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Review #1, by krazyboutharryginny The Swan

19th April 2017:

Wow, I really felt for Cho here. You know, it always irritated me how unsympathetic people seemed to be towards her in Order of the Phoenix, treating her and her emotions like they were so confusing or an annoyance/inconvenience. She went through so much, as you clearly show in this story.

I really liked that, while there was obviously a big focus on Cedric here, that wasn't all that you explored. I especially liked the part where Harry suggested that she think about her parents to conjure her Patronus, leading her to think about how they treated her over the summer and how she had a disagreement with her mother on Platform 9 3/4.

I loved the description of Cho as beautiful, graceful, but fierce and protective. We don't get to see that side of her so much in canon but it does come out a few times, like when Harry is angry at Marietta for betraying the DA and she stands up for her friend.

I really liked how the scene Cho was remembering with Cedric during the Yule Ball started out as something that upset and frustrated her, and that she didn't think she'd be able to create a Patronus out of - but then at the end she found some strength within herself and was able to finally conjure her Patronus.

Great work!


Author's Response: Thanks Kayla! I always thought she wasn't really understood in the books. Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Swan

19th April 2017:
I have felt absolutely numb the entire day. I just don't know what's wrong with me. Now I'm sobbing over this and I don't even know why. It's supposed to be a happy story. It shows there is a light at the end of the tunnel even though her happy memories bring her pain.

Why did Cedric have to die?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. But why?

I just love how beautiful this entire story is. The way you weaved the past and the present together. The struggle she has to go through as she tries and tries and tries again to finally get that patronus.

Everything just flowed perfectly and your descriptions were so vivid.
I could see them at the ball dancing. I felt his breath on her and it sent a chill through my spine. I could feel her heartbreak in real time and wanted to cry out or reach out and take her pain.

They were all just so innocent. Do I think cho and Cedric would have been endgame? Absolutely not but there's a part of me that believes they could have loved each other at least for a little while longer.

Beautiful story. Thanks so much for writing it.

Author's Response: Hey Deeds!
I ask myself that every day. Cedric did not have to die :'( I'm so glad you enjoyed this, and thank you so much for your wonderful words ♥

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Review #3, by celticbard The Swan

14th August 2016:
Hello again, Bianca!
Ah, what a lovely, yet sad piece. Again, your writing is thrilling, fresh and original. You did an excellent, and I mean excellent, job of exploring Cho's isolation, her grief, and her very acute sense of loss. I think, occasionally, Cho is overlooked in the fandom and branded as the girl who dumped Harry, or at least, the one who had a hand in betraying DA. But truly, her actions seem quite reasonable after reading this fic. Not only is she torn by her love for Cedric and her interest in Harry, but also her loyalty to her parents versus her own beliefs.

Furthermore, I was truly touched by her memories of Cedric, which seemed to match her own sensibilities so well. The image of the swan and the crushed flower petal gave this story a delicate and exceedingly mournful feel. Honestly, I loved every word. And the ending was so perfect. Cho finds the memory, but it is a bittersweet one, a moment that mirrors the paradoxes in her own life.

This is a beautifully written piece, Bianca and I enjoyed every bit of it. Once again, great job!


Author's Response: Hello!

I always thought Cho was a little overlooked too, but if you look at things closely in her perspective, she really does have a sad story, and that's why I chose to write about her.

Thank you so much! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #4, by Diogenissa The Swan

12th June 2016:


(but on a serious note, the next time I say to someone 'I'm gonna have this done by such and such a date, I'm going to have them make sure I stick to it -- I am terribly sorry it's taken me so inexcusably long but am here now, determined to shower your story with the love that you asked for!)


This is really the very first story I've read with Cho in it. In fact I must admit that I am not all familiar with her aside from the barest information. She's not really a character I think about all that much but you've made her center-stage: I love how you set that stage as well--the way you opened it with the DA practicing for the ever-difficult Patronus and here we see her initial struggle in the search for
the perfect memory. Beautifully done!

Aww you wrote about her and Cedric! That was such a lovely memory and it isn't hard to see exactly why Cho selected that one--you put a lot of love into it and I really enjoyed it as it read to me like a love story and gets me to thinking about what could have been in store for the both of them if Cedric had survived :-( .

'her parents tiptoeing around her like she was a fragile flower in the hands of a child. Perhaps she was. She was delicate, her petals threatened to be crushed. The hand was You-Know-Who’s.' -- this is my absolute favorite line of the entire story. And while it's a tragic and foreboding thought, it is nevertheless true and the power behind those few words really illustrates the overall fear that she has not just for herself but for her loved ones as well.

I think what I love most about this story is that the fact that with this memory, her Patronus is, in a way to keep Cedric alive -- he's not truly dead and this is a way for her to make sure that he never leaves her side, not truly (sorry I went on a tangent there).

