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Reading Reviews for Sanctuary
10 Reviews Found

Review #1, by TidalDragon Sanctuary

11th August 2016:
Howdy! An eternity later and I'm finally here.

This was a very interesting story. Though I always enjoy your characters, Percy and Audrey weren't my favorites in the other stories of yours I've read so I was not surprised when, in the beginning, Percy just made me want to punch someone in the face. Not necessarily because of anything he did in particular, but because of the general sense of him that came across in the top half of the story.

But then you brought him back around - I think he started to trend up when he stopped being swallowed by loss, which, maybe I'm reading it wrong, but he seemed to experience awfully selfishly and when he had the stones to lose it with Bill, who while well-rendered, you've successfully made me hate in your universe because of how he is in Transparent.

I also really enjoyed seeing this different side of Audrey. I had wondered in the other story I'd read involving them how exactly a real relationship would work with the pair, but in the letter and the apartment scene you did a good job revealing the hearts of two people that it is otherwise very easy to judge and judge harshly.

In the way of CC, I did think the dialogue was significantly weaker in this story than your others with Kingsley and Percy's dialogue not seeming all that strong or differentiable. All in all though it was a good piece and another solid addition to the universe you've created.

Author's Response: Hello!

It's always so lovely seeing you and thanks for stopping by! No worries on the lateness or anything, I totally get how real life can be. Hahah.

Anyway, I know that a few people aren't really that keen on Percy/Audrey. My version of them is not everyone's cup of tea, I feel like they're very abrasive and hard to understand.

I actually like the fact that people dislike them because I don't want characters that you automatically enjoy.

You would probably gain a bit more understanding from them if you read Audrey's story but I doubt that you would like it either. Hahaha.

Percy himself is a very selfish person in some regards and you're actually the first person to really point that out. He focuses so much on his own pain that he can't really see how much he's hurt everyone else. Its one of the things that I wanted to stay true too, he is drowning in his own grief and its caused a disconnect with his family.

I think that there are some great moments in this piece and it's one of my favorites to re-read. I think that I purposefully started this story off as very dark and the shift towards the middle/end was done to show how there WAS some healing in his life.

I feel like I need to apologize about Bill at some point. Hahaha. He doesn't show up in Transparent for a minute but I'm happy that I've written him well enough that you actually can't stand him. Hahahah.

Audrey is a hard person to write, she's got this weird mixture of innocence/cynicism and sweetness that's difficult to bring to life. I think what's so great about her and Percy is that they're so different but so perfect for one another.

They get by on the fact that they blend despite their faults (or because of them) and it's why they're so enjoyable to write most of the time.

I feel like I dragged on the dialogue a bit so thanks for letting me know. It's never my strong suit! Hahaha.

Oh! There's a fresh chapter of Transparent that I think you'll enjoy, would love to hear your opinion on it since I'm a bit iffy.

Talk to you soon!

Much love,


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Review #2, by MuggleMaybe Sanctuary

24th May 2016:
Hi hun ♥

I'm SO sorry this is late! I've been pulled in a million directions lately, but I did not forget about your review!

First of all, so I don't forget - the Gone With the Wind reference made my NIGHT! I love that book & movie! :D

Now, to business.

I enjoyed this SO much. I always felt desperate for more of Percy's backstory in This Is Audrey Tang, and you've given me that here. YAY! Your Percy has this dark, brooding, but pragmatic presence that I find addictively easy to fall into. (I'm not sure I want to know what that says about me :P ) I'm blown away by how well you weave a world in your writing. It sucks me in so fast and often when I read a one shot by you, I wish it were a novel. I felt like that about Persephone and I feel it again now. Percy's story is so rich in detail and emotion, it's such a wonderful incarnation of his character that you've drawn.

However, I'm having a hard time figuring out how the words on the page make this happen. I think it's some sort of Gabbie magic :P
You convey Percy's emotions so well, along with his relationships and his attitude toward those relationships. I think that may be the greatest strength in this story. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the story is so interesting! I'd LOVE to hear about Percy's time in Russia. Then that thing with Kingsley offering him a job - what a scandal! And what an adjustment for Percy to go from the underground life he lived in Russia to Undersecretary. But I liked reading about the other Weasley's reaction even more.

