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Reading Reviews for Persephone
10 Reviews Found

Review #1, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Persephone

8th April 2017:
Hiya! Here for CTF #5

I must say that I find Audrey to be a very interesting character. I mean, her working in a stripperclub and having Percy meet her there (which made my eyes pop out), to her cursing a lot and having quite the childhood... I love it. It really contrasts with Percy, but I also think it sheds Percy in a whole new light, because he seems to different from how we know him in the books. It might be a very good thing, in a way, but the relationship you see Audrey mentioning, about which Percy has with Bill, also means that he didn't change all that much at the same time, and I really think that that's a very interesting concept.
What made me wonder though, is why does Fleur keep adressing people as beast? I don't think I ever saw her mentioning that ever somewhere, and I do wonder where it all comes from, because it makes me feel like it isn't quite meant well though she might absolutely does mean it well. So I'm a bit confused about that, really.
But other than that you did show her characteristics really well, and that she wasn't the easiest person but that that did change, and how she might have seemed so standoffish but meant well and wasn't that open as it was, but that Bill did help. There was a change in her between the books so I think that really was shown well here too.

Great job!

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Review #2, by Dirigible_Plums Persephone

8th April 2017:

I'm here to see if you're hiding a flag in your midsts for the CTF event. Saw the title 'Persephone' and came running because I have a little bit of a soft spot for this myth for some reason? Yeah, I don't know why but I'm here and I'm glad I read this.

You know, I've always loved the fact that Percy's with a former stripper in your universe. It's basically the last thing you'd expect Percy Weasley to find 'acceptable' (for lack of a better word) in a woman which is precisely why I love it so much. He might take work seriously and yadda yadda yadda but he's not this uptight robot who scorns anything that's not conservative. He found something special in someone who needed to be loved and I think that this deviation from the standard "Percy is an uptight git who will never accept anything that isn't 100% perfect" portrayal.

Audrey is honestly amazing. Her backstory is upsetting which is why I'm glad she's found peace in Percy. She doesn't completely believe that she's worthy of it though which makes me wanna shake her and yell that she's bloody brilliant. Of course, she deserves love!

Her friendship with Fleur is adorable. "Sweet beast" has me grinning every time I read it. Her antagonistic relationship with Bill is slightly less adorable (I can't believe that he's the conservative one!) but still hilarious. And her relationship with Percy is downright cute.

I just remembered that I really don't like Fleur or Bill in Transparent because of how they treat Dominique. What happens to them to make them so?

Plums xo

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Review #3, by Jo Persephone

11th June 2016:
Great story. I really liked how you captured Audrey's complex emotions :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for stopping by! I love Audrey but she is kind of hard to write sometimes, her emotions are always so bold and wild. It's another reason why she's such a great character!

Thanks again!

Much love,


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Review #4, by EverDiggory Persephone

26th May 2016:
I adore that you paired Percy with a muggle. I love it and I've never seen it in any couple before. I have never ever read a muggle paired with any character for that matter and it is so ridiculously cool.

I loved Audrey's characterization and the stark contrast between her and Percy. I was also surprised that she used to be a stripper, but I like that she came from a broken home and despite how rigid Percy can be, he wasn't judgmental of her past. One thing I can't help but giggle at is that you said they met at a strip club and picturing Percy in a strip club is slightly amusing to me. I'm gonna not so subtly hint that you should write another one shot about this couple again, and I'll probably continue to pester you about it because I loved this so much.

I think the strong characterization of Audrey really made this story to me. I think that the friendship between Audrey and Fleur was very precious. I totally didn't expect Bill to be unfriendly towards her, but I also loved that he helped her when she needed it most and it was so nice that despite the differences and disagreements, Bill helped his brother's wife. I really adored that.

