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Review #1, by alicia and anne Sacrifice

23rd May 2016:
This was such a sad one shot, so devastating and heartbreaking.

You've done a phenomenal job at portraying her love for Harry, her fear at the situation, her heartbreak at being betrayed, all in 500 words. That is an amazing achievement and I'm in awe of your writing.

You got the emotion over so well in such few words, using the descriptions of drums had such a brilliant impact and I love that you used that.

Fantastic (yet so sad) one shot.

Keep up the fantastic work!

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Review #2, by True Author Sacrifice

3rd May 2016:
Hi there!

First of all, congratulations for being able to write such a good story for the Every Word Counts challenge! :D I've done it once and I know from experience that it's quite a pain to edit it. But your try was amazing!

The 500 word limit works well with your plot. Everything that happened between James's death and Lily's death took place within minutes, so lengthy descriptions wouldn't have been appropriate for this story.

The final paragraph was greatly moving. You've managed to catch the mother's love perfectly in your words. Lily did something that protected Harry from the darkest wizard ever for a really long time and I love that she died in peace thinking that her son is finally safe. And she handed him the protection without knowing? So touching! :(

Okay I'm gonna go cry now! See you later!


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Review #3, by TidalDragon Sacrifice

26th April 2016:
Howdy Frankie! Though it's been a longer road than I expected, I've finally reached your story for the Quill and Ink Challenge and so it's high time I give it the review that it deserves.

Though there is not a lot of volume here, as with the best mini-one-shots there is an immense amount of weight. So much runs through our minds - just as it ran through Lily's - and you leveraged the power of the second person to bring us even deeper into these harrowing, horrifying moments.

What stands out about Lily of course is the notes of her progression. Adrenaline. Worry. Pain. Power. Hope. It's hard to believe that even in a situation like this we can be realistically guided through such a range of emotions in such a short span of words and time, but you manage it and for that, you should be commended.

Thanks for sharing your piece with us and for participating in the challenge!

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