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Reading Reviews for Stolen Away
9 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Sushmita Stolen Away

8th February 2017:
Wow I loved the powerful emotions the two are feeling at this moment sitting in that room. I love how u have created these intensely feeling people in this one shot. Would love to see more one shots from u on these two marauders in particular. Sirius is still one of my fav ppl from the HP series.

Author's Response: I really need to thank you for this review, and all of the reviews that you have left lately. I'm so happy that you liked this oneshot, because it's honestly one of my favorites that I've written. So it truly means a lot to get a review like this on it. *hugshugshugs* I love WolfStar, so I don't think this will be the last story I write with the pair of them. :)

Truly thank you for all of these reviews. You are so unbelievably kind to have read and reviewed all of these fics. I'm so thrilled that you've enjoyed what you've read. I seriously cannot thank you enough! ♥

All the love,

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Review #2, by nott theodore Stolen Away

17th June 2016:
Meg! ♥ Yay, I'm back again to read some more of your lovely writing, and this time it's Wolfstar! :D

This was such a great story; from the first line of the story I instantly felt like you'd captured Sirius's character and I was fully immersed in the story. I loved the way that you chose to start it right in the middle of this intense moment, when Sirius has tried to get to Peter and the whole castle is out searching for him. It only seems natural that in the middle of this chase, his thoughts would turn to Remus, who's in the castle at the same time. There's so much past the two of them have - even without them having been in a romantic relationship at some point - and this story made me really feel for Sirius, having been at Hogwarts the whole year and not able to reach out to his old friend.

Your characterisation of Sirius was great in this piece. I thought you really captured the way that he can be so reckless and irrational at times, particularly since he's meant to be escaping but he's been led back to that spot that holds so many memories for both him and Remus. And then the fact that Remus is there too just makes it even more touching, because clearly - even though Remus has been made to believe that Sirius betrayed their friends - he still remembers and has feelings for him. I thought you conveyed Sirius's pain at Remus thinking he was responsible really well.

The flashback was so sweet - in the midst of everything that was happening, and how difficult their lives were, it's so nice to think that Remus and Sirius had that happiness together. I think you wrote it really tastefully.

This was a really lovely story, and I'd love to see you writing more Remus/Sirius in the future - maybe what happens when they've met again and they both know the truth? *hint hint*

Sian :)
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Review #3, by alicia and anne Stolen Away

23rd May 2016:
Oh Sirius! I do love Sirius fics. If only I could write a Tammi/Sirius fic... those are allowed, right? Haha

Poor Sirius, I want to hug him and make everything better :( it must be so painful to have everything so different now, one of the places he called home becoming somewhere he wasn't welcome anymore.

Nope, Sirius really isn't a rational man. I agree with this statement.

It's so painful to read Sirius seeing Remus for the first time in so long, and having all of these feelings inside of him. It must take a lot of strength to not run at him.

Their love is so strong, and I want them to notice each other and talk and be together *cries*

This was so amazing and so heart wrenching and so sad and I need happy wolfstar to bring happy feels back into my life!

Loved this!

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Review #4, by dreamgazer220 Stolen Away

11th May 2016:
Hi there! Jill here for our review swap.

This. This hit me right in the feels. And in the best way, because this piece was so heartbreaking and beautiful, but you wrote it so well that there was almost a sliver of hope in the end.

It's really interesting that you chose to write this particular moment for Remus and Sirius. There's so much that you can work with, though, and you did an amazing job of sticking to canon. Ron's screaming, Sirius running, McGonagall. I loved this line, "Her lips were pressed together so tightly they were nearly nonexistent" because it painted an amazing picture of the McGonagall we knew from the books.

And then we get to the Astronomy tower, and the explosion of feels starts! Sirius quietly hoping that he would see Remus, and then when he did, it was just so painful to have him standing there, watching Remus fall apart over his supposed betrayal. Of course, we (and Sirius) know that it's false, but Remus doesn't, and you did such a great job of showing us the anguish that Remus was going through.

