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Review #1, by PaulaTheProkaryote Catastrophe

20th June 2016:
How does this story have no reviews? I'm appalled.

You've completely nailed Hermione as a character. Bouncing in her seat to answer the question is definitely the obvious response Iíd expect from her. I think you demonstrating her infallible sense of justice and right and wrong though really exemplifies her character. Surely someone could have done something.

I like the idea of this as a research topic because I think it makes more sense than other muggle studies projects I've read about. ie. keeping baby eggs alive (whhhyyy).

Minor CC: I donít think this line was supposed to be italicized ďA quick glance at her watch told Hermione is was well past time that she left the library, but her thoughts had consumed her, so she continued on, ignoring the fact that the night was slipping by her.Ē It kind of threw me off for a brief moment because I thought it was part of the entry.

Well there's proof we had at least one wizard present! Also the description of the treats in this chapter is unfair because now Iíve got to go to the store to find something to satisfy my cravings. Incredibly cruel trick of you!


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