And then Audrey's letter ♥ ♥ ♥

She's the coolest! And the letter is 100% adorable! She and Percy are absolutely adorable ♥ Plus, they have so much *chemistry* on the page. Full disclosure: I was kind of hoping you'd give us a little bonus scene at the end there bahahahaha!

Please take pity on me and write a prequel to This Is Audrey :P

Thanks so much for requesting!

love and hugs!

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Review #3, by my_voice_rising Sanctuary

6th May 2016:
Hey there! Here with your requested review. I love stories about Percy so this seemed like an obvious choice to me!

The opening paragraph is brilliant. The salty ocean air reminding him of blood and sweat, rather than something serene, is something I haven't seen before. And his heart being a "useless thing" is so poignant and so Percy--I'm hooked!

It's so realistic, too, that Percy wasn't accepted back by his siblings right away. Their reactions were so like them, too, with Ron and Ginny giving the silent treatment and Charlie giving him a long talk.

I like the conversation between Shacklebolt and Percy (who of course can't keep his mouth shut or stop the sass) but some trimming down may be helpful here. You've already set the tone wonderfully and a few key phrases in between dialogue would be helpful, but otherwise being succinct would really help the reader absorb the meat of the conversation. The "Percy said, tiredly" and every expression Shacklebolt has on his face while speaking every line, etc., could be removed and you'd still have a great scene!

"...sobbing until the tears in his eyes tasted like nothing." There's that salty ocean angsty brilliance again. Love it!

Okay I already love Audrey just because of her owl. She seems like the kind of spirited person that rule-abiding tightwad Percy could use in his life. It makes sense that they could come together the way they did, despite their difference in personalities, as they're both escaping pasts that they aren't too proud of.

I love the scene where she attacks him with the frying pan, especially when he mentions the birth mark on her breast and she's all eye-rolls like "Um, literally a hundred men could tell you that." Haha! This is definitely another place where humor would shine if you trimmed down the descriptive language between their conversation. The dialogue is quippy and that's what makes it so funny, but plowing through the he-said she-snarled they-gasped in between all of the spoken word detracts from how funny it is.

Ooh! Another thing--the spacing between the paragraphs could be shortened. That's just a technical thing but it would definitely make the fic more readable too!

Oh my gosh, how cute is it that he calls her "Dearest?"

I fully ship this couple. She's so embarrassed by her emotions in her letter that she wants him to burn it?? OMG a woman after my own heart. And the dynamic between Muggle who calls Apparating "poof"-ing and Prefect Percy Weasley who aced all of his exams and could tell you the exact velocity at which an Apparating person is traveling... But they just work so well!

I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for requesting a review! ♥

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Review #4, by cherry_pop94 Sanctuary

4th May 2016:
Hello Gabby!

I'm here for our swap. I'm so so so sorry that it took me so long to get here. Real life has been taking up more of my time than expected.

I know I shouldn't have read this before I finished This is Audrey Tang, but it just seemed really good I really wanted to read this...

And it was great. I really love how you characterize the Weasley family. They are broken after the war. Not all of them forgive right away. Percy did a horrible thing to them. He abandoned them during a brewing war. That takes its toll and I'm glad you address that.

I also really like Percy's interactions with Kingsley. Kingsley just seems so wise. I love him. It's a great insight in the post-war world as well.

And Audrey. Oh I love Audrey. She's so smart and sharp and vulnerable all at the same time. She's a brilliant character. I love the line you used on the banner too. "There are no dark places with you." It's just so sweet and so romantic, especially coming from someone with a past like Percy's.

Thanks for this swap!


