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Review #1, by maraudertimes Scones And Jam

18th September 2016:
Hi there!

This was really cool! Romilda is never really mentioned, other than the whole love potion type thing, so it's nice to see her in a better light. She really does exemplify Gryffindor in her act here. I'm not sure if the rationing food ever happened in canon, but it seems legitimate (and awful by the way), and the fact that a Gryffindor, Romilda Vane at that, is willing to go out and get food is very true to form to the house.

I also love how you added in the house elves, and Winky! I love Winky, I'm so glad you've given her a sort of redemption type thing here. It's amazing to see that even in the midst of a war, they're still beautiful creatures willing to help their students. And they didn't even see what Romilda was planning on doing, sacrificing herself, those poor creatures. I could see it coming a mile away, but they're so innocent!

And oh goodness, it paused my heart when she did that, she's so selfless and, well, brave. And oh my, when she came face to face with Amycus, I was cheering for her (even though I knew what was about to happen). Her words were cutting and if only she could've said them and not been punished! Poor Romilda. :(

This was an amazing story Kaitlin! It's beautiful and striking in all the right places! I'm so in awe of, not only your ability to write so many stories, but to do so and make them all so amazing! TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!!! :P
Lo :)

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Review #2, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Scones And Jam

20th July 2016:
Hi again! I hope you didn't think I was finished! :P

This was another of your stories that just jumped out at me. Romilda Vane is definitely NOT often written about, and currently I'm on a "little written about characters" thing, so I really wanted to see what you did with her here, and I was NOT disappointed!

We don't really get a lot about Romilda's character from the books, other than that's she's boy crazy and in love/lust with Harry. I think we're definitely given a negative impression of her in the books due to the whole 'Love Potion' incident, but what teenage girl DOESN'T have a crush she's crazy over, you know? :P Obviously there's more to Romilda and I love that you've explored that here.

Reading your descriptions of the starving students brought tears to my eyes, and also made me hate the Carrows even more.. if that were even possible. And then, seeing Romilda being so brave and facing the Cruciatus so that her friends could eat and so that the house elves wouldn't get into trouble completely changed my outlook on her as well - you've done a wonderful job of adding a whole other aspect to her personality and I really liked it!

Honestly I can't help wondering what's going to happen after this scene - I might need a sequel please! :D

Anyway, this was another excellent piece, well done!

Author's Response: Hi Jayde!

Thanks for dropping by to review this!

Definitely not. I wanted to try and push a bit outside of the stereotypical girl who tries to give Harry love potion and explore why she was a Gryffindor.

The starving students is actually something that was inspired by Traitorous Hearts by Penelope Inkwell. When I read it, I felt like it immediately became my head cannon as well.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments!


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Review #3, by Pookha Scones And Jam

15th July 2016:
Gonna leave you a late hotseat review. I realize that I read this when it was posted and inexcusably didn't leave a review.

I like that we get to see a different side of Romilda here. So many authors (myself included in this) have her as a scheming sort. It's good to see her here showing her Gryffindor-ness. I really like the way she takes one for the team here.

Very well done.

Author's Response: Hi Pookha!

Thank you so much! That's very nice of you!

I definitely wanted to explore more than just the ditzy, scheming, love struck girl and show her evolution into a tough Gryffindor woman. :)

Thanks again for stopping by!


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Review #4, by PaulaTheProkaryote Scones And Jam

20th June 2016:
One of my favorite things about your writing is how you always completely transform minor characters. Every character you write could easily have an entire series devoted to them.

I love the fact that you have this during the war. I always want more and more of that missing year that we lost. I've absolutely never considered Romilda beyond her love potion (which sorta made me completely hate her, even more so considering the last story I just read by you). Completely off track but it's interesting that both Harry and Tom's father were exposed to the love potion like that. It's something I never really noticed.