Overall this was very beautifully written with a strong opening and a nice, easy flow throughout. You have very good descriptions and I could see everything there as if I was myself. This was both full of love and full of sadness all rolled up into one and the end result was indeed a happy memory and one Cho will always be able to keep close to her for the rest of her life. Thank you for sharing this story as well and it was an honor and pleasure to be paired with you for the June Exchange! Take care lovely!

Much Love Always,
Karen xoxo

Author's Response: Karen!

This review is just absolutely amazing (well worth the wait - not that that was a problem at all!) and I cannot thank you enough!

I'm glad I may have opened your mind a bit to Cho's story. Thank you for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside with your beautiful words ♥

100 Badger hugs for you!!

♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #5, by alicia and anne The Swan

23rd May 2016:
Awww this is a nice story title :D It's filling me with happy feelings that this is going to be a happy and nice story that won't break my heart.

Although now that I've begun to read and have realised that it's about Cho after Cedric has died I feel like I've made a decision too quickly, especially because it's a memory.

Oh, it's about her trying to find a good memory, maybe it won't be as sad as I feared?

I wonder what her happy memory is going to be?

:O Is it going to be with Harry? Or Cedric?

Awww it's the swan memory. I love how there were memories of her time with Cedric, it was nice to see moments of them as a couple. I really enjoyed reading this, and I didn't feel my heart breaking too much, so that's a bonus! It has time to heal slightly. :P

Author's Response: It's kind of happy, I swear! Yes, I'm a big Cedric/Cho shipper! (I mean, Harry goes alright, but you know...)

I'm glad you liked it! ♥

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Review #6, by TidalDragon The Swan

26th April 2016:
Howdy! You're my next stop on the Quill and Ink Challenge reviewing train!

I will start by saying that from the first paragraph, when it became clear the person and place we were dealing with, I was impressed by your boldness. Not many writers tackle Cho to begin with and even fewer try to tackle her in the Hogwarts Era itself. Whether it's difficulty, dislike, or something else I don't know, but we just don't see it. I find it to be something of a shame because whatever your feelings on her as a character, it's almost undeniable that there are A LOT of depths to plumb with her.

Of course in this story you do just that and not only does it make it easier to understand Cho's struggles in these moments as she both searches and yearns for a memory, but it also grafts onto her a measure of resilience rarely glimpsed in canon by showing us what she went through to do what she believed was right.

Thanks for participating in the challenge and sharing your story with us!

Author's Response: Hello!

Phew! I'm glad you think I've done Cho justice, you're right in saying she's a difficult character in fandom but she remains one of my favourites, and this is the side I wanted people to see of her.

Thank YOU so much for hosting such a great challenge!

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Review #7, by princesslily_36 The Swan

23rd April 2016:
Hello my dearest!

I'm so sorry for being late with this review, but I was honestly excited to see how this turned out.

Having always seen Cho through Harry's eyes, we know her as someone who is constantly in tears. But this brings out exactly how strong she is. It does take an insane amount of strength to live through the death of someone you love.

The Cedric and Cho flashbacks were fluffy and so fitting. I loved how innately Cedric he was. I could picture all of that in canon.

I liked how we also saw a glimpse of her family. This way, we get a wholesome picture of Cho, why she was who she was and why she made the choices she did. I can see why Harry was mad at her for sticking up for Marietta, but he would have done the same thing in her position, wouldn't he now?

In this one shot we see every dimention of her - her internal conflict, her guilt for not listening to her mother's advice, her sorry, her feelings for Harry. The amount of emotions you've packed into this story is astounding.

Comparing her physically to a swan was also a brilliant touch as we see that JKR often includes physical characteristics to reflect their animagus status (like Peter with his twitchy body language, and Sirius with his bark-like laugh)

A little titbit - according to Indian Mythology, the Swan symbolizes knowledge, and the discretion to know between right and wrong, and the strength to do what's right. And somehow, after reading this story I am more convinced that Swan is so fitting for Cho (and she's a Ravenclaw!)

I should say this story just shines in so many places! You constantly amaze me with everything you manage to write. You're a wonderful writer, and an amazing friend *hug*

Good Luck with the Challenge!


Author's Response: Hello my darling!

Don't be silly, it's wonderful to see you here at all! Thank you so much for your kind words (and for that gorgeous swan fact!). You always put a smile on my face so thank you always! ♥

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Review #8, by dreamgazer220 The Swan

17th April 2016:
Bianca, my dear, you already know how much I love this story, but I'm going to go ahead and leave it in a review anyway.

I love the way you wrote this piece. You did such a great job of setting the scene, of painting each member of the DA and how they were trying to find their patronus. Cho's frustrations were so very real as she struggled, watching everyone else - even Seamus and Luna - be able to accomplish the spell before she did.