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Review #5, by CassiePotter Sanctuary

30th April 2016:
Hi Gabbie! I'm here with another review for you!
This was really wonderful! I liked getting a look at where Percy and Audrey end up a little while after they start dating, since they're still in the early stages of that in This Is Audrey Tang.
Poor Percy has had such a hard go of it. I wish that it could be easier for him to be back with his family, and that he didn't blame himself for Fred's death. I can't even imagine how tough that would be to live with. But thankfully it seems like Audrey can help him through with both his family and his guilt.
I'm always a little surprised by the way Percy and Bill act around each other. You've definitely taken Bill in a direction that I've never read before, and it makes things super tense whenever he and Percy talk. I loved that George broke up their fight and helped them see sense, though. He seems like he'd be the peacemaker of him siblings now that Percy has come back to the family.
The scene at the end of this with Percy and Audrey in her flat was really well done. It was sweet, and you could tell how much they love each other, even though they don't really say it outright. Audrey isn't one for too much emotion and mushy stuff, which I love. But when she does show her love for Percy it's really impactful.
This was a great one-shot, and I really enjoyed reading some more Percy and Audrey!
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for stopping by with another review, I totally appreciate it. I really enjoyed swapping with you, we should do it again soon! I still need to catch up on a lot of your work.

This was really fun to write because there are so many things that have happened in between this story and This is Audrey Tang. It's obvious that the couple has moved forward in a lot of ways but at the same time, you still get to sense that they have a long way to go.

I have never actually written Percy being in this in between stage of healing. I had always intended to but just never got around to it. I think that he would probably blame himself for Fred's death and I take into account that he was there when eh died. They never really had a chance to put all of their bad blood behind them so I would imagine that that would bother him.

I think Audrey is really good for Percy, she understands him and doesn't try to force him to be like he was. I think that's why he was having such a hard time reconnecting with his family.

Yeah, I feel like I've really taken Bill away from being a friendly character. He feels completely different but I've always said that he and Percy had a pretty volatile relationship. I explain Bill's feelings more in another story but at the moment, I don't think he and Percy will ever get past their differences.

George is a total peacemaker, he can't stand to see anyone fighting. He's probably the main one breaking up fights between his siblings

I couldn't really have Audrey and Percy being too mushy but I think that I showed how much they loved one another regardless. They don't seem like the type to actually say it, at least Audrey doesn't so I'm glad that that came across well. Audrey is afraid of revealing too much about her feelings towards Percy but I think her words say it all. :)

Thank you for the review!

Much love,


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Review #6, by TreacleTart Sanctuary

28th April 2016:
Hey Gabbie!

I'm here for our review swap! Sorry it took me a day to get here. Life has been a bit hectic as of late.

You know how much I love Audrey Tang, so I was super excited to see this one-shot with her in it! I knew immediately that this was what I had to read.

The beginning of this is certainly very dark, but it gives us a really good idea of where exactly Percy is at with his life. He's healed enough to realize that he's messed up and that he's been unfair to his family, but not healed enough to really make a good attempt at fixing everything quite yet.

I think it's really sad to see how Bill reacted towards Percy. I can certainly understand why he's upset, but I think at a certain point he's going to have to learn to forgive and move on. Fred probably would've died regardless of how Percy acted, so blaming him forever is quite unfair. Part of me does wonder if Bill is suffering from some PTSD of his own? I mean I can't imagine that being mauled by Fenrir Greyback didn't mess him up.

I thought it was really sweet that in the middle of Percy's freakout, he finds that letter. It wasn't overly sappy or anything, just enough to make him realize that he needed her. I'm glad that she chose to show him some vulnerability and that he chose to go to her. They really are made for each other.

I hope that they can continue working through their issues together because between the two of them, I think they can figure it all out. Love will help them both heal.

And how dare Bill make comments about Audrey's past? What a jerk!

Thanks for a good swap!


Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for the review swap and my apologies for getting to this so late!

I wanted to start this off pretty dark and gradually lighten the tone as it went on. I think that Percy was in a very lonely and dark place for awhile.

I don't think he really knows how to make things better and that makes him feel worse about the entire situation.

I'm not sure where this animosity Bill has towards Percy originally came from but for some reason it just fits. It's sad to see the family being broken up but I think that he is suffering from a form of PTSD as well.

You also bring up a good point. I believe Fred might have died no matter what Percy could have done and blaming him for it is wrong.

I talk about Bill's issues though in another story so I will touch on what you mentioned once I get back to it.

The letter is one of my favorite parts of this because while Percy is hating himself so much, he finds evidence that he is loved. Audrey isn't really the sort of person who can do the mushy type of thing and they're so drawn to each other that I just love writing them.