I really love your characterization of the house elves. I can't even imagine how terrible it was during the era of the Carrows. Starving the students is way too far. They are so brave and wonderful too. Just like our sweet Dobby. Absolutely selfless. The mountain troll line was unbelievably hilarious. Romilda earned her name as a true Gryffindor in this story. I loved it so much and I love her now too.

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Review #5, by MuggleMaybe Scones And Jam

14th May 2016:
Kaitlin! ♥
Now that my classes are done for a few weeks, I am finally getting around to reviewing my challenge entries.

But first of all, a belated CONGRATULATIONS ON 100 CHALLENGES! I can't tell you how honored I am that my challenge is number 100! :D

I was pleasantly surprised to see you set this during the war, with the dark backdrop of the Carrows' reign at Hogwarts. I never considered how Romilda would've reacted to that situation, and you’ve shown that it truly brought out her Gryffindor nature. She’s brash and reckless, but also so brave to sacrifice herself to torture for a good cause. It’s very powerful. Somewhat like your Eloise story, this made me want to read more about Romilda and see what other hidden depths she might reveal. The traits you show her exemplifying as a Gryffindor are very time-honored Lion traits, but I didn’t expect them to manifest in this way, so nicely done there.

You are SO GOOD at writing house elves. Which reminds me, Winky’s involvement made me so happy! How adorable and perfect and YES YES YES!

I liked how you ended it without spelling out what was going to happen, but it was still crystal clear from the set up what was to come. Yay, Romilda!

This is a strong entry, and perhaps even stronger as a story in its own right, challenge aside.

Thank you so much for entering, and congrats again on meeting your 100 challenges goal!

Lots of love,

p.s. I am craving a score with clotted cream and jam now :P

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Review #6, by nott theodore Scones And Jam

10th May 2016:
Kaitlin! ♥ CONGRATULATIONS!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

I'm so happy for you achieving this! I honestly don't know how you managed it or had the determination or motivation to keep going for 100 challenges, but it's seriously incredible and you should be so proud - I really hope that you're relaxing properly now, because if anyone deserves it, it's you :P

This seemed like such a fitting story for the 100 as well! I loved how Gryffindor this was (I mean, how could I not? :P) and the way that you characterised Romilda Vane. I've honestly thought for ages that Romilda must have had much more to her than a juvenile attempt to make Harry fall for her with a love potion, but I don't think I've seen any story actually exploring that before and it made me so happy that you did here. I mean, she was just fourteen or fifteen when we see her in the books, and even though she's not much older here, it's really clear that she's grown up a lot and has started to show her Gryffindor qualities more in the terrible situation that she's forced into.

I've read a couple of your stories now which have taken place at this time in the Hogwarts timeline, and I think you capture what the school was like during this year so well. The Carrows are so horrible, and it's so hard to imagine what the students had to suffer, but you really portray the sense of fear and cruelty that pervades the school because of them. It shouldn't be down to children to have to stand up to tyrants and risk harm just so that they get food. I can really easily believe that the Carrows would restrict the food that the pupils could eat, and impose measures so that the house elves couldn't help the children even when they wanted to.

I loved the little detail that Romilda wanted to get food to the people in the Room of Requirement, too, because it means she's fully aware of the DA and people trust her, which just adds to what her role must have been throughout this year. I can't help but like her even more for knowing that.

The house elves were so adorable! Ah, they're so cute and I loved the way you wrote their speech, because it felt really authentic to the books and not overdone, which I think does happen sometimes. But here the house elves were so adorable, and I felt so sorry for them - you could tell they really wanted to be able to do anything they could to help the pupils, because it was their job to feed them, but the Carrows were stopping them from doing that and not hesitating to hurt them if they stepped out of line. It's not hard to imagine Death Eaters doing that because we've already seen in the books that they don't consider house elves of creatures worth any consideration.

