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Reading Reviews for We, The Famously Forgettable
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Review #1, by PaulaTheProkaryote INTR 102: Introduction to Basics Tutorial - How to Make an Enterance

23rd August 2016:
Hello again, Em!

David is all of us. David will be implementing wifi at the school in no time.

Good! The question we've all been waiting for! Asha, why wouldn't you just study arts at a muggle school? Asha must have come from a very magical family with a very magical upbringing. Do you think perhaps that magical families had tutors for their kids before Hogwarts? Or do you think that the kids went to primary schools for magical children? If she continued with a tutor I think that would explain her desire to remain in the magical world. I'm petty so I'd probably embrace muggle life whole heartedly.

Honestly I like Fatima shutting Li down for the you speak really good english thing. I have a foreign student friend who hears that all the time and he hates it because of the fact that everyone at his school had learned english from early childhood as a second language and it was the norm for his area.

AHA! Tax benefits! I knew it!

David seems pretty down and out on the magical community which makes me wonder why in the world he really is there. I’m glad Fang is on the case because someone needs to be. I think it was a truth though that not receiving that letter would completely alienate you from the world you grew up in. It’s amazing that Hogwarts students even know their families at all considering the fact that they are absolutely never home!


I really love the group dynamic so far. They aren’t exactly friends, just sort of lumped together and sticking together because of their lack of magical skills. I guess finding anything at all in common is enough to associate!

You’ve really set up the mystery of both of Fang and David and I can’t wait for more information on what their motivation is and what their history is. I hope to hear more about Fang in particular just because she seems like such a brilliant character.

Author's Response: PAULA!!!

Wifi at the school . . . So, this may be already a thing coming up that's written already and . . . well, you'll just have to wait and see how that goes along. :P

I think there may have been both. Tutors are an interesting thought and seemingly only for the affluent around the magical world.

I totally feel you on that embracing of non-magical life--I'd rather be non-magical because science and internet.

I hear that too!! When some people find out I'm not born in Canada--nor was I raised in Canada--they comment on my fantastic ability to speak English. I mean. . . my family's been speaking this language for generations. XD My entire school was an English-speaking school before I homeschooled and even that was in English.

RIGHT YOU ARE! Tax benefits. Always.

You are right to see that David is 'down and out on the magical community.' Why is he there? he probably wouldn't tell you. The idea that boarding school wouldn't alienate you from your own family is hard to believe. To spend so much time away from your family--how is that not a thing?! SO. I kind of made it a thing here with my preciouses.


I am thrilled you love the group dynamic. ♥ ♥ This review is amazing and so are you!!!

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Review #2, by PaulaTheProkaryote INTR 101: Introduction to Basics

23rd August 2016:
Em! How are you today?

I saw this pop up on the new stories a bit ago and it’s been on my reading list ever since! I absolutely adore the chapter titles and summaries. For this chapter, INTR 101: Introduction to Basics, I think we should ignore the fact that historically I’ve done everything in my power to skip introductory courses. ;) As for the summary itself, I think you should start doing my syllabi for me and saving me the hassle! Students might actually read it then!

“Condescension, social rejection, and internet deprivation.” Well the first line and you’ve already summarized every school I’ve ever been to.

You go, Scott. Show off that OOTD. Also Scott is my favorite character. His lines are above and beyond excellent.

I have so many favorite lines already but this line is my favorite: “It was dumber than the time Li thought moustaches were a good idea even though he could only manage one as sparse as a flea’s posterior abdomen.” If my floor wasn’t littered with dog toys, I’d be rolling on it.

I'M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS CONCEPT. Yes! Squibs! Going to college! My heart is so full! I think this is a natural progression because I find it difficult to believe that at the end of seventh year everyone just goes out and picks a career for the rest of their life. I mean if I picked the job I wanted at 18 I’d be a waste of space (I think my top choice was wealthy housewife if we’re being honest).

Would it be worth going to a magical university if you couldn't have wifi? I'm not so sure. So my question is why did the Squibs get the scholarships? As David said, the standards were ridiculously low. Was it for a diversity quota? WHAT IS THE ACTUAL TRUE MOTIVATION! Nothing in education is ever as simple as “we want you to learn.” NO. Agendas are everywhere!

I take it back. Li is my new favorite character. Li is near and dear to my heart and I can't wait to see how Li fairs as 1. a science/math whiz and 2. tech addict without the tech. I'd probably still hold my useless phone for comfort. I'd cuddle my ipad at night to feel safe.

I really like artsy Asha. She seems at least a little bit naive, but something tells me not to count her out just yet!

I agree with David. If you've done your time why are you starting all over again, Fang?