I also really loved the inclusion of the flashback. I think it was the perfect moment to choose, because we always knew that they had been close, but then you show us just HOW close they were and it was beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time. But then again, some of the best pieces are that way.

I'm sort of glad that Sirius didn't reveal himself. Who knows what that could've led to, and this piece was brilliant enough without it that it almost would have ruined the emotions here, so great decision there.

I noticed a few quick typos, but nothing that really stood out or distracted me from this.

Thank you so much for the swap! I really loved this :)

♥ Jill

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Review #5, by TreacleTart Stolen Away

11th May 2016:
Hey Meg!

I'm here for our review swap!

You know I love me some Wolfstar, so when I saw this I knew I had to drop in to read it. My babies. *wub*

At first, I thought this was going to be something completely different, so I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. I loved that you chose that moment where Sirius' innocence is still in question and he's just made himself appear as a killer. It's not a period of time that I've seen anyone else tackle, so kudos for the originality there.

I thought the longing between Sirius and Remus as the pair of them sat in the astronomy tower. Sirius pain is almost tangible as he sits there watching the man that he's never stopped loving. And the way he goes from being frustrated that Remus might think him guilty to remembering his own suspicions was nice. All around I thought you did a good job of portraying the emotions on both ends.

It's interesting that in the beginning he said Professor McGonagall wouldn't have recognized him had she seen him, but I still have to think she'd find it odd that there was a large black dog in the dorms since none of the students have a dog as a pet (and as far as we know, they aren't allowed). Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean she would recognize him as Sirius, but I have to think as one of the few aimagi in the story, Professor McGonagall might have a strong hunch if she found him, so it's good that he hid himself anyway.

My only little bit of CC is that the beginning seems a touch too organized to me. Like in all of the chaos and Ron screaming and waking up half of the castle, Sirius seems just a bit too logical and cool. I'd have loved to see even just an inkling of him being flustered by the chaos. But I suppose after escaping Azkaban, escaping the Gryffindor common room would be a piece of cake.

Anyway, this was a lovely story and again I really appreciated the time you set it in. Great job!


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Review #6, by victoria_anne Stolen Away

10th May 2016:
Wolfstar wolfstar wolfstar ♥
Ain't no way I was going past this one!

Hi Meg ♥

I'd love to give you a review as gorgeous as the one you gave me, but I think that's impossible. Thank you again ♥

Don't ask me why, but for some reason this line broke my heart: I sprinted down the stairs and out of the circular room I used to call home. WAH poor Sirius :(

Then you go and put memories in there! Ugh that sort of nostalgia brings a tear to my eye! I never really thought about how Sirius must have felt coming back to Hogwarts :'(

Just shatter my heart into a million pieces, it's fine. I'm not crying YOU'RE CRYING.
But you drew me in straight away once I realised what point in time we were.

AND THIS: A part of me had to admit, it was quite exhilarating - the chase. OH MY MERLIN, that is so Sirius, I am dying in front of my screen!

Oooh I think I've reached something squee-worthy.




Sorry (not sorry) for gushing but oh my goodness I got shivers, this is way too beautiful.

NO! Ugh I wish Sirius could go talk to him! I know he can't but UGH. MEG.
I need to read a story of their reunion! This was just way too incredible to end!

Tanya is a lucky lady!

I need moar from you! *prepares creep of author page* Your writing is gorgeous!

Thanks for the swap you wonderful writer ♥ ♥

Love Bianca

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Review #7, by Felpata Lupin Stolen Away

7th May 2016:
Hey, Meg!
Surprise!!! :D

I was scrolling through the recently added stories, and I came across this, and... Wolfstar? By you? I had to stop and read!!!

Aww... this is so perfect, so beautiful, so sad... I want to cry... Really... I want to jump into your story and run up the Astronomy tower and hug them both tight! I'm such a mess of feelings right now...