I'm gonna apologize, I prefer to compliment than provide CC. But to be truthful, I didn't see much wrong with this. I think I caught a few grammar errors and maybe some awkward packing, but nothing that truly impacts this wonderful piece! Thank you so much for the amazing read!

x Ever

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Review #5, by krazyboutharryginny Persephone

20th May 2016:
Hello Gabbie! I'm here for our swap! Sorry this is so late.

So I wanted to read this story because I read Sanctuary (which you will be getting a review on ASAP btw!) and I really wanted to read more of your Audrey/Percy.

I always imagined Audrey as a very proper lady, someone pretty similar to the way that Percy was in the books. It never occurred to me that it might be really good for him to marry a woman who wasn't like that. It also never really never occurred to me that he might be quite different after the trauma of the war. So it was really cool to read this (and Sanctuary) where the perfect woman for Percy would be this firecracker with a rough background.

I think you've made Audrey into a really interesting character, and you've also made me care about Percy where, to be honest, I didn't before!

There's a lot of really great stuff in this one-shot. I really loved that you made Audrey and Fleur friends, and that we were given some insight into Fleur's background and relationship with Bill. And I really liked that even though Bill was disapproving of Audrey and the two of them didn't really get along, he was willing to look after her and be gentle with her/nice to her when it counted and she needed it. I think I would have been quite surprised and found it OOC if he hadn't to be honest.

I loved how gentle and sweet the scene at the end was, with Percy and Audrey and their newborn daughter. It was really heartwarming. But I have one bit of CC, which is this - at the beginning, and when she went into labour, Audrey seemed to be at least nervous, even scared. I would've liked to see a bit of a resolution to that, if that makes sense? It's not really mentioned how she actually feels holding her daughter in her arms, you know? So maybe you could add something about that?

Overall, this was a really lovely one-shot with a very refreshing take on these characters! Great work :D


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Review #6, by victoria_anne Persephone

20th May 2016:
Gabbie babe!

(Reviewing as I read so sorrynotsorry for the randomness!)

Pshaw, what do you mean you're concerned about the characters? These two are your OTP, they are your jam! Honestly, I actually associate them with you now, you are my go to for anything Percy/Audrey ♥

And this is about their baby! Gabbie I am beyond excited and already SQUEE-ing and I haven't even started reading!

Aaand you have me in stitches by the first line! Ha ha, I know I say it a lot but I really do love Audrey!

Ugh, I bet Fleur was one of those mothers who had a perfect little baby bump and flawless skin and no morning sickness, and of course wonderful with babies - no wonder Audrey is so worried! But I know she'll be great ♥

Oh poor Audrey lost her mother so young! It must be hard now for her to become a mother herself with only a few memories to go by.

Audrey can I swoon with you?! Who knew Percy could be so sweet? I ship these two so hard! And that Hades/Persephone part... *faints*

I cracked up at this so much! - "creepy poofing thing that wizards seemed to like so much" HAHA! Okay and seriously, what is so wrong about Hermione's casserole? Hahaha! :D

AND THAT ENDING! *faints again*

I actually quite like that Percy doesn't feature much. It's Audrey and her baby in her body, and it's perfect ♥

A wonderful one-shot from the Queen of Percy/Audrey herself, great work Gabbie ♥

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Review #7, by MuggleMaybe Persephone

17th May 2016:
Hi Gabbie! ♥

In your request you said you arenít sure if Iíve read your Percy/Audrey novel. Well, I have, and I was accordingly SUPER PSYCHED to see this request in my thread! Iím sorry I didnít get to it more quickly, but Iím here now and so excited to read!

Aw, right away I think itís brilliant that you focused in on Audreyís reactions to becoming a mother. Given her own family history it makes sense she would be nervous about it. I feel so sad for her when she thinks about her mother and not getting to experience pregnancy with her mom by her side. :,(

Every time I read your stories, Iím impressed all over again by how marvelously complex and believable Audrey is. On one hand, I know sheís super tough and independent, but on the other hand, she is very vulnerable and struggles with feelings of inadequacy. I think many real people have both those traits, and yet very few characters do. I commend you for that!

