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Reading Reviews for The Great Basilisk Purge
3 Reviews Found

Review #1, by princesslily_36 An Antique Piece of Headgear Determines My Fate

23rd April 2016:
Hello Songs!

I'm here for the review you requested :D Thank you btw for reviving my forgotten thread and reminding me that I have to get to it :D

Ohh, Scorpius' sorting! That sounds like fun. Scorpius' voice right away was so much fun! I liked how he kept delibrating on his parents, it gave a wholesome feel as to how he had grown up, and that's vital to the sorting, isn't it. I like how Draco and Astoria's differing opinions could have rendered him to look at both sides of the coin.

His reactions to Rose Weasley screamed Draco Malfoy to me... I loved that, honestly. And the more I read, I think he'd be a perfect Slytherin.

Slytherin downsizing - I have to tell you how much I LOVE that concept. Of course, it all does make sense, after the war, there would be an even bigger stigma to distance oneself from the Slytherin House. Also, the idea that kids wanted to get sorted into the most popular house did make sense - even from the Purebloods like Linton. I loved that dimension.

The narration does flow well... and you kept the suspense going till the end about where you were going to sort everyone else. I was waiting for a big twist, honestly. I loved the way you have built up to it. Scor's internal monologue was really good - his voice and personality really shone, and I like how you've characterized him. The wonderful mix of confidence, disdain, unsureity, condescention... I loved every bit of it.

Kudos on the Sorting Hat song! I could never write it (I avoided it for my challenge entry!) It did sound biased against the Snakes, then again so did JKRs sorting hat song :D I loved it!

Ohh, the sortings! Okay. WAIT. WHAT WAS THAT? A GOYLE IN GRYFFINDOR? I'm with Scor on this!!

WAIT WHAT? A Malfoy in Hufflepuff. I think Draco would much sooner pull his son out and chuck him into Durmstrang.

Potter in Slytherin, I kind of saw that coming... it's something I personally don't subscribe to - a Potter-Weasley spawn being in Slytherin. But I'm pretty sure the Cursed Child is going to be a Slytherin :D

The only CC I have is that at certain parts, Scorpius was too sassy to be 11. I guess kids of today are quite sassy and impertinent - and I loved the way he was arguing with the Hat. But maybe reduce the sass and include some panic? Scorpius is probably used to all the attention and getting his own way being an only child - so maybe you could have him be petulant, instead of sassy? Him calmly arguing about numbers and curves did seem odd to me.

I think the pizzazz is fine, and you don't need to add more. The tone of the story itself was light, quirky, fun, and a little sassy. I loved it!

Thank you for a wonderful read Songs, and all the best with the Challenge :D


Author's Response: Yay, I'm glad you liked it! :) I'm used to writing a teenage Scorpius, so writing him as an eleven-year-old is pretty new to me. I'll definitely take your CC into consideration when I'm editing. I'm really happy with the feedback I'm getting on this piece, because you guys have a lot of good ideas which may influence future fics... ;)

Albus in Slytherin is a stereotype, I know, but I include it because that's basically Albus's character (in my headcanon) and I can't see him anywhere else, really. I could have put Rose in a different House, but her being in Gryffindor is important to my later headcanon. I don't like doing normal things, though, so Goyle ended up in Gryffindor, which could affect my universe in ways I hadn't thought about, actually.

Anyway, thanks again for the review!

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Review #2, by True Author An Antique Piece of Headgear Determines My Fate

19th April 2016:
Hi there! Sorry for reviewing anonymously but my wifi is painfully slow right now and I've loaded this story after a long wait only to find out that I haven't logged in. :/ I hope you don't mind though! &heart

Firstly i think it's great that you have tried to tackle an important issue here that isn't much highlighted in most of the next-gen stories. Usually we get to read that being in Slytherin is considered cool and rebellious in the next gen Hogwarts but I think what you have written is much more believable. It is natural that very few students would want to be sorted in Slytherin as a side effect of the war. Great job with the concept!

Your portrayal of Scorpius is absolutely original and fresh. The natures of Draco and Astoria are very contrasting (I think it is canon too) and it is bound to leave a mark on their child. He is confused due to the difference in advices given by his mother and by his father and you have managed to write it really well. The way he wanted to be a Slytherin just because it was a family tradition proves that he is a loyal person who is committed and I also think Hufflepuff would have been a better place for him but his loyalty ultimately put him in Slytherin.