Love solves everything!

Bill is a jerk for what he said about Audrey's background. Punch him for me?

Much love,


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Review #7, by True Author Sanctuary

21st April 2016:
Hey there! It's Ashwini from the forums! :)

Such a beautiful story! Percy is an extremely underrated character and most of the stories we get to read don't make him human enough. I totally believe he had changed and really was guilty of his betrayal to his family. It was heartbreaking to see how much he had to suffer emotionally after the war :( Everyone is coping with it, but it would've been a lot harder for Percy.

Audrey being a stripper was an interesting twist. Now I've started to think that maybe this one shot is either a sequel or a companion story. But anyway, I enjoyed it nonetheless! The portrayal of Percy's post war emotions was brutally honest yet gripping. I loved how he reunited with Audrey. I cannot imagine the Percy we read about in books getting involved with her, but here this shows how he has learnt the value of the people in his life.

Great job!


Author's Response: HELLO!

Thanks for stopping by with this sweet review, I'm sorry that I'm just now responding to it! :D

D'aw! Thank you! This was one of my favorite stories to write and I'm so happy that the reviews for it have been so positive.

I feel like Percy needs to be written more too, I don't think we really get a sense of who he was as a person in the HP books. I stray a lot with his character for my universe though since he's pretty much an anti-hero and everything.

I think that he would be a lot different though after the War and no one ever really brings up the fact that he was there when Fred died. I'm sure the trauma of that was too much for him, it would really shatter a person.

This is a companion piece for my story, "This is Audrey Tang: The Bad Taste" so you would have to read that to understand Audrey a bit more. Hahah. The whole stripper thing is pretty much a running gag in all of my stories and that story is actually told from her POV, which makes Percy all the more interesting. :3

I wanted Percy's mental breakdown to feel real and very emotional. I think that he hardly ever expressed himself much so it was fun to write him being so raw. I loved how he reunited with Audrey too, it was actually one of my favorite things about this piece. Hahah.

I'm not sure if the Percy from the HP books would be with someone like Audrey either but we can always hope, right? Hahaha.

Thanks for the review, darling!

Much love,


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Review #8, by Penelope Inkwell Sanctuary

19th April 2016:
Gabbie!!! Here I am for our review swap. I've missed you! :D

I liked how you captured this in-between place that Percy is in. He's been accepted by some of his family, rejected by others. He's begun a new life, but is still so defined by Fred's death. And he's kind of caught dealing with the self-loathing he feels, while also processing and being healed by Audrey's love for him. I just think that's one thing that makes this glimpse of his life so interesting--you've chosen a really good moment.

I like that you included all of these threads of his life--how he's tried to find/rebuild himself. He disappeared again, traveling to Russia. He tried to go home. He got the job that once would have meant the world to him. But, in the end, none of those things really serve him. The only thing that makes him happy, the things that he realizes are healing him and making his life worthwhile, is love--George & Angelina's love for him, as well as Audrey's. I like that you really explore this journey Percy's been on. He keeps trying to do things--typical Percy--to make it better. He was always ambitious and industrious, so that's how he first tries to cope. But it isn't until he starts thinking about the people who truly do love and support him that we get a glimpse of happiness, and we see him realize that life is worth living, that something in him is still lovable. I just really liked that and I felt like the actions you present here are all very in character for him. We get to see him work at rebuilding. We get to see him angst over his failures. But then we also get to see that Percy that we glimpsed when he showed up for the Battle of Hogwarts--the one who was willing to loosen up a bit, who could be happy sometimes and who really wanted to put things right. It was just a really good character exploration. A wonderful blend of Percys.


I'm a little confused by the bounty that was placed on Percy's head. it was never my understanding that Percy actually joined the Death Eaters? The Minister of Magic was Imperiused, and the Death Eaters were certainly running the Ministry, but it was originally in secret, with many of the workers innocently plugging along for a long time before realizing that there was a shadow government. By the time the Death Eaters had been defeated and the good guys were back in power, Percy would already have fought with his family at the Battle of Hogwarts and had made it clear that he was on the Order's side. So I don't quite understand why, after all that, Kingsley would have come into power and put a bounty on Percy's head.

the madness that had crept in him
--"crept into him"

I worry that a former stripper from absolutely nothing can deserve someone so wonderful.
--I worry that a former stripper..can't deserve something so wonderful

that he quite frankly give a damn
--"didn't give a damn".

