2016:
Still loving this story. ! Such an interesting story line and topic I love it. It's so annoying though because I know I klaus makes sense for rose. But Scorpius and her are MEANT to be. I wish rose would actually start saying her thoughts rather than just thinking 'I could say that'. I look forward to more :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! Hopefully she'll start coming out of her shell, next chapter is up for validation :)

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Review #4, by Violet Potter 434 Klaus Brandt

22nd September 2016:
hey i'm back

sorry bout that

didn't mean to stop reviewing but sorry anyway

another great chapter
cant wait for more

I prefer Scorp to Klaus

i'm sorry but its true

tho he has been slightly weird and stalkerish lately but still

from me x

Author's Response: Don't worry at all! Lovely to hear from you again, thank you for the review and I'll try and update soon!x

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Review #5, by Mia Garcia The Break In

1st September 2016:

I love this story so much that I'm officially creeping myself out

Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: I won't, I've planned this story till the end and don't plan on stopping it! Thank you so much, means a heck of a lot :') xx

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Review #6, by ShannonRay The Break In

30th August 2016:
No no no no Nooo. I can't even Nooo this can't be why is rose being so silly he loves her she loves him it's so cute and no rose !!! Anyway great chapter as usual keep writing xd

Author's Response: It is frustrating but I'm sure you can understand where she's coming from!! Thank you for the review, on holiday for a short period but will hopefully update soon xx

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Review #7, by Day ...and a Malfoy New Year

23rd August 2016:
but scorpius was DRUNK!! he MUST remember!! I guess it could count for their new year's kiss since they both missed it haha! This chapter was amazing... the draco and scorpius chat, coming to understand each other... god, i loved that. Draco has gotten closer to scorpius and he'll try harder now :) that's awesome. I also LOVE LOVE LOVED the bit with rose and al and james! I can't wait for her to grow closer to her extended family again, with all these years she's missed. "I think you never left" JUST BRILLIANT! I can't wait for them to grow closer omg, i simply love James already!
Scorpius was absolutely hilarious when drunk, how he proposed to Al and asked for a divorce was simply gold haha! I really hope he doesn't blackout and not remember the kiss... and that he was completely honest before it. I guess rose has finally come to term with her feelings for scorpius! Gosh they are so cute. I CANNOT wait for the next chapter, please please please please please update ASAP!!! I love this story!! :)

Author's Response: Next chapter is going up for validation, your reviews make my day, I missed you so much and am so glad you're back, hope it continues to please x

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Review #8, by Day A Very Weasley Christmas

23rd August 2016:
YES! I am so glad everyone finally knows! Albus and Rose can finally become best friends again!
And yay for Hugo, I suppose... how awkward for Rose to walk in on that! And we finally get to know what happened between Al and Sonali... gosh, I wasn't expecting that. I hope they patch things up because I'm really starting to ship them... speaking of ships, Scorose! Scorpius invited Rose! OMG! I can't wait to see what will happen at this party. I have a good/bad feeling about this... haha!
I wonder how Al and Scorpius will be involved in the plan? I hope it happens soon because the Prophet really sucks! I was so sorry to hear about Hermione's mum, but I guess the disease is mostly genetic so Rose had to get it from somewhere :(
Also, when Boot called Sonali 'Singh' I was confused! I thought she was Patil? Anyways I hope Boot just says yes because Humphrey really deserved that spot as Seeker. I hope Boot realizes she needs to become more of a team player. Also I wonder if we'll see Sally at the New Year's party! I guess I'll find out! I can't wait to read the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Whoops Singh was a typo, I'm editing it! Thank you for pointing it out xxx

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Review #9, by Day 'Tis the Season