I LOVED the connection with the Hades and Persephone myth and it was so incredibly sweet when Percy said he loved her with all her imperfections. ♥ ♥ I am swooning right alongside Audrey!!

I also absolutely adore the way youíve written Fleur. I think the way sheís portrayed in the books is very biased, and that really she has a good heart. I love that your version of her portrays that and Iím going to be stalking your AP for Bill/Fleur stories very soon! Seriously, your version of her is quite possibly my favorite Iíve ever read!

Audreyís relationship with Bill was a bit alarming, but smart because it upped the tension to have a somewhat more antagonistic character in the story. It sounds like maybe he judges her for her past? Stupid bloke :P I wouldíve liked a clearer understanding of why thereís so much tension between them, on both sides. Then he comes through for her, and it seems like they could mend things, which is also fascinating. Maybe another story to writeÖ? ;)

You wrote the contractions so well - they came a little out of the blue, so that I was immediately on the edge of my seat. Very gripping and suspenseful writing!

I think my main CC is that the story meanders quite a bit. I enjoy the different lines of thought, but it feels a little unfocused. For example, the part about Audrey reuniting with her brother is interesting, but in my opinion doesnít feel connected to the rest of the story. I almost feel like this could be a short story collection capturing the different ideas and moments you mention here in more detailed focus. There are some wonderfully rich moments mentioned and brushed off, and I think that detracts a bit from the point of this story but each event would be a wonderful story in its own right.

There are also a few places where youíre missing words Ė just typos, probably. Happens to me ALL the time! *rolls eyes at self* So maybe do a read through looking for that. :)

Thank you SO much for requesting this review Ė I loved reading more about Audrey and Percy! Definitely stop by again so I have an excuse to read more of your amazing work!! ♥

xoxo Renee

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Review #8, by TreacleTart Persephone

16th May 2016:

I'm here to catch up on the review swaps that I owe you, so here's number 1 of 5.

Ok. I absolutely adored this. Usually you write Audrey as someone who's so tough and almost unreachable. It was nice to see her a bit vulnerable and nervous. Especially cute because it was such a normal thing to be going through. I think most women are terrified before they have their first child and that made Audrey so much easier to connect with because let's face it, a lot of her experiences aren't things the average woman goes through. She's had a lot of bad luck in life, so seeing her there with Fleur, there was just something so sweet about it.

And of course because she hates Bill, naturally he'd be the one there when she went into labor and he'd be the one to rush her to the hospital. I'm glad that he didn't let his anger at his brother get in the way of caring for her. I'm also glad that he and Percy are building the cottage together and I really hope it will help them mend their relationship.

The ending with Percy in the room was so sweet. I love how you intertwined the story of Hades and Persephone through their own story. I think Percy was absolutely right. Audrey was just the light he needed to guide him out of the darkness.

I'm not usually a fan of fluff, but with all the darkness around these two normally, this was a nice change of pace. Good job!


Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for stopping by and it's always great to see you!

I thought that I would try writing something a little lighter this time around because I rarely write Audrey in such a soft way. I think that she's the sort of person you have to break down carefully or else she would lose what makes her so unique.

It was really fun though having her being so nervous about her pregnancy. I think that she had some very realistic fears about the whole thing. I wanted you guys to relate to her more because like you said, I don't think the average woman has gone through a lot of what she has.

I think that Fleur and Audrey make a nice little duo. They're open and honest with each other too, which adds just the right amount of sweetness.

Naturally, Bill would be the one who picks her up and finds her in such a vulnerable position. Hahah. The irony with this is that Bill has probably never thought of her as being an actual person who DOES feel pain. He has this really weird image of her being this tiny warrior in his mind and it's a shame that I never got to play on that more.

Since you're reading Transparent, I think you know that Percy and Bill's relationship doesn't necessarily improve but the animosity has dimmed down somewhat.

