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Review #1, by I just found this site today Back And Forth

23rd May 2017:
This is good. It feels like it could really happen.

Author's Response: Hey there!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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Review #2, by Esk Back And Forth

28th January 2017:
Great read not a topic it would occur to me to write about but a very enjoyable collection of letters.

Author's Response: Hi Esk!

Thank you so much for dropping by to read it! I try really hard to write about all sorts of topics, but this particular one was really inspired by the challenge.

Thank you again!


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Review #3, by Lady Asphodel Back And Forth

21st January 2017:
I have no idea what Hamilton is about, but from the way you wrote this story, I guess I can get a pretty good idea of what you're talking about in the author's note?

Anyways, very well done! It's an incredible feat that you managed to keep Dumbledore and Fudge in character and the regards of their relationship throughout the canon series references.

I enjoyed this and I can still feel the want to throttle Fudge for his stupidity just as I had felt during the book/movie series.

Well done! Loved this!

- LA

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Review #4, by PaulaTheProkaryote Back And Forth

22nd May 2016:

So I'm the only person in the universe that hasn't seen Hamilton yet (don't judge me), but the idea of the story was completely unique so I had to give it a read!

I was always perplexed by the relationship that began as a mentor-mentee and devolved into the mess it became.

I love how each letter really shows the slow poisoning of their relationship. It's quite nasty rather quickly. In the first set of letters, I don't think Fudge was in the wrong for being skeptical. He wanted more concrete evidence than just small animals dying. Plus he's been ruling in peace for far too long to be as concerned as he should be!

The second set of letters shows what kind of coward Fudge was. He clearly knew that Hagrid was innocent and was just keeping Hagrid to cover his tail. That's so unbelievably corrupt it's noxious. I love the way you added Dumbledore asking for the dismissal of the original conviction against him as well. This particular set of letters makes me wish Dumbledore had taken over as Minister.

Here at the third set of letters I noticed the "your obedient servant" and just snorted. How did I miss that until now? Sirius Black was such a convenient scapegoat for Fudge though. Fudge clearly could care less about murdering one innocent person. He wants to be seen as a man of action! I love the way that Dumbledore tries to appeal to his need to be the hero. He knows him only too well. I'm sure the Dumbledore also could have convinced Snape to testify (much against his will). The next letter is definitely more of a threat on the part of Dumbledore, but he clearly isn't listening to reason!

The last letter is the best letter. It really highlights all of Fudge's insecurities. He knows that Dumbledore is more powerful and much more deserving and that just makes him delusional and paranoid. Plus Harry took to Dumbledore much more than he ever took to him, so he is no longer a pawn to be used for any propaganda he'd like to put out.

Part of me believes that Fudge knew Dumbledore was right all along, but just wanted to further/maintain his prestigious career. His ambition was more important than the lives he was supposed to be in charge of!

Overall, I think that this story was really amazing. I don't think I've read anything before that explored the relationship between Dumbledore and Fudge and that's such a shame.

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