“Burn. It.” Audrey insisted cryptically.
--cryptically means, like, when people speak in riddles or aren't plain with their meaning. It seems like Audrey's being pretty clear here, so that doesn't seem like quite the right wo

My other thought was that, while I liked the rhyme of "Fred" "red" and "dead", and the refrain does a great job of conveying that this is something that is always on Percy's mind, there's something about the phrase "red and dead" that somehow doesn't make me think of blood. I kept envisioning Fred as just "red"--like, I don't know, a giant red Sour Patch Kid. Which doesn't really have the gravitas to it that I think you're going for. Would it be possible to change it slightly, while keeping the integrity of the rhyme? Like, "Fred dead, blood red", or "Fred dead, his blood red", or something like that? Of course, as always, it's all at your discretion. That could just be me. But I just figured I'd let you know.


Oh my gosh, Gabbie! Audrey and Percy were so cute! I just loved that she attacked him with a frying pan. I feel like it was a great image, in this quick one-shot, of who Audrey is. You paint a picture that is, like Percy says, both strong and vulnerable. She knows when to challenge Percy and when to comfort them. Their relationship is a little combative, but it's also just really sweet.

Her letter! Oh my gosh, that was precious (don't tell her I said that; I'm sure she'd hate it). But the fact that it was written on a burlesque ad gave it that little Audrey touch.

“What makes you think that I like having you...you poofing into my flat like this whenever you feel it's okay?”
--this line literally made me snort with laughter

“You haven't earned it.”
-- :') Ohy my gosh. Percy practically *begging* Audrey to put some clothes on cracked me up, but her response nearly did me in! That was hilarious.

You really did such a good job of painting a rich relationship that clearly has plenty of backstory in such a short amount of space. We get to see that Audrey challenges Percy and keeps him on his toes. But we also see that she supports him and encourages him and really wants to protect him. They both have their pride, but they love each other enough to sacrifice it and admit when they were wrong. Even with the clear misunderstandings and the glimpse of silliness, it's clear that they have a real connection and an established relationship.

It was also good pacing, the way you had Percy more contemplative and angst-ridden at the beginning, but then brought out the Percy/Audrey dialogue and a bit of humor to lighten the weight on the audience, just as the weight lifts from Percy's shoulders, and to carry us through to the end.

I think this is my favorite individual chapter I've read from you so far! I definitely enjoyed in. Thank you so much for the review swap--it's always a pleasure. And it's so good to be doing it again after an absolute age! Hearts and hugs, evil twin!


Author's Response: Hello!

Hey, darling! Thanks for leaving a thoughtful and just plain awesome review. It gave me the fuzzy feelings when I saw it! I didn't expect you to read this one-shot at all, so it makes me happy that you chose to read it!

Percy is one of my favorite characters because he's very underrated. I've changed quite a bit about him in my universe so he's more of a tragic soul but I think that it works. He's caught between healing and self-loathing, which is an interesting turning point in his life.

He's come back from leaving his family for a second time only to find out that nothing is the same. Nothing is how he'd want it to be and I believe that is the most painful thing, he can't find pleasure in any of the familiar things that he used to love. The fact that he has such a fractured relationship with his family, Bill in particular is just one way of showing this.

Percy has a habit of trying to do things all on his own. I believe that it took a long time for him to accept that he didn't have to and he would always be grateful for George/Angelina.

I think that when he meets Audrey later on, he's so unsure that he can be loved that he's insistent that they can't be together. Of course, this doesn't work but I loved that I didn't just have him being trapped in a tunnel all alone. He can be loved and there are people in his life that he cherishes the most, he's not completely gone.

So many Percys and so little time! I think that he has a ton of range and although he hasn't turned into the eccentric person that I write later on, you can tell that he does have a sense of humor underneath all of his angst.