Winky was adorable! It was brilliant to see her here, having changed considerably from the last time we see her in the books (although part of me is wondering if the reason that there's no Dobby is because he's already died at this point and that makes me so sad to think about). It was so sweet to see her determination to try and help Romilda with her plan because she knew the students needed her, and the way that the other house elves joined in trying to work out the plan made it really easy to believe that they'd happily go and fight for their school when the Battle of Hogwarts began. It was kind of heart-breaking to see the way that they cared so much about the pupils and hadn't been able to do anything to help them, but they were willing to risk everything to give them some food.

Romilda was amazing. I know I've already said how much I loved her Gryffindor-ness (that is totally a word) in this story, but I'm really impressed by the way that you managed to flesh out her character in a piece that's relatively so short. She honestly seemed like such a well-rounded character in this story, and I loved the way that she not only showed her bravery and courage in being willing to suffer the consequences of being caught with food, but that she did it all because she wanted to help other people. She really showed her kindness and loyalty here too and you made her into a character that cares about so much more than boys and looks, which I find she's usually written as. Thank you for that, because you've made me care about her even more as a character now.

Those last few sentences were just so chilling and had such an impact. I could picture the whole scene so clearly - the way that Amycus was happy to take revenge and punish a pupil that had stepped out of line, and the excruciating pain that poor Romilda was going to suffer. I really hope that she was okay afterwards, and that holding onto the thought that the school would finally be fed because she'd created a distraction helped her through it.

Congratulations again on finishing your crazily impressive challenge and with this wonderful story, too. And thank you for the shout-out at the end ♥ I'm so sorry this review hasn't come sooner and isn't longer, but I'm leaving it on a revision break so I hope it does some justice to what I think of the story and you! ♥

Sian :)

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Review #7, by krazyboutharryginny Scones And Jam

6th May 2016:

Oh my goodness! I am so proud of you! You did it! This is such a huge accomplishment and it has been truly amazing getting to watch you complete your 100-challenges challenge.

I absolutely love this story, and I think it's a really great one to wrap up your personal challenge with. You're been such a valuable member of Gryffindor house, and really are a true Gryffie, so I think it's awesome that your 100th challenge entry is this story celebrating Gryffindor traits. I've consistently remarked on your talent for taking minor characters and fleshing them out, and it feels really fitting that that's something you've done here. You've also done such an incredible job with description in this story.

I actually think this is one of my favourite stories you've written! I am really, really impressed by this - and by you, and your completion of your amazing goal!

I also just wanted to say thank you so much for being such an amazing friend and housemate. You're honestly an inspiration - it is just fantastic that you managed to accomplish this, and in so little time! You're a wonderful author and an even more wonderful person and I'm looking forward to seeing more from you after this 100 mark!

Lots of love,

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Review #8, by Lady Asphodel Scones And Jam

29th April 2016:
Congratulations on completing your goal!

You're inspiring not only to me but many members on the forums! So thank you dear!

Also, you did a great job here in displaying Gryffindor traits of Romilda Vane. I never think about her much as a character as we barely see her in the books, but it's cool how you give more character to her character!

Thanks so much for all you do for the forums and archives!


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Review #9, by Startafire Scones And Jam

28th April 2016:
Hey there Kaitlin! Here for our review swap and I apologise for the long wait, my internet has been particularly playing up in the last day.

Anyway, where to start, I have never given much thought to Romilda Vane but you most definitely put her front and center in my mind throughout this oneshot. From the books we know her as manipulative, confident and rather obsessive when it comes to Harry Potter. But you painted her in a whole different light and showed us that even in the most desperate of times our best traits shine through and that is true with Romilda here. We learn that she isn't selfish but very loyal to her friends, she uses her skills of manipulation to the best of her ability when trying to feed her friends and this is shown when she gains help from the elves and steps out with the food to put herself in danger. She oozes courage and chivalry! The pain she puts herself through is heartbreaking and the fact she is putting starving children before herself is just plain selfless.