23rd August 2016:
Aw christmas with the weasleys was super cute, i just love hugo and rose's relationship! that romione bit at the end hat me laughing!
FINALLY! Scorpius and daniella broke up!! I could sing!! I can't wait for them to see each other at the Weasley dinner!
Also... finally... scorpius knows. OMG. Just... gah. When I read his note to her, I screamed in the library and i got reprimanded by the librarian! My friends were so embarrassed of me! But i didn't care, because scorpius knows now!! His present was excellent! That bit with them at Phoenix park... just great.
I really hope the Adam/Rose thing doesn't continue haha. But speaking of romance, I'm SO sure now that Al fancies Sonali!! I really want to see that happen.
I can't wait to read the next chapter!!! :)

Author's Response: thank you thank you thank you x

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Review #10, by Day Injuries and Alcoholic Remedies

22nd August 2016:
Life is less hectic and i am BACK! :)
aw poor rose, always sorting out peoples probelms haha. i am so glad sonali won the quidditch match but poor sonali, gale is gay! and she was crushing on him for so long! but i have to admit i laughed at that, it was a teeny bit funny and unexpected haha.
i really love all the cousin bonding in this chapter, with louis sitting with rose and that conversation between al and rose at the party... i wonder who al fancies!! i really don't know who, or if it will be a completely new character! some part of me actually wants to say it is sonali! we'll see...
not much scorose in this chapter but all the scorose in it was cute, when he went throught the crowd to sit with her. but at the party he was so drunk with daniella omg. WHEN WILL THEY BREAK UP!!??! agh.
that bit with adam at the end was funny, i love seeing sober people having to deal with drunks it's hilarious :) rose is so nice
i can't wait to read the next chapters, sorry i've been gone but i'm back to read more!! :)

Author's Response: MISSED YOU thank you xxx

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Review #11, by ShannonRay ...and a Malfoy New Year

22nd August 2016:
OMGGG they kissed, malfoy better remember it !! I don't know why I just said malfoy instead of scorp but I seemed appropriate . Anyway I just don't think I can cope if he doesn't remember if because he was smashed !! Update soon :) x

Author's Response: A new chapter is up for validation as we speak! You'll have to wait and see heh, thank you for the review :) x

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Review #12, by MrsLouisWilliamWeasley A Very Weasley Christmas

14th August 2016:
this story is awesome

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! Updates will be quick :)

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Review #13, by Guest Another Article and Wiggenweld

21st July 2016:
Rose and scorp need to get together. They'd be so cute and I think he'd be a great support system for her. And today I was listening to the song "If Only" by Dove Camerom and it reminded me a bit of Rose and how she doesn't want to get close to people and hurt them when she dies but at the same time she likes Scorp. And there's a line that says "will you still love me when my magic's run out" and it reminded me of if her potions stopped working. Anyway, awesome story! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Aw I liked the analogy- I'll have a listen to the song! Thank you for the lovely review, another chapter is being validated :) x

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Review #14, by Day Another Article and Wiggenweld

20th July 2016:
Yay rose is finally starting to realize her feelings in that last part! But ugh, daniella and scorp seem like a perfect couple but i am just waiting for you to break them up! I suspect that there is no passion or spark for them, so i am excited for scorose. I love scorpius and roses growing friendship, and that they found out they are equally as good at potions haha! Speaking of friendship, sonali is an awesome friend in that bit inn the great hall, becky is horrible though. But sonali is hilarious with the pebbles, haha, i hope she wins her first match as captain. Still on the sunject of friendship, i hope we have some albus and rose action soon.
Poor scorp, his dad is horrible for only contacting him about bad things, i am glad he is close with his mom. I wonder how he is figuring out roses condition? Also at that bit where she mentioned that she will only live until thirty or fourty, that made me so sad and i hope that she finds a cure for herself or something!!! Brilliant chapter! I cannot wait for the next one:)

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed, I literally sometimes feel like i'm writing the next chapter just to hear what you'll have to say about it! Your reviews mean so much, the next chapters already being validated x

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Review #15, by Guest Brewing Together