Oh! The bounty that was placed on Percy's head is taken from This is Audrey Tang: The Bad Taste and there's a whole other story around that. Percy never joined the Death Eaters and he left his family a few months after the War was over.

HAHHAHA. Now I can't stop thinking of Fred as this giant Sour Patch Kid! I can't stop laughing about it! Hahahahahaha. The "Dead and red" rhyme can be taken as Fred being covered in blood or Fred's hair, the one thing that Percy might have focused on when he first saw his body.

Man, I'm awful.

I've edited this twice since I posted this and I'm still waiting on it to be validated. I took care of those pesky CC's but I'll probably go through and clean it up again, just to be sure that they're all gone. :D

Also, no one has caught on to the fact that Audrey was watching Gone with the Wind. Hahaha.

Audrey and Percy are my second favorite couple to write. I think that they have kind of a quirky relationship, so Audrey attacking him with a frying pan is very normal. Hahaha. I wasn't sure if I had made a good enough impression of Audrey in this one-shot but I'm happy that you liked her!

I told Audrey what you said about her letter and she's not happy. Hahahaha.

The "poofing" line is my favorite too and I just had so much fun, having Percy begging Audrey to put on clothes. Hahaha. Audrey's little quips are hilarious too, she doesn't care what he thinks about her panties.

A lot of the things that they talk about in this one-shot haven't happened in This is Audrey Tang yet so I was kind of worried about how it came across. I had to give history to their relationship very quickly but I'm happy that it worked.

Audrey and Percy clash a lot because of their pride but they have a mutual respect for one another that just makes me love them all the more. I think their connection is very strong so that even when they're arguing, you can tell that the love is there.

;__; I am so honored to have you say that this is your favorite! I have a ton of other one-shots that you might like too BUT this makes me so happy.

I'll be heading over for our swap soon!

Thanks again!


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Review #9, by victoria_anne Sanctuary

16th April 2016:
Hello gorgeous lady!

Omgomgomg a Percy and Audrey story! YES!

Aww, Fred always breaks my heart :( reading about Percy's grief is so sad *squishes Percy* I hate how he blames himself, but I think everyone would harbour that kind of guilt for a while.

I love how you write the Weasley siblings, especially the brothers (and I don't just mean in this story - all the time!)

Ooh what has Percy done?

You write inner darkness so well and I think Percy is the perfect character for that.

♥ Audery's letter ♥ Ha ha I love how she tried to take him out with a skillet! That's the Audrey I know and love!

"Poofing into my flat"! Hahaha!

Aw I love this little insight into their relationship, since I haven't read it yet in The Bad Taste, and now I'm super excited to continue reading that! They're so romantic, I love their connection!

Lovely story Gab (not that I expected anything different from you!), thanks for the swap, my darling!

♥ B

Author's Response: HELLO!

Thanks for stopping by! *Squish*

I have only written one other Percy/Audrey story and that is a real shame! It's called "That Night" and is also one of my favorite stories. :D

I have such a hard time writing about Fred and I never think I do it justice. Grief is a touchy thing to write sometimes and I'm such a crybaby.

I like writing the Weasley brothers! I have never written Charlie that much though but I love his character. I'm slightly more familiar with Bill and the twins but if you notice, I have never written Ron much. Hahaha. I'm slightly intimidated by him.

Percy has done a lot of things that I can't reveal just yet. ;)

I love writing inner darkness and I seriously think Percy is just the perfect person to have that kind of strong emotion.

Audrey's letter was hilarious and taking out your boyfriend with a skillet is probably something she has done before. Hahaha.


I hope you continue reading Bad Taste because these two are really romantic in their own way and are simply the best. :3

Thanks a ton!

Much love,


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Review #10, by Leigh Sanctuary

16th April 2016:
This was a great story. I loved the sense of darkness that it held. I have read dark stories before but this one made more sense than the other dark stories I've read did. You have a way with words. Thank you for writing such a wonderful story. I will read more of your work in the future.

Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you so much for the swap and leaving this great review! :)

I wasn't sure if I was going to make this story that dark but it turned out that way but by the end, I hoped it was balanced out well with the humor. Angst is something that I love to write and I hope you stop by again!

Much love,


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