Your description is absolutely on mark, what she sees, smells and touches, I felt I was right there along with her. Especially the scone, Merlin what I do to eat a scone right now!

The way you characterize the elves is very well done as well, not only do I feel for Romilda and the rest of the students, but I especially feel sorry for these elves. Winky just shows us the pain and torture they could go through for giving them food, and even though they don't want to get in trouble, they help Romilda anyway. It's really heart warming!

Lastly a big congratulations on completely your goal! I've read a lot of your other work and it is simply amazing. You are one hell of a writer!

Thank you for the amazing swap,


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Review #10, by dreamgazer220 Scones And Jam

27th April 2016:
Kaitlin. Kaitlin.

This piece is so amazing. I was honestly a bit shocked to see it end because it felt like I had just started reading it!

I'm so happy that you chose Romilda Vane for this. I feel like she's not written a lot in fic (at least not what I've read) and you did such a great job with her. I'm always amazed by how well you write, you have beautiful language and a knack for just showing us how angry Carrow was when he caught Romilda.

And honestly, I don't know if it's canon or not, but having them ration the food like that? It's awful but it makes so much sense because we really don't know what happened that year, aside from bits and pieces of things. You fleshed this out so well in just under 2,000 words and I wish the worship-y emoji existed on the archives.

I loved the idea of her going to the house elves for help. It's understandable that the elves would be nervous about helping because of the Carrow's punishments, and it breaks my heart that they would hurt those innocent elves just for cooking food for children.

Also, at first I kind of forgot what house she was in, but she really is such a Gryffindor - it shines through in this piece so well. Wanting to help, taking whatever risks to do it, and not really thinking it all through.

Thank you so much for another great swap! And congratulations again on reaching 100 challenges, though I knew you'd be able to do it! :)

You're a great big part of what makes HPFF so special. You've done such a great job on this piece, thank you for sharing it with me!

♥ Jill

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Review #11, by Gabriella Hunter Scones And Jam

27th April 2016:


I am so proud of you for achieving your goal! I don't think that I would have been able to do it but you've really shown your talent here. I'm just still trying to process it all. Doing so many different challenges has only proven that you're a versatile author and deserve all the praise!


So, Romilda Vane! I don't read any fics about her and I think that's kind of a shame. Underrated characters are great to write and you've really done something special with her.

You've chosen a dark setting for this story though and I tense up whenever I'm reading about how awful the Carrows are. I imagine that Hogwarts is the worst place to be right now but I honestly like that Romilda has some optimism through the whole thing.

Just the hope that she might be able to help her friends gets her so far. It's balanced out so nicely with her fear too, you can understand that she's very scared but there's that Gryffindor spirit too.

I wasn't sure what she would end up doing in order to get food. I thought for a moment she would just grab a large sack and run out of the kitchens but I really liked that you didn't do that. Hahaha. We get some good personalities from the house-elves, who are often overshadowed and you give them so much compassion that it's impossible not to love them.

I think that Romlida's plan did show a bit of recklessness but at the same time, it was the only thing that could have worked. This doesn't really have a happy ending, exactly because I'm freaking out about what happened to her but at the same time I feel like it held this wonderful hope. :D

Thank you for the awesome review!

Much love,


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Review #12, by EnigmaticEyes16 Scones And Jam

26th April 2016:
Hey Kaitlin! I was very curious when I saw this was about Romilda Vane so I thought I would check it out!

I was actually very pleasantly surprised by this! I've never really read about Romilda outside of the HP books, so I don't have anything more than the little canon info we know to go off of, but I really enjoyed how you were able to put her in a better light and give her some redeeming qualities. I think you did a wonderful job bringing out the good-doer yet reckless Gryffindor in her. And it's realistic because I'm sure living through the year with the Carrows was life-changing for everyone attending Hogwarts. I really hope her plan worked out and all the starving kids were able to get food. And I also hope that Romilda doessn't come out it too bad off, although the Cruciatus Curse has got to be pretty rough.

