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Review #1, by SunshineDaisies Robbed

14th August 2016:
HELLO THERE IT'S BEEN A WHILE. I'm reviewing for the gift tag thread :)

So I saw you mention this on twitter, I think, and the title sounded intriguing so I gave it a click and like, wowza.

I was not expecting that.

HUGE props for writing a story about the sexual assault of a male victim, and the total grossness of love potions. I'm surprised this topic isn't explored more in fic, honestly. Maybe it's just not in what I'm reading. I think you did a fantastic job of exploring the concept and imagining the feelings that would have plagued Tom Sr. after he left Merope. He's sort of painted as the villain even in canon, and that's really just not fair. I'm glad you mentioned his family and neighbor's reactions, because that seems like such a big part of his experience after returning. And really, the "it doesn't happen to men" mentality is so gross.

I'm rambling and not making any sense and I'm really sorry.

Okay this is brilliant and i am terrible and i should stop by your ap way more often


Author's Response: Hey Katie!

It has been awhile! Thanks for the lovely gift! *wub* I was honestly surprised that it isn't explored more often as well, but I think it's a topic that people are often afraid to touch on.

You're so right about the "It doesn't happen to men" mentality being wrong. Men can be raped and often have horrible ptsd afterwards. Hopefully this little piece will help to get rid of that myth.

Thanks again!


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Review #2, by PaulaTheProkaryote Robbed

20th June 2016:

Thereís a rumor about that youíre turning 28. In honor of the 28th anniversary of your birthday, prepare for 28 reviews of your stories!

This was such a brilliantly written story. I really appreciate that you added the trigger warning at the beginning because I donít think everyone would be so thoughtful.

After looking at the work you used, I think you really nailed the story. I can't believe that I've never thoroughly considered what that must have done to him. I mean, I've always thought that due to the lack of consent and the pure wrongness of the situation, it must have been terrible, but never to this extent. I think it really shows how easily we glaze over the abuse of men. No one deserves that kind of torture. You really captured his pain and torment. I think the perspective you wrote this in really highlights how much he went through and is still going through.

She stripped him of so much. Sleep, scent, family, just eating his favorite food. I can't imagine the ghosts he's facing yet you've placed them plainly here for me to contemplate all day. I think you just did such an amazing job with this story.

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Review #3, by Shadowkat Robbed

27th May 2016:
I can't believe I never thought about this before, and I feel horrible for that fact. I agree with the other reviews that this should be talked about more. Even in modern times, there've been instances where men get laughed at if they tell someone they were raped. This many years before Harry and Co? It would have been even worse then.

No one should have to go through that. I also feel for Merope, but that wasn't right at all. I think you did very well at conveying his feelings about everything as well. Then when he finally meets his son...that son kills him.

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Review #4, by adluvshp Robbed

17th May 2016:
Hey Kaitlin! I'd like to shower you with a little review fairy sparkle.

I absolutely loved this. What a brilliant, brilliant portrayal of Tom Riddle Senior. I honestly never looked at his situation from this perspective - as an assault victim, somebody whose rights were taken away - and yet it makes complete sense. Your descriptions of how much he loathes Merope, what she did to him, how much agony she caused him, and how he hates that he couldn't even enjoy the pleasure of having a child, are so surreal and vivid and perfect. My heart broke for him and I could really feel for him here.

What I loved even more about this one-shot is how you've taken something so canon, yet something invisible, and brought it to light. It also turns the stereotypes around - of showing the man as the victim and the woman as the abuser. And you do complete justice to the scenario. I like how he tries to talk to his father about it but he doesn't seem to listen/understand. It shows the harsh reality of the real world too. His despair over everything is palpable and very real.

You truly wrote a magnificent powerful one-shot in such few words. I was totally moved. The writing was just superb and the theme was profound. Great work. Pleasure to have read this - do drop me a link or two of some of your other stories which have less than 15 reviews.

(Lost Muse)

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Review #5, by Unicorn_Charm Robbed

10th May 2016:
Hey Kaitlin! Here for the swap!

I was actually planning on stopping by and reading this, after I saw your banner request, and that Twitter discussion everyone had about this subject. You were very passionate about what happened to Tom Riddle Sr., so I knew this would be really good.

This was so dark, and rightfully so. He was completely taken advantage of, and it's sad, because of him being a man, no one takes what he says seriously. Like the comment his father made to him. It's terrible.

His disgust with himself and with Merope is so clearly written. From the very beginning when he tried washing her scent away, but could never seem to get it off. That was heartbreaking. It's sick what happened to Tom.

Ugh and how food disgusted him and the scents of flowers. She took away everything from him. I mean, yeah, I feel bad that Merope had such an awful life, but it doesn't excuse what she did to Tom. And no one ever seems to talk about that much.

What happened to Tom Riddle Sr. was a serious violation of fm mentally and physically. And I think you did such a great job portraying that here. I never really stopped to think about the fact that she also stole the experience and joy of fathering a first born from him, too. But you're right. Just like a woman who is the victim of an assault, his reproductive rights were infringed upon as well. This whole thing just made me think even more about how scewed up the whole situation was.

I'm glad that you wrote this, because it's an issue in the Potterverse that I don't think is talked about enough. You're right, he is painted as a bad guy, but only because we see him through Voldemort's eyes, and of course he's going to only see him as the father who abandoned him.

This was a really great, well written, emotion packed one-shot, Kaitlin. You're writing is always such a pleasure to read. You truly have amazing talent.

Thanks for the swap!!

Lots of love,

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