I loved this story overall! It was definitely something different and a lot interesting. The only thing I would suggest that you should try to look at the characterisation of Rose again. She seems too much like Hermione at times which turned me kind of off once or twice. You did an amazing job at not making Scorpius an image of his father and you can do the same with Rose too. I really thought she should have a more original personality here and shouldn't be an image of her mother. I hope this didn't come out harsh...! I only want this beautiful story to become even better. :D

Overall, I loved this! You have captured the inner conflicts of the eleven year old perfectly and the curiosity about which house he will get sorted into is definitely hooking the reader. Great job!


Author's Response: Hey, thanks for the review! :) :)

Ah, Rose...she has always given me trouble. I really need to take a look at her separate from the plot and revamp her character entirely. You weren't harsh at all, though.

Thanks again for the review! It was a pleasure swapping with you. :)

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Review #3, by Jo Raskoph An Antique Piece of Headgear Determines My Fate

18th April 2016:
Hi Songs :)

What do we have here? A diminished Slytherin house with a very interesting Scorpius Malfoy as brooding loner, with a lot of his father's heritage on his shoulders but also his very own personality… intriguing.

I don't think I read any of your stories before and I'm really impressed with your characterisation, with voices and descriptions. They were all sterling, but I can't quite pinpoint what drew me into this specially. The tone of this fic has something particularly fascinating, it makes me want to read a book's amount of your writing.

Maybe you are setting up a longer piece (I should have looked in your summary) and if you are, you totally nailed the introduction. I'll be looking out for more.

Regarding the challenge, as far as I'm concerned you did an amazing job showing the complexities of sorting – and I think you did a spot on characterisation of the sorting hat. Your sorting hat is really sassy and I can see how this corresponds to canon. I loved the "I don't give out free advice" – "do you take Galleons?" bit of dialogue!

Like I said above, I'm fascinated how your Scorpius is both exactly like his father and also completely different. I love to think you also give a tiny insight into how Draco could have felt at this age and what we see is absolutely adorable. My heart aches for the man he became and how he's now sitting isolated in his manor…

But on to a much more pleasant topic: your writing! The parents' voices in his mind, the comment about having been defined, Rose who is brave and Albus who is not so much – your narrative and characters have so many fascinating layers I want to find out more about, it really was a pleasure reading.

One more think: Both your title and your chapter's name are absolutely brilliant. Interesting, don't give much away but instantly made me curious. I know the points system really doesn't work on the archives, but just so you know: I'm giving this 10 points, and I don't hink I have more than once before!

Thank you for writing this and letting us enjoy your creation! I really hope you keep writing.

Lots of love, Jo

Author's Response: Hey Jo! Oh my gosh, this is so nice! I don't know if my ego can take this. ;) I'm so glad you like my Scorpius. I've been working on him for...almost two years now? Wow, I didn't realize that. Most of my stories are about him, because I just enjoy him that much. (And I'm totally scared about what Rowling is going to do to him in the Cursed Child.)

But anyway, you'd want to read a book's amount of this? Wow! That's great 'cause I was thinking of writing a novel. :) I have one started, but it's turned out very dark so I'm thinking of changing it to a lighter, funnier tone for the sake of my own sanity. But back to this piece -- this is a one-shot for AnightingaleInAGoldenCage's Sorting Hat challenge. I know most of what goes on in Scorpius's school years in my headcanon, but it's not super story-worthy until later. If I do write a novel, I'll probably end up writing a bunch of somewhat unrelated companion pieces like the Star Wars extended universe or something. :)

I've wondered how well the Sorting Hat operated after it got set on fire, and while I think it still does an okay job, I think it's grumpier now. :)

And yes, my Draco...he's very angsty and loner-like etc. I will probably write more on him in the future. }:) Oh, authors...how we love to torture our characters. As for Scorpius, I really like playing with the balance between the entitlement and the insecurity that both come with his family name. It's a lot of fun. :)

I'm also glad you like the title because I wasn't sure what I thought of it. The chapter title was directly influenced by the Percy Jackson books, which have titles like "A God Buys Us Hamburgers" and stuff like that.

Anyway, thanks so much for your lovely review! I feel very encouraged. :) :) You have just made a bad night much better. Thanks for the 10!!!


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