Anyway, great story! And congrats again on completing your 100 Challenge entries! You are amazing!


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Review #13, by Penelope Inkwell Scones And Jam

26th April 2016:


*gasps for breath*

Seriously, what you have done is remarkable. It takes a true Gryffindor to be brave (and, maybe, just a little crazy ;) ) enough to take up the task you set upon yourself, and which you have done so incredibly! I mean, I'm actually in awe. Me, I've done like 2 or 3 challenges, ever. Usually I find them absolutely killer, and most of the time when one does peak my interest, I still can't bring myself to venture into another story--especially not succinctly. But you! Look at what you did--what you've done. Your AP page is so beautiful and amazing. You've created so many characters, so many wonderful stories, and you've usually done it--this is what boggles my mind--in the form of one-shots. One-shots, to me, are the hardest format. You have to know how to trim the fat, to cut to the chase. You have so little space to develop your characters or make a statement, and yet it's something you can do incredibly. Sometimes I have trouble enjoying one-shots--I just don't seem to usually connect--which is why your AP is such a treasure trove. Because somehow, when I'm reading yours, you just do such a good job that I can care about characters I only just met; I can get swept up in the experience. You're a particular talent, of course, but you've also made me reconsider a genre of writing that I used to avoid, and realize that it can really be wonderful.

You are amazing. An actual living legend. You are a champion *hands Kaitlin the growing blue Triwizard Cup*. I'm literally just so consistently astounded by how you manage to write so much, so well, so quickly. 100 stories--100 challenges! You didn't even switch prompts or combine. I mean, wow. Just wow. I am so glad that at some point I met you and made my way over to your phenomenal AP. It's such a privilege to know a writer, and a person, like you.

Whew. Okay. Now onto this story.

I love that you wrote about Romilda Vane. Love it love it love it. Because I feel like all we know her as in canon is the underclassman psycho who spiked Harry's chocolate with love potion. It was funny, yes, but we never got to see her in any more depth. But here she is, and you're right--you showed us why that girl is in Gryffindor! Her self-sacrifice and her courage were fantastic, and even if she was a bit reckless, it was for such a good cause.

Plus, since I've written about the Carrows withholding food as a punishment during DH, I really enjoyed getting to read something from your imagination about how that would have gone down. That was really great! The idea of all the first and second years hiding down there, wasting away to the point that Romilda was willing to do about anything. Oh gosh. She was so desperate, and just so brave.

And then the way everything played out. I was like..."What's she doing? Well surely there's a purpose to this? No? She's just gonna eat it?? Girl, I know you're hungry but *priorities* !" And then I just got this inkling of "Oh. Ooh no. No, don't do it, don't--!" That really built so well. Something about the way she thanked them so solemnly, I just realized and yowza. She faced down being Cruicio'ed for those kids. She was incredible.

And I love that she took a bite of the scone first. Something about that--about her having this almost 'last meal' moment savoring one good thing before she went and brought something horrible upon herself in order to save the others--something about that was just so good.


Room of Requirements
--I think it's actually the Room of Requirement, singular.

“Hurry, Winky, we has to make sure the masters isn’t seeing what we is doing,” whispered an old looking house elf with gray hair sprouting from his ears.
--I was wondering if there was a more subtle way he could word that? I mean, Romilda clearly heard him, and so would the Carrows, if they had been in there. Also, I was a little confused--what were they hiding? It didn't seem like they were initially planning to smuggle food to the kids in the RoR, so what were they up to that needed to be hidden?

“I was hungry,sir,”
--just needs a space after the comma, before sir.

But well done! You really completed this Herculean task. You can breathe now! Not like I haven't said it plenty of times above, but really. You. Did. It.