I didn't think the story of Hades and Persephone would work! I had some trouble with it but I'm so happy you guys liked it so much. Percy is actually a pretty sweet guy underneath it all and he sees Audrey as his one guiding light.

*Sighs dreamily*

Thank you so much for the awesome review!

Much love,


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Review #9, by dreamgazer220 Persephone

16th May 2016:
Hi Gabbie! Here with your requested review ♥

So, I know you were worried about the length and the pace, but I think both are just fine! If you were to add any more to it, though, I would suggest maybe adding a bit more about Audrey and Bill. Their relationship dynamic is very interesting, and although I could definitely see why their personalities would clash, I'd love to see you flesh that out just a bit more.

Otherwise I really enjoyed this! I like this take you have on Audrey, she seems like the exact opposite person that Percy would marry and I love pairings like that. They seem like they would be a good balance for each other, and I love that Audrey describes that it's the messy parts of Percy that she loves most.

I also found her to be really relatable. Her fears about becoming a mother are so normal, and they made her seem so human. Her backstory is so tragic, but it feels good reading that she found her own happy ending with Percy and Molly.

I'm also curious about the history between Audrey and her brother. Again, if you were to add anything, it'd be interesting to flesh that out a little as well. I'm glad that she was able to take the high road and tell him to have a happy life rather than get angry at him. That definitely shows maturity and character growth.

And I LOVED seeing the flashback we got to see! I can totally picture Percy arguing about Greek gods and it's an interesting choice for him to identify with Hades. It totally makes sense though, given his betrayal to his family in the books and the personality we saw through Harry's eyes. And the fact that he thinks Audrey is his light is really super adorable. I'm a huge fan of Greek mythology so this was a nice touch, and again, very fitting for Percy's personality.

I also loved that she was close with Fleur, who is already a mother and is letting her "practice" with her children. It's so nice that they have each other! And that her and Bill seem to be working on - or will maybe working on - their distaste for each other at the end at the hospital. Nothing like small babies to bring a family together.

Great job on this! I really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing :)

♥ Jill

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Review #10, by Unicorn_Charm Persephone

14th May 2016:
Hey Gabbie!!

I LOVE the idea of Audrey not being some stuffy, uptight, proper witch, like I've seen written in other fics. The fact that she is a, less than perfect, Muggle is SO creative and refreshing to read. I adore it!

The poor thing's background is really tragic. Losing her mother, having an alcoholic father, and then losing him, then being bounced around foster homes. It's so sad. No wonder she ended up in the profession she did. She really had no support system or any kind of stability in her life. She probably felt worthless.

I have to admit, if I were ever to become pregnant, I think I'd have a lot of the same fears as she did. Small babies make me uncomfortable and I'd have no idea how to handle one. When I was reading her voicing those fears to Fleur, I was like, "I hear you, girl."

I think it's interesting that Bill disliked her. He seemed to easy going and laid back in canon, but I imagine that the death of Fred would have changed them all a bit. I am hoping that they do eventually get along. For the family's sake.

She and Fleur have a great friendship, it seems. And it's so odd, because they are so different. It's weird how that works sometimes, isn't it? :)

Oh and Percy is so sweet! It's truly obvious how much he loves her, from that flashback we got to see. It showed his growth as a character, that he doesn't strictly value perfection and all that nonsense any longer. It was refreshing to see.

I have to admit, I don't really know much about Greek mythology, but you explained it all here well enough, that the little bit that I do know, made sense to me. I didn't really get lost or wonder what they were talking about.

I had a feeling that she was going to go into labor! How funny that it was Bill who had to take her. I'm hoping that this did end up bridging the gap between them a bit. He seemed truly worried for her.

Oh and the end was so sweet! It's so clear how much love they have for one another. And I think that Audrey will do just fine as a mother. She already loves her Molly.

I really enjoyed this! It was sweet and funny and sad all at once. Just a wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing!!

xoxo Meg

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