I have some many questions after the first chapter. What’s the deal with David and Fang? Why are they there? I NEED TO KNOW! This first chapter did such an excellent job introducing our little band of misfits and enticing me to flick the button and read on to the next chapter. It raised a bunch of questions which will no doubt be solved in some exceptionally exhilarating way. I love that each of our characters are already so multifaceted and they are so well developed (in under 2600 words no less)! You really have a way with developing addicting, realistic characters.

I’m shipping David/Fang (and a little bit David/Scott) and you can’t stop me. You can never stop me.

Author's Response: PAULA!

I am well thanks and made even more so by these reviews you're dropping on me. Those syllabi--sure! :P Why not? If, you know, sarcasm and rambling is appropriate in a professional setting. ;)

I am sorry that the first line relates to you in any way. That sucks majorly because that's not how school is supposed to be, yet it is on some occasions.

Scott's fabulous, indeed.

I'm glad you like that line!! It's just--dude, even your moustache is reluctant to grow properly--shouldn't that tell you something? Don't push it.

YAY COLLEGE! I guess this is representative of me growing up as well. It feels odd to write high-school aged persons because their mentalities are different. This is the age where people transition from that high-school mentality to more developed mentalities--if their lucky. Or, rather, if we're lucky because having a high-school-typical mentality is not a burden to the individual that has it, it's a burden to the rest of us.

What's wrong with wealthy housewife? :P Neuroendocrinology is much sexier, though.

AGENDAS ARE EVERYWHERE. Which you have found out in the following chapter, you're very perceptive, Paula.

Li is precious. He genuinely gives 0 poops, but adores technology, science, math.

Interesting first impression of Asha. Spot on.

Fang. . . oh, Fang.

I'm thrilled you think it makes for 'an excellent job introducing our band of misfits.' They're my preciouses and I'm thrilled each of them made an impression on you. They are quite a large bunch, aren't they?

YAY DANG (and Dott?).

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Review #3, by TreacleTart INTR 101: Introduction to Basics

23rd May 2016:
Hello Em!

Tag again! Back for another gift!

So remember in that last review when I told you that you have a very distinct writing style? Yeah. That applies here too. Within the first three sentences I was nodding, saying to myself "Yep. This sounds just like Em." And that's such a great thing because no matter who you write about or what you write about, I always know it's yours. It makes all of your works feel so cohesive even though they aren't all meant to be read together necessarily. (Sorry, I'm rambling.)

Anyway, I really enjoyed the start of this. The sort of detached omnipotent narration worked really well for this. I liked getting just a brief snippet of each character. You used your description like a skillfully plated appetizer. It was just enough to show what you have planned and get me hungry for the rest of the meal...if that makes any sense. Basically, this gave me enough information to give me a foundation for the story, but was sparing enough to leave me intrigued.

I found myself wondering how you even came up with the idea for a magical university that invites Squibs to study there. I mean how do the Squibs get through the majority of classes. Do they do some sort of experiments on the Squibs that attend to see if they can cure their squib-ness? Is it weird that that's the place my mind automatically goes. Evil university experimenting on young adults. :)

Anyway, I'm intensely curious about what's going to happen going forward. I can't wait to read about this world that you've created. As usual your brilliant ability to create memorable characters is on display.

Good work!


Author's Response: Kaitlin! Thank you so much for another lovely review.

Bahaha. Yes, I put as much 'me' as I can into this particular narration. I'm thrilled that you find cohesion in my body of works despite the different genres and stories. ♥

'Skilfully plated appetiser' YES THANK YOU. I love that analogy. I'm terrified of first chapters because at hard to find that balance between revealing enough to inspire intrigue and curiosity and a bit of familiarity, but not so much as to ruin that by saying too much.

Surprisingly, non-magical folk can do well, I think, in magical universities--not all programmes would require a wand; writing, educating on a not-so-magical field, law, math-related fields. There's a wide variety of fields of study that are underrepresented that don't require a wand.

As for the experiments, I might a well tell you that's a straight up 'no' given the way it all works it in my mind. That would be like eugenics, I think, which is interesting and controversial. A large part of this reinforces the idea that lack of magical ability isn't equivalent to disability.

Is that a weird place for your mind to go? Probably not considering what happened in TIMOLAW :P

I am so, so happy you find my preciouses memorable. I adore them and I hope you might too. Again, thank you for such a wonderful gift.


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Review #4, by alicia and anne INTR 101: Introduction to Basics

23rd May 2016:
Ooh this seems intriguing!

Haha this is brilliant! I am hooked from the beginning and I just can't tear my eyes away from your wonderful words! It's getting hard to review this whilst reading because I don't want to stop reading.

