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Reading Reviews for Pretty Little Thing
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Review #1, by melian Pretty Little Thing

11th April 2017:
Well, that was a really interesting story. Septima is, of course, Professor Vector, I assume? And our narrator – well, it could be Madam Hooch, or maybe it’s not. It doesn’t actually matter, does it? Because the relationship –or, really, the lack of relationship – between the narrator, the “pretty little thing”, and Septima is of course centre stage here.

I really got her nervousness, her trepidation in coming to the school as a professor when she had so recently been a student. In fact, with the short time between the two, at first I wondered if it was Snape who was telling the story. That was nixed, obviously, but when a fic is told in the first person like this you do spend some time trying to get some context, some hint as to whose story you’re reading. In this case the name doesn’t matter – it’s the young new Flying professor whose mind we’re peeping into, the one who once loved Septima.

Actually, scratch that. I just read your summary again. How did I miss the Rolanda Hooch reference??? *facepalm*

(As an aside, this has me puzzling about names. Septima of course refers to the number seven, but it also brings to mind Septimus Severus, the Roman Emperor. Maybe that was why I thought it might have been Snape. Funny how your mind plays tricks when you read, isn’t it?)

I’m very curious to know what happens next here. It works well as a standalone piece, obviously, but I wonder how long her resistance to Septima would have lasted. She did a great job of standing up to her, of staking her claim to her professorship, of showing how she’d matured … but there was still that longing there, wasn’t there? Would she eventually act on it? What was Septima’s take on it all? This is going to bug me all night now.

Anyway, great one-shot! I really enjoyed reading it.

Cheers Mel

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Pretty Little Thing

11th April 2017:
“No,” I object again. “I am not pretty, I am beautiful. I am not little, I am grown. And I definitely am not a thing.”

Hard to review I'm on my phone. Please excuse any typos. Wow oh wow! I have never read this pairing before I was so intrigued when I read the summary. At first I thought Septima was dead. It was just the way she was referencing her. Like she was this person that was gone from existence. To count down the days. To remember what it was like to have her in bed. To see her. I thought she was seriously dead. It just sounded like a ghost of a person, which in my opinion made the story even better. It gave me this long lost but eerie feeling and then when she finally appeared my sense were definitely shocked.

I chose the above sentence out because it really did ring out to me when she first said she would call her a pretty thing.

A person isn't a thing! A person is a human! She has feelings. Her feelings should be accounted for!

Sounds like an awful relationship akin to abuse I think. It sounds like she didn't care for her at all. She really just was a play thing. I can relate. That was something I used to say to my ex boyfriend because I realized that I was just a body to keep him warm. I didn't mean anything and clearly neither did she. I'm glad she showed her in the end who's boss. She wanted to come out on top but she didn't. Septima is just awful but she was able to let it go during their confrontation, be the bigger person and realize her worth in the end. I'm so angry she was treated like that. Hello, home girl deals with brooms for a living. She could very well plop her over the head with one. I mean it's just a suggestion! I thought this was wonderful though. Your writing was really superb.

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Review #3, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Pretty Little Thing

8th April 2017:
Hiya! Here for CTF #5!

I must say that I was wondering for most of the time who the narrator was! (Cue me coming in from reviews lol). Anyway, having never read Hooch, it was quite an interesting read, especially paired up with Vector. I never really thought of them as a couple, or interested in eachother as it is, but I do think it works, especially for Hooch. I also loved the way you adressed their age difference (though now I'm curious as to how big it was) and the way it still bothered Hooch and kept haunting her in different ways. The way you structured your sentences about that was really well done too. I got really drawn in and it was absolutely beautifully written.
I also love that you show the no-nonsense attitude of Hooch, despite being so young still, and that you gave hints as to who she was and how long she'd been at Hogwarts as it was (from HP's pov probably) and how much she's grown since then. Even though it's clearly obvious that she's already becoming the awesome person that we know her to be.
The fact that she stands up for herself and defends herself is also brilliantly done, but so is the hurt that follows after, despite doing what is best for her.

Great job!

Author's Response: Whoops, I hadn't considered people reading this and not realizing who the narrator was! I was counting on people gathering that from the story summary, but I have certainly been on the reader side of that, so I can appreciate how confusing that can be.

I am glad the story still made sense to you though, and I am really grateful for all your feedback ♥


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Review #4, by PaulaTheProkaryote Pretty Little Thing

8th April 2017:
HELLO AGAIN LOVELY! I’m here again for CTF at HPFT. Obviously the Claws have to win. ;) You know how these things go.

SO I’ve consistently signed up for your stories first because I love the way that you can take these relatively undeveloped minor characters (in this case minor minor characters) and you give them this amazing breadth of characterization that really is settling into full blown head canon.