Oh, and I had wanted to say, there's something so sassy about how she goes from calling Amycus "sir" to calling him a mountain troll! :D

Once again, I'm so excited to read this fic, the triumphant end to your incredible journey. I was so happy for you. Also, weirdly, I kind of seriously want a scone covered in jam now. But I want to cheer for you even more! So incredibly proud of you, my friend. You rock!


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Review #14, by IchigoPan Scones And Jam

26th April 2016:
Romlida Vane, the ever so spontaneous and risk-taking Gryffindor who wears her heart proudly on her sleeve. I think you did a good job developing her sense of fear, nervousness and desperation through the whole story, from her being ready to accept her punishment for the sake of her younger housemates being able to eat to sprinkling that extra grain of salt right on Amycus Carrow's bruised ego.

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Review #15, by Challenge Cheerleader Scones And Jam

26th April 2016:
Congratulations on reaching your 100 goal with a fantastic and heart-felt story!

As with Romilda, you exemplify the true nature of a Gryffindor...strong, courageous, persistent and bold!

Your descriptions, as always, are fantastic: stomach churning, knees knocking, spraying spittle, pawing at the stone with her foot...just wonderful!

I would say, 'Take a well-deserved break, young lady!', but I know those would probably be wasted words. So, I'll say, "Sojourn on, brave traveller!' I know you'll do that!

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Review #16, by adluvshp Scones And Jam

26th April 2016:
Hey Kaitlin!

Congratulations on finishing your 100 challenge goal! That is incredible. You are truly an inspiration to all members on HPFF, especially to writers like me who struggle to produce a lot of (quality) work. *kudos*

Moving on to the story, this was beautiful. I absolutely loved your portrayal of Romilda. Her courage and her recklessness as a Gryffindor came through beautifully. Her need to help her friends, those poor young students, it was well-written. I felt so touched by her actions. The interaction with the house-elves was also very nicely done, and I liked reading it, especially Winky's inclusion. The narrative also gave a glimpse into the horrors faced by the students under the Carrows' terrorisation and it was really chilling.

Truly a great one-shot. Congrats once again!

(Lost Muse)

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Review #17, by Lea Scones And Jam

26th April 2016:
Hi Kaitlin,

This was lovely to read. I'd love to know more of what happened after this.

Congratulations on completing your challenge goal!

Lea / Slytherin Eagle (who was to lazy to log in but wanted to congratulate you anyway)

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Review #18, by victoria_anne Scones And Jam

26th April 2016:
♥ ♥ ♥

Okay, okay, I'm going to review the story first before I spew feels (yeah, they're coming...)

I've always like Romilda for some reason, but it's true we never really discovered what made her a Gryffindor. I like how you chose the dark times of Hogwarts to let her inner lion shine ♥ everyone was tested during this time, and not everyone came out on top, and I'm glad to read that Romilda was one of the ones who shone in the dark places.

You have 100% proved that Romilda Vane belonged in Gryffindor. She is incredibly brave, but for others, not for herself. Sure, a lot of it was heat of the moment thinking, but even had she had the time to think, she probably would have chosen the same path.

Hurt my heart a wee bit to read (those times were just horrible and you really painted the picture of suffering and darkness well :( ) but it's amazing to read of the students who continued to fight from the inside. Those were the Gryffindors.

I'm not crying... I just have something in my eye...

KAITLIN! Oh my Merlin you AMAZING human being! CONGRATULATIONS on completing your 100th challenge! LIKE WOT. ALL THE CAPSLOCK. Such an amazing achievement, and it's been an honour to watch you on your journey, even though I joined rather late. What amazed me most is the quality of every single one of your stories, despite how quickly you got them out. I know I could never do anything like that, and so I watch on in awe. *picks jaw up from floor* Your determination and focus is so admirable, and you still found the time to make everyone else feel good about their own achievements and to help others out when they needed it *hugs* You are the essence of this site.

Thank you for being one of the most incredible members of this outstanding place we all call home.

All my love, Bianca ♥

*shakes pom poms*

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