30th June 2016:
Nice chapter! Rose and scoripius relationship s really growing and i feel said forlouis:((( I cannot wait for the next one pls update soon xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review!! Will try and update soon, next chapter is in progress xx

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Review #16, by Day Brewing Together

30th June 2016:
Hi again.
So... That last part... I think we can all agree that they would be a great pair in not JUST potions... ;)
And the fact that scorpius freaking ironed her robes and cardigan? He is precious. I want my own scorpius, please. The interaction between rose and scorpius in this chapter was amazing, and i think he really enjoys working with her but also getting to the bottom of what she is doing, since he already told her he knows she is doing something. Also i laughed aloud when he complimented her, ahem, butt. I think he is going to start questioning why he is with daniella soon!
One thing i really really loved was the louis bit! He and rose can really relate to each other and i hope by the end, his family and him get closer, i felt so sad for him, also i hope he quits smoking. I also hope sonali wins the quidditch match when it comes!!
I was also mad at lysander for getting rose involved in the becky and jeff situation, i just hope that doesnt come back with some nasty effects, since he saw her, poor jeff:(
I cannot wait to read the next chapter and for the story and the characters and relationships to develop more!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review, as always :) he is precious isn't he? I adore him! And there are many plot twists yet to come, it won't be easy for Scorose! Yeah, there will be a lot more Louis to come, I'm really interested in him as a character! Next chapter is in progress, hope to update soon xx

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Review #17, by Greengirl Parties and Plans

24th June 2016:
Hi i really like ur story! Looking forward to the next chpter:) pls update soon !

Author's Response: I'm so glad! Will try to, thank you for the review :) xx

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Review #18, by Day Parties and Plans

21st June 2016:
I really hate the prophet and am excited for rose's plan to go into action, i just hope nothing goes wrong! I love how at the beginning hugo and sonali got really mad at the prophet, they are so supportive, i would have been mad too because of what brown said! I cant believe that little sneak, lying to the papers! Also possibly the best thing about this chapter was all the albus! I am SO on scorpius's side about this, i am so glad they talked and i really really REALLY want them to reconcile and become, as scorpius is saying, best friends again, especially since it was all because of a misunrstanding! I really hope you get rose and albus to be good if not best friends soon and that he somehow learns about the disea before the rest of rose's extended family does. I also wonder when scorpius will find out! speaking of scorpius, drunk scorpius is hilarious, haha! Except when he compliments daniella, omg, i hope they break up soon because i want scorose to happen but not too quick, maybe rose will realize her feelings through feeling jealous of daniella. So all in all i just really hope rose and albus become besties agan and also for rose's plan against the prophet to work. Oh yeah one more thing! Louis's character was so interesting and i hope rose grows closer to ALL of her cousins soon once they find out about her disease, i have the feeling they will. I am also really wondereing who will win the quidditch league, and albus complimenting sonali was surprising. I like his character and i hope we get to see more and more of it as he and rose get to know each other again, since they lost 6 years of friendship. Seaking of friendship, the prank rose did on sonali was hilarious! i am really liking the story so far, i can feel the action coming with the plan, but i just hope it works... Please update soon! :) i cannot wait!

Author's Response: My faithful reader, you don't know how much I love you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, my exams finish in a week and after that I'll hopefully spend a lot of time writing and give quick updates :) thank you for the review as always!!xx

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Review #19, by Day Detention

