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Review #1, by SilverMoonFairy Tapioca Dreams

12th May 2016:

*falls over laughing way too hard for how tired I am*

Wow! I was just thinking today that I needed to start doing some challenges and maybe I'll just tip-toe through some and see what strikes my fancy and what is this, this horrible challenge that sounds like it's intent on creating dozens and dozens of My Immortal spin off? Well, let me just read a few... And being a PotA fan, I of course, had to start here. And I'm so glad I did. Wow! That was freaking amazingly terrible, I love it so much. I feel like I was reading a book parody like the Hunger Pains. So creative, yet so terrible. XD I'm not sure the over all story was altogether cohesive, but you made it work!


*wipes tear from eye*

I will never forget the story of Harry Potter-Delacour-Malfoy-Gaunt-Slytherin-Hufflepuff-Ravenclaw-Gryffindor-Potter-Black-Lovegood-Weasley-Prewett-Parkinson-Greengrass-Tonks-Churchill-Tolkien-Emrys...

Author's Response: Hehhe, thank you XD

Remember, whenever you have problems just backflip over some fire and call it a day.

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Review #2, by marauderfan Tapioca Dreams

23rd April 2016:
This is so unbearably awful of a story and for that I applaud you and give you 100 gold stars. Well done. :D

Author's Response: Well, I don't know whether to be thankful or insulted :P

I'm glad you hated (or, rather, enjoyed) it!

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Review #3, by velajune Tapioca Dreams

13th April 2016:

I just wanted to check out some of your stories to get a better feel of your writing. I'm not really sure why I continued to read this after all the warning signs, but I loved it. Not in a "this is the most beautiful thing ever written" but I found it laugh out loud hilarious.

Everything was just all over the place. Such a strange and funny thing to read!

(I have to say, one of my most favorite writers I found on FF. Undoubtedly, I've seen the worst writing in there, but also found a few treasures.)


Author's Response: Oh yeah. There's some absolute gold on FF. I absolutely ADORE Driftwood's work with Harry/Fleur (they're one of the inspirations behind my love for the ship) yet I find myself... dissapointed by the vast majority. And that's what I focused on: the madcap, almost frighteningly genius ways of a bad piece of writing taken absolutely seriously. I'm glad you liked it!

Happy writing!

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Review #4, by girl_of_gryffindor Tapioca Dreams

13th April 2016:

Author's Response: Cheers! :D

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Review #5, by IchigoPan Tapioca Dreams

12th April 2016:
I had this whole "Monty Python" meets modern comedic Shakespeare (if that is a thing) imagery running through my head when reading this. Blame the giant boot.

And now I want some tapioca. In my mango tea. Hm.

What was I doing? Oh right, the review!

Harry with *only* 30 wives? I would've upped the ante to an even 50 and throw Bellatrix in there. Ev'ryone needs that one cray-cray wife and could've spun off to "The Housewives of Hogwarts."

This was amazing and the fact you wandered to the dark side (fanfiction(dot)com), you have my sympathies and will send you a box of eye and brain bleach.

Author's Response: I was playing the Flying Circus theme in my head as I was writing it. It just all came out like the junk from the River Spirit in Spirited Away.

I really don't like fanfictions where Harry has an egregious amount of spouses at one time. I could see 2, maybe 3, but there's was a 50 chapter of lemons and smut that was just... every chapter was a different wife. Yeah, no, lenony harem fics are no bueno.

I've found some excellent fanfiction on The Dark Side. Most of it though... eugh. I will send you a box of brain bleach just for thinking about what may be in the lurches of fanfiction.

Thank you!

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