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Review #1, by PaulaTheProkaryote Metamorphmagus

20th June 2016:

I love the pronouns you decided to use because it makes so much more sense, really. I think gender identity is often overlooked but with Tonks being able to physically look the part of whatever they'd like, I think it makes it even plainer for those that don't understand to understand.

You really nailed Tonk as a character in my mind. Running behind, scrambled, but still very talented and brilliant.

A picture of each student. Surprise! Tonks is whomever Tonk would like to be that day and that's okay. You really spelled this out for readers/society by explaining it to the witch. I love this because I've been saying that gender and the biological construct of sex is nowhere near as black and white as people seem to think it is. We spent a very long time talking about it in my grad endocrinology class. Humans are so diverse, we donít just come in two models.

What I REALLY love is the response from the witch and the proctors after Tonks demonstrated. Instead of any form of disgust or condemnation, the witch just thought it was cool. Shouldnít we respond that way?

Really lovely story!

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Review #2, by nott theodore Metamorphmagus

18th June 2016:
Hi again, Kaitlin!

I said this when I was reviewing your story Stranger, but I really like the fact that you've chosen to focus on gender identity in this story. I feel like it's a part of LGBTQA+ that gets ignored more than others (possibly because it's less understood than other parts?) but it's really great to see a story about it. And I think that your choice of Tonks is a great character for this story, because with their talent as a Metamorphmagus fits in so well. If you can change your appearance completely at will then it would definitely make sense that you don't identify as one gender - or perhaps it's just easier for them to feel at ease with their gender identity because their body can match how they feel. (It's possible I'm thinking too much about this, oops :P)

I did catch one spot where you'd accidentally used she, here:
Tonks was just about to hand it in when she realized it wasnít working.

I loved the way that you characterised Tonks, though! I can just imagine Tonks actually being keen for the Transfiguration exam because they knew they'd do well, and then ending up late because their alarm didn't go off. It's just so typical for them :P I honestly think you captured Tonks's character so well throughout this piece, though, and I loved their enthusiasm and the easy way that they got on with other people. The inclusion of the friendship with Charlie and the little nod to Moody were great, too.

I thought you did a great job of handling Tonks's gender fluidity as well. I have to admit that I don't know very much about gender fluidity either, but I think it was a really good representation. You definitely showed the sort of problems that Tonks faced because of their identity but I thought they handled those conversations and problems really well, just like Tonks would. I really enjoyed this story!

Sian :)
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Review #3, by Shadowkat Metamorphmagus

26th May 2016:
This was really good. I did catch she and her in three or four places, and the only other thing I can say is I don't think Slughorn would have been the teacher at this time. Tonks was a seventh year when Harry was a first year.

Other than that, I like how you portrayed Tonks.

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