16th June 2016:
Aah!!! That detention tho!!! THAT DETENTION THO!! Ha! Scorose interaction is the best thing!! They are really getting to learn about one another! And scorpius is SO determined to find out, isnt he? (which brings me to remember the press is horrible but scorpius is not) and the reveal that sally is his cousin - wow! Unexpected, but cool! He was so glad for her and she was so eager to tell him, ,you can tell they are really close. And then scorose talked about al, and it all just makes me wish that al never brushed rose off that time six years ago, i really really really REALLY want albus and rose to reconcile and become besties! Another relationship that is developing - none other than scorose! God i love it when he winks at her. And she called him scorpius! And he wanted her to support him! and the honest smile!! Oh god just get them to be good friends and THEN get them together because they are so bloody cute! Is scorpius still with daniella? Whatever happened to rose and lysander, was that just a one time thing? The two things i want most are more scorose development and rose and albus becoming best friends again. Also i think i forgot to mention in my last review, i dont know if i did but i LOVE Hugo! How he defended her last chapter and also his commentary! His last sentence before mcgonagall has to take the mic away was brilliant haha! And you have no idea how sad i am to see that there is no 'next' button... Update soon!!! Please!! I am SO impatient and i am loving this story so far! How long is it going to be? Keep writing, i cannot wait until a new chapter! :)

Author's Response: Hahaha I'm glad you enjoyed it! Al and rose will have more moments but it will be slow, they obviously have unresolved issues to work on. And rose/Lysander only really makes appearances on Prefect Rounds as they don't see each other much otherwise! So far it was most likely a one time thing. Scorpius is still with Daniella- she will make small appearances to remind readers of that fact! Lots more Hugo to come!! And thank you so much, your reviews honestly mean the world, especially since you went to the effort to review every chapter and get so invested in it

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Review #20, by Day Hogsmeade

16th June 2016:
Oh my god. JKR Really made me hate the wizarding press in the original series of books but i might hate them even more in this fanfiction! How horrible to devote a whole column to trying to dig up roses secret? Simply horrible. Poor rose:(
One thing i do love from this chapter is the showcase of the strength of sonali and roses friendship. Really, i want my own sonali. She is just awesome. Always there for rose and defending her against the ravenclaws - it was 50 points and rose could easily earn them back with her brilliance! And i am glad we got to find out more about sally, and i loved that moment in the kitchens! I hope we see more of sally in the future. Anyways And what i really thought was unfair was that mcgonagall couldnt even make the punishment less because they have to keep roses secret... I hope we see more of nevilles character and how you portray him in thnext chapter during her detentions. And after all the events of this chapter i am left thinking, what does scorpius think about this? i hope to find out soon and i cant wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: The press are horrid :( I know Sonali is brilliant!

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Review #21, by Day Going Pale White and an Overbite

16th June 2016:
Wow, ok. This chapter is FULL of surprises... I loved the first bit with rose making sonali realize why she is a ravenclaw and to not downgrade herself. And sonali's reaction to answering the riddle? Priceless! :) but then gale just sees her as a friend... That has to be changed haha i ship them!
So, scorpius is officially curious. He wants to know. I expected it, but what i didnt expect was daniella! Did he use the potion on her? Oh... Well the worst part is that she isnt even horrible according to rose so i cant even hate her! Ah well, i hope that doesnt last too long for obvious reasons... It allows scorose to become friends first and i believe that the best relationships are rooted in friendship so i hope that will happen. What REALLY surprised me the most was lysander/rose! I am glad lysander did the right thing, but Rose should not have let herself be a rebound girl after becky. You can tell she is bothered by scorpius and daniella even though she doesnt know why and i think seeing someone interested in her could make her forget that. I cannot wait to read the next chapter and see where this goes next! :)

Author's Response: I'm just replying to some of your brilliant reviews that I'm so grateful for, they made my day├ó┬Ł┬Ą├»┬Ş┬Ć But Daniella I can confirm is not under any potion- Scorpius is a popular, attractive guy so it makes sense for him to be in a relationship with someone like that... For now ;)

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Review #22, by Day Quidditch Trials and Amortentia Vials