I loved how you structured this, the moment you chose for the setting, Sirius' fear of being caught by Remus (the only one who knows about him being an Animagus), his thoughts when he sees McGonagall pass... It was all just great!

And then the scene in the tower, all the emotions, the anger, the fear, the longing, the love... And that memory... And Remus' pain... What have you done to me???

Brilliant! Just like everything you write! Love you so much, sweety!

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Review #8, by Gabriella Hunter Stolen Away

5th May 2016:
Hello! :3

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review for our swap! I haven't forgotten about you and I hope you're feeling better. I've got allergies at the moment so I kind of know how you feel. Hahah.


I don't read enough of this pairing and I was very pleased to see that this story featured them. I didn't immediately get a romantic vibe from the first few paragraphs and that just made Sirius's emotions all the more powerful later.

I will applaud you for sticking so closely to canon. I always end up messing up so badly with that and while this starts from a rather dark place, I think you did something wonderful towards the end.

Sirius is one of my favorite characters and I'm always curious to see how other authors picture him. I love this version of him here, he's torn with guilt, anger and this genuine longing for the past. It's such a great contrast to the setting, which is a bit gloomy (But is a great representation of how dark his world has been for so long) and shed some inner light on him that we normally wouldn't see.

I wa so absorbed in Sirius's inner struggle that I nearly missed the abrupt change he had while recalling his relationship with Remus. It was at this point that I realize that there was a romantic aspect to the story and you did such a beautiful job of writing it.

The emotions felt real and just so tender, you could sense the history between them. It didn't feel one sided or rushed either, I could tell that these moments were special and had a certain depth that I don't think I would have gotten anywhere else. :3

Remus didn't actually play a huge role in this story but I think you wrote him well. You can picture this tragic, kind hearted soul and for a few minutes I'm sure he glowed.

Lovely writing on your part!

But that ending! No. I wanted this dramatic mometn between them but this ended on a kind of bittersweet note that actually fit it better. I can swoon and sigh about this all night but I'll let you rest up!

Thanks for the read!

Much love,


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Review #9, by writeyourheartout Stolen Away

4th May 2016:

This was so beautiful. Honestly, what a gorgeous one-shot. I hardly know what to squee about first!

Your writing is just lovely. The way you handled being inside Sirius' mind during such an insane moment of his life was just spot on. He was so authentic, from his indignation and anger in certain moments to his actually rather enjoying the thrill of the chase to his incredible heart wearing on his sleeve the moment he finally sees Remus again. And what a beautiful moment that was - but I'll get to it in a minute. Can we talk first about the McG moment? Gah. My heart. That seeing her brings back to a simpler time, with James by his side, causing mischief and laughter and surely bugging the hell out McGonagall... Such a poignant picture. I wanted so badly for him to be able to just hug her and be hugged back, because she could somehow know after seeing him that of course he was innocent... If only. Poor thing.

Now onto Remus. UGH. That whole roof section... from the actual present day stuff to the bittersweet flashback... rip my heartstrings right out, why don't you?? Even though we didn't get to delve too deeply into Remus in this story, you still managed to make his struggle so real. I felt desperately sad for him and for what he must be going through. And I can only imagine he, too, was remembering the same night Sirius was. They're such soulmates. COULDN'T YOU JUST IGNORE CANON AND DO ME A SOLID BY GIVING THEM A REAL MOMENT OF TOGETHERNESS ON THE ROOF? GAH!

Sorry for yelling...

I felt so badly for Sirius the entire story, but none so more than when he held himself back from approaching Remus. Gah. I can only imagine the incredible strength it took not to cave... I love Remus so much... A crying Remus needs comforting, damn it! And to be forced to just sit in silence and watch helplessly from the sidelines... Jesus. My heart.

Honestly, Meg, start to finish, this was just gorgeous. You're a wonderful writer and you captured my two favorite characters and my absolute favorite pairing beautifully. Thank you so much for writing this for me. You're beyond wonderful.

Tanya ^.^

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