I love how you've introduced them all, it's brilliantly planned and flowed so well and easy.

OH my god! That line about beer and tapping was pure gold! I had a good chuckle at that. I think I might have to use that line on my OH. He'll love it!

Poor Scott, he could have walked there, maybe he can visit home?

I love that it was built in the late 90's but made to look like it was the 1700s.

SEriously, this fic is pure gold! I am adding this to my favourites!

Author's Response: Tammi! You hero.

It means so much that you like this--this story is by far my favourite to write and the one I'm coming to be most proud of. Thank you so much. I'm so glad the introduction to the characters seemed planned and flowed alright because with so many 'main' characters, I was concerned about not shoving them all in your face at the same time.

Oh yes! The beer tap line. Go ahead and tells how that works out! I'm interested.

I'm glad you like my jokes. Thank you so much! You're a wonderful person for being able to accomplish so much and with such generosity. ♥

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Review #5, by LL INTR 102: Introduction to Basics Tutorial - How to Make an Enterance

18th May 2016:
Hey Em,

Wow, I love this new piece so much. I can't decide if my favorite thing is the refreshing tone or the intriguing characters. You do character development so beautifully and I can't wait to see where you take our friends. So far, my favorite is Fang, and I'm dying to know more about her. Why is she really at Flamel University? She's been waiting for sixteen months for a letter... I'm inclined to think there was some sort of incident at work. Maybe that is why she is so defensive? I hate (love) the suspense.

And Asha? I just want to give her a big hug and tell her what she's worth. I find it quite amusing that she's the one pegged as the elitist when the others' high horses are so prevalent. ("“They probably look at toast and wonder why and how bread became crunchy.”" Yeah David, really? Though, to be fair, I have a feeling he's dealing with his own insecurities. Not that he would tell us.)

The interactions between your characters are priceless, and your commentary just makes it all the better. "It was the beginning of a very beautiful friendship full of trust" sounds so sarcastic, but I know Fang and David are going to end up having just that. And mocking pretensions with such a patronizing voice! (Chances are, that last sentence makes no sense, but I hope you are getting my message.)

Minor typos (ch. 1):
- When Butler is about to enter: "This elderly fellow was obviously a wizard, our conglomerate |new| this, for he was dressed absurdly,"
- When Fatima introduces herself: "“with a minor in |‘Muggle| Studies.”"
- When Pepé introduces himself: "“I’m |Pépe| Obi”"

Okie dokie it's prediction time:
- David had a friend at this university and something happened to them. He's trying to notice others as a result. Or maybe he just wants to subvert the system.
- Asha never went to a muggle uni because she's hardly been exposed to life outside the wizarding world. I'm estimating three elder siblings (definite overachievers), and Asha feels like she's a let down. So, she does her best to assimilate into the magical world, because she's not familiar with the muggle one. She's been taught to blend in and that's what she's doing; that doesn't mean conforming comes naturally to her.
- Janus is not actually a squib. Or, everyone thought he wasn't until he didn't get his letter. He's still adjusting.
- Or, more likely, Janus is perfectly fine and and happy and secure. He just doesn't like sharing much.
- And is that future Fang/David I see?? Hmm???

I adore the story header and chapter images. Does this mean that you're planning on having eight chapters? I would certainly not be opposed to more :))

Thank you for writing this beautiful work. I assure you that I will be waiting excitedly for the coming chapters.


Author's Response: Hey there!!

Bah! I'm blushing. Thank you so much!! I really, really appreciate it!

I am thrilled that you enjoy the tone and 'refreshing' was certainly the goal and I'm so happy that you are intrigued by the characters--they're so precious to me--and this story is definitely one that is driven by character dynamics. Ooh I am rubbing my hands together evilly--I mean gleefully--at your thoughts regarding Fang and her motives.

Well, yes, hypocrisy is prevalent within humanity. ;) David has his own thing going on, yeah, well I guess they all do. . . I guess that shows his. . . ignorance?? Who knows?

Who doesn't love a very involved and judgemental narrator, though, right? I totally understand what you're trying to say; as a narrator, I frequently engage in mockery, pretentiousness, and patronisation. You have me pegged.

Ah, thank you so much for spotting those blasted typos--you're wonderful.

Reaction to prediction time:
- Fascinating. . .
- OK. . .
- Well. . .
- Hmm. . .
- What me? Succumb to a classic bad-first-impression-turns-passionate-relationship trope? Pfft. . .

Definitely more than eight--if I run out of cartoons of the conglomerate. . . well, there are other characters.

THANK YOU, YOU WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING--I will post the next chapter right now!

Yours back,

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