16th June 2016:
Oh no, i was disappointed that ben did not get the seeker spot! Sonali should just kick off boot, but she did win fair and square...:( i had a feeling that scorpius just needed an excuse to go see rose when he asked her about the ashwinder aggs, haha! I like his character and cant wait to see more of it and in depth, we are basically only seeing the surface of scorpius malfoy:) and that potion! i wonder why he is brewing it? Will he use it on rose? Maybe he saw and knows how they worked well on that potion and wanted to do it again, so he it is just an excuse... I really dont know i just hope he isnt using her but i doubt that. I want to know the use of the potion thought! i hope to see their relationship develop into a true sincere friendship before it goes beyond that, and that bit where rose says that albus wouldnt like it - i really hope rose and albus make up soon! I realy hope a friendship blossoms from this, rose says she just wants to help because of the actual experiment and i am sure thats true but i think she might start fancying him ow, especially with the "my pleasure, rose" blush:) i love your writing! I just keep reading and reading and then the chapter ends and suddenly i am back in reality, your writing really takes the reader away and you show them this world and the characters skillfully. :) keep it up.

Author's Response: Thank you for flattering my writing so much!! And I can't remember where you mentioned it but there's going to be an issue with Sonali/Gale soon...

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Review #23, by Day Potions and Sunsets

16th June 2016:
Ahaha rose keeps shipping people - halley and adam, and now sonali and gale! Anyways, i like how rose is so driven. She is so determined and hard workong to find out as much as she can and learn everything she can access, like a true ravenclaw. I suppose she would even be like that without her disease degrading her brain and the knowledge she will have a shorter life than average, and i feel like she will be the one to find a cure and go on to be an excellent and celebrated potioneer! I also really liked professor limpet's character, she sounds like a cool teacher to have. I wish i could lie as good as her haha! I also liked the look into scorpius's character. Rose truly doesnt know much about him and i have the feeling they both will learn a lot about each other in this story. He was a cool bloke and i hope rose doesnt judge him based on his friendship with al, and i hope al wont not like it if rose and scorpius start to grow closer, although i am unsure if she will even let scorpius try and be close with her, i have a feeling she will try and distance herself but i dont know. My biggest fear for her is that loads of people will find out at once, but her peers already see her as a weird character so i hope rose becomes more open although it will be hard. Great writing, keep it up!:)

Author's Response: xx thank you

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Review #24, by Day 1st September

16th June 2016:
Oh no i have a bad feeling about that last sentence, not saying that rose wont make this year good for herself but i just have the feeling some things will get in the way...
I absolutely love sonali. It is so great for rose to have such a great friend like that. I was also surprised about rose and albus' relationship. Most fanfictions portray them as best friends, and they were here but Albus really shocked me when he would not listen to rose! And when he said that she doesnt know how it is to have a hard life, i thought, "if only you knew albus!" i really hope this relationship gets fixed and that they do end up good friends if not best cousins, to get past that argument. I dont remember if i said this in my last review but i just love rose's family, especially hugo. They are just so supportive and caring and concerned for her, and i love the brother/sister relationship that rose and hugo have:) and when hugo said hufflepuff was the best house and everyone laughed had me laughing too, i am ashamed to say! I found it interesting that you sorted rose into ravenclaw, and i loved that you spread the weasleys out across houses, e.g. Louis in slytherin, lucy in ravenclaw. I was also surprised that scorpius is a gryffindor, most fanfictions have him in slytherin and if not slytherin, ravenclaw, and al with him in slytherin! I thought that was great. Which brings me to scorpius - i was glad he tried to get al to see that what rose had to say was important and was shocked at al's behaviour and went out after rose, and helped her with the potion. You can see that that incident in the prefects meeting has clearly sparked his curiosity! I am guessing he is now intrigued by rose, cousin of his friend whom he ignored for six years, and rose might have a hard time shaking him off! I am excited to see how this relationship progresses, i am about to read the next chapter an i am excited! From where this is going so far, just two chapters in i really hope you dont abandon this story because i already want to see how this will turn out:)

Author's Response: Xx thank you

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Review #25, by newbeatle Detention

13th June 2016:
Looking forwar to the next chapter. This is awesome! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, reviews mean the world, hopefully will update soon :) x

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