I especially love teacher stories because I can't even imagine what Hogwarts would be like to them (although I've tried to write a few and gave up). I love this idea that the staff still hate things. Like the bed. It reminds me of Slughorn complaining that his previous office was nothing more than a water closet.

I love this line about Septima being everywhere. What a haunting kind of love. And then to have to face both changes so suddenly. Talk about terrifying.

I really, really like this line: “put on my brave face, which I realize looks a lot like my normal face” and I’m overanalyzing it because I like it so much. At face value it’s sort of joking about how it’s not a very brave face, BUT it could just as well be that she’s channeling some serious inner gryffindor and she’s always brave.

I don't think in reality she'd have to justify herself too terribly much only because if she was hired, she's clearly qualified. Right? Like do you think teachers that just had her would look down on her or still see her too much like a student? Like I'm year two into my grad program and one of my profs hunted me down the other day because she had an undergrad with a question about my specific field that she thought I'd be able to answer better than her (yes, it felt amazing to be able to answer). So tldr; I think they'd accept her, but I like her realistic insecurity.

Very unfair of Septima to just act like nothing ever happened and want her to just appease her. Shady shady.

HOly guac, I love that she shut her down the with the pretty little thing line. That was great.

This was really such a powerful story of dealing with toxic people that you just happen to care greatly about. It happens all the time and I love that Madam Hooch was able to be self-care oriented and think of herself and her own happiness (or at least sanity) first.

10/10 would read again! Thanks for writing such lovely stories


Author's Response: omg I am in love with your reviews and super super flattered at you seeking my stories out ♥

I too love developing minor characters, but I guess you knew that since I write about them so much =P

I really don't think anyone would be nearly as hard on Ro as she is on herself, and that's something that I can definitely relate to. Especially when starting a new job, and especially especially when that job is in a place where you used to be a student, I think it's a very understandable circumstance to develop imposter syndrome, as baseless as it may be.

I love you loving my lines! And I love you! ♥ =P

Thank you for all of your wonderful reviews. Many hugs!


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Review #5, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Pretty Little Thing

19th July 2016:
Hi again! I'm back with another belated Hot Seat review!

I have to admit, this story broke my heart, made me want to cry, and also gave me a sense of hope all at the same time - you are wonderful with conveying the emotions, dear!

Once again, you've left me with a lot of questions about this relationship between Ro and Septima. However, you've given me enough information to know that I don't like Septima and I was rooting Ro on when she was standing up to her.

I really felt bad for Ro at the beginning and honestly thought Septima might have even been dead, but after the confrontation and seeing that Ro said all she saw was her, it really filled me with a sense of hope for her - she CAN overcome this and escape Septima's absence constantly harrassing her, and that's so amazing.

Though short, this piece is really powerful - you really know how to pack a punch in just a few words! Well done!

Author's Response: Haha, looking at the order you read my three stories, I find it amusing that you started with one that was totally hopeless, then one that shifted from hopeless to hope, and ended with the more positive My First Date(s). =) See, I do happy sometimes!

As you say all the feelings this story made you have I sit here going "Good..." perhaps tenting my fingers with an evil glint in my eye.

Or, more like, being glad that you enjoyed my story and left this gracious review =P


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Review #6, by marauderfan Pretty Little Thing

17th July 2016:
Saaam! ♥ Apparently the review hot seat was still continuing via twitter, but I didn't know about it until yesterday. So here I am with some belated reviews for the hot seat!

This is so beautifully written, and I love how you unfolded the details about the relationship gradually. At first, it just seems like a relationship that ended sadly where Rolanda is still in love with Septima - seeing and hearing reminders of her everywhere. But as soon as they cross paths and start to have a conversation, it illuminates exactly what went wrong in the relationship, and how unhealthy it was in the first place. Septima really is so rude to her :(

And yet despite that, the narration is absolutely beautiful. Her words seem to flow out of her like liquid, but by the time they reach me they are solid, wrapping like tendrils around my torso and constricting my breath. -- at first I read that as how breathtaking Septima is and that her words are just captivating, but it can also be interpreted as that Septima's words are kind of poisonous and suffocating Rolanda. And it probably means both, given how Rolanda's not totally over Septima. Gah, it's just so good!

And THIS! But I cannot stand here and let her rewrite our history when I also hold a quill. -- ugh this is seriously just gorgeous

I love the end too. She doesn't hear Septima as a voice on the wind or feel her as a cold space. Instead Rolanda just hears herself soaring through the clear air. A perfect end to an amazingly written story. Seriously, you're such a talented author.

Author's Response: Awww, thank you so much Kristin! ♥

I've been taking a hiatus from twitter, so I didn't even realize I was up for the Hot Seat. You're actually the only one who ended up leaving me reviews, so zero apologies are needed for their belatedness.

I am glad that you liked how the nature of Septima and Ro's relationship unfolded over the coarse of the story, and that it worked not to explain everything right off the bat.

You Gahing over my words being good makes me Gah ♥

Thank you so much for all your amazing words ♥


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Review #7, by nott theodore Pretty Little Thing

19th June 2016:
Hi again, Sam! ♥

But I cannot stand here and let her rewrite our history when I also hold a quill.

Excuse me while I just stand back for a few moments and stare at the beauty of this line.

This was such a wonderful story! I love angst a little bit too much, and your writing too, so this was always going to be great, but I really loved this. It was so interesting to see this sort of relationship between Septima and Rolanda - from the opening of the story, my brain was shouting at me that there were all kinds of things wrong with it, but I couldn't help wanting to read on.

I honestly loved Rolanda's character here. From the start of the story I could tell that the relationship she'd had with Septima wasn't a healthy one, and the fact that she was now working in the same place as her was obviously going to make things really difficult. I think the moment when Ro counted the days since they'd last seen each other highlighted just how much of an impact the relationship had had on her.

When we met Septima, I was expecting her to react a little differently, but she was just so condescending. Ugh, it annoyed me so much, the way that she treated Rolanda just because she was younger, as if she wasn't old enough to know her own mind and feelings, although perfectly old enough to have a relationship with her when she wants it. It was so frustrating to see her treating her that way - she's not the sort of person I imagine being a very good teacher, to be honest. Maybe my prejudice towards Arithmancy related subjects doesn't help with that view :P

I think my favourite moment was when Rolanda stood up for herself. Given their past relationship and dynamic, it can't have been easy to do, but I was so happy for her acknowledging that she's beautiful and worthy of love and doesn't need to be patronised. It's a much healthier place for her to be in, and the ending reflected that.

The description and imagery here was so beautiful, too. I really love your writing ♥

Sian :)
LGBTQA+ Review Event

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Review #8, by pointless_proclamations Pretty Little Thing

1st May 2016:
With this story, you have shown once more some seriously exemplerily writing. You have such a unique way with words that I've come to recognise for it's distinctiveness. It is then with that awesome writing style that you characterise Ro and Septima so fully in so few words. They appear here so distinct and well-thought out--I adore the complexities of these characters and applaud you for that. SO. MUCH. EMOTION. Sam. I cannot things.

Your use of metaphors is, by far, the most creative and impactful I have ever read. Those metaphors, I believe, only serve to make this story that much more breath-taking. I cannot provide you with any sort of critiques--in the story and the other I reviewed because your writing is beyond me. It is flawless as far as I can tell. I love how this story speaks to the complexities of relationships. I love the recognition of the potential of people to consume another mentally and emotionally and the manifestations of that. I love Ro for her strength and love her for her weaknesses--the boundary-less marriage of the two. I love the growth of her character from wanting to be everything the title is to absolutely none of the above.

One little thing maybe: I think you missed a 's' at the end of 'assess' when Ro was at the broom cupboard. Either that, or she genuinely bums each broom. . . That was crude and I apologise



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Review #9, by victoria_anne Pretty Little Thing

12th April 2016:

Hi Sam ♥

I don't see any cupcakes in this story, but that's okay. There always next time, eh?

A young Madam Hooch! Love it love it love it. Ooh the angst! You promised, and you delivered ♥

Omgomgomg THIS: "Her words seem to flow out of her like liquid, but by the time they reach me they are solid, wrapping like tendrils around my torso and constricting my breath." Argh you are so talented, this is beautiful!

(Also, 'Ro' is one of my characters' nickname, squee!)

ARGH SAM: "But I cannot stand here and let her rewrite our history when I also hold a quill." THAT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!

HOOCH POWER! What a boss lady! I LOVE that! I can see by the way Septima talks that she was probably very manipulative, so I'm glad we see Rolanda finally break free from that, and grow up to become her own woman.

How you do dis in so little words?

Gorgeous work as always Sam ♥

Love B

Author's Response: YOU!

I mean, of course you're here. You're always here. You're wonderful like that. Thanks for being here.

Haha, I'm glad you liked that sentence! I wasn't sure if I was too tired or going too over the top when I wrote it, so I'm glad it works =)

Same thing with the quill line. My brain gets really poetical when I'm tired, which is apparently okay.

OMG. I was just thinking someone was going to comment about me doing so well with so few words. This is one of my LONGER one shots. =P

Yay for Hooch power! High five for our 'Ro's!


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