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Review #1, by Sugar Just One Friend

13th October 2016:
Do you know when you will post the seventh Albus Potter book? I highly anticipate it. Interesting FanFic, by the way.

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Review #2, by Liana Just One Friend

8th August 2016:
You almost had me feeling sorry for Peter but not quite. Peter may have had his physical problems but I think there was also something wrong with his brain. He spent his time that he should've been learning to pick himself up and be something figuring out how to get by easy. Even though it was a story about Peter it was quite good. I enjoyed reading it.

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Review #3, by alicia and anne Just One Friend

22nd May 2016:
Oooh a one shot about Peter! These are rare! I'm excited about reading this.

Awww just that beginning, I want Peter to become friends with the marauders straight away, he seems so adorable!

Oh no! he was born early? He had those obstacles and he still fought through them? Go Peter! I like that he still tried to be like the others even if things were stopping him. His mum seems lovely as well, and it's making me want the Marauders to make him equal with them all the more.

I loved the backstory on him! and that Dumbledore gave him help to get to Hogwarts despite his disability.

AW IT'S REMUS! HE MET REMUS! Remus is the best person for him to find first. :D

I absolutely loved this! It was so brilliant, and so fantastically written and oh my god I need more!

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Review #4, by Friend Just One Friend

22nd April 2016:
I really liked this story, and I like almost all of your stories. Can I just ask, when will you start writing the seventh book in your Albus Potter series?

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Review #5, by RowenaRavenclaw Just One Friend

17th April 2016:
Good.even if lettered is a bleeping bleep in the books.

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