And your language and descriptions in this are just so good. I can't even pick out a favorite because I'd probably just be quoting your entire piece back to you :)

Also, the way you wove in and out of Cho's memories really worked for you here, though I'm glad that they ultimately kept leading back to Cedric and the swan, which is a nice bit of canon that you tucked in there. :) Cho's grief also felt very real and mature for me, but I also loved seeing her feeling so conflicted but still having some feelings for Harry.

And I LOVED seeing Cho finally stand up to her parents and try to convince Marietta that they were doing the right thing and everyone else was wrong about Harry and Dumbledore. The scene on the platform really broke my heart because you never really think about what it must have been like for Cho since we only see the series through Harry's eyes.

You also had a really strong opening paragraph, it really drew me in and the flow of this story was just incredible.

I love this. And you. And your writing in general.

Good luck with the challenge, not that you'll need it!

♥ Jill

Author's Response: Jill! But where would this story be without your help? ♥

Argh, I love you so much, you leave the most incredible reviews! Thank you so much, you angel xx

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Review #9, by Gabriella Hunter The Swan

16th April 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review for our swap! :D

I don't think I've come across very many Cho stories on the archives and I'll never understand why. I think that she's a good character and even though we don't know much about her after book five, I always thought she should have been explored more.

I think that you've chosen to write about Cho's depression, love and conflicting feelings for Harry in a really mature way. I loved the flow of this one-shot and you really got to understand more about how Cho was feeling after Cedric's death. People kind of brushed over that afterward, I'm not sure if it was because they were so young and couldn't possibly know what it was like to really "love" someone but I can imagine how much that hurt.

Going through all of that and then being thrust into Hogwarts with Umbridge couldn't have helped matters, especially when her parents don't want her to tell the truth. There's a moment that I love from Cho though, she's clearly unsure about speaking out against her parents but at the same time, there's this childish urge to please them too.

I think a lot of people tend to forget that Harry and the others, despite what's going on in their lives are still kids. Cho seems to have grown up with a loving family and being told to lie, even though it's wrong must be difficult for her to accept after losing Cedric in such an awful way.

Now, I will say that your flashbacks were lovely and helped give more depth to the story. I think that they were fleshed out beautifully and your descriptions are wonderful. Just lovely, lovely writing and I could sense how much Cho cared about Cedric and vice versa. We rarely see that on the archives and I think you ended this perfectly, it left me with a hopeful feeling. :D

Couldn't spot any CC's either so great job!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hi Gabbie!

Yeah I really love Cho, but I know a lot of people don't. I don't think she's understood as much as she should be, and that's why I chose her for this challenge, to share my idea of the sorts of things she went through after Cedric.

Thank you so much gorgeous! Your reviews are always amazing and very much appreciated ♥

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Review #10, by PaulaTheProkaryote The Swan

16th April 2016:
Hello lovely person!

To begin with, I really enjoyed the general concept of the story. I always really like thinking about what my memory would be for conjuring a patronus. I love the way you wrote this story and I seriously think you should consider turning this into a collection of one shots with the patronus story of multiple characters. Don't mind me begging for more stories. It's become my trademark when I read your stories!

I like the way you wrote Cho because I think a lot of us in the fandom kind of write her off as this whiny cry baby, even though she was perfectly reasonable in the books now that I look back as an adult.

I think the memory you chose for her was phenomenally well-characterized. It really highlights her inner turmoil of caring so much for Cedric and grieving for the loss of him, but having feelings for Harry. The swan was such a lovely touch. No matter what, Cedric will always be a part of her life.

My heart aches for her as she grieves. Seeing everyone rejoicing the return as if Cedric didn't die would just be horrendous. Her world stopped turning and everyone else's should have too. I think her parents tip-toeing around her was the best that they could offer. I don't think I'd know what to do if I were her mom.

“You’re wrong, they’re wrong. It’s all wrong!” I love this line because I want Cho to have a backbone. I know that even through the grief, she must be a strong woman. I think family isn't a good option for her patronus obviously. She must be feeling betrayed by her parents for not siding with her on the entire thing. I mean, I understand it's their jobs on the line, but still.

I'm so happy for Cho because even though she produced her patronus for the sake of Cedric, it really feels like it was more for her than anything. Yes, Cedric's death has motivated her to take action against Voldemort and to better herself, but I feel like it's also for her even if she doesn't recognize it immediately. I'm very annoyed with Harry all over again because even though she does like him, he really needed to be more empathetic towards her and her grieving process.

Overall, I loved the way you intertwined her thoughts and actions with her past, her family, and her grief. I think you really brought Cho's character to life. Much more so than even the books did. Instead of writing her off as a silly girl, I think you really justified her actions and feelings. She's a teenager that just lost her boyfriend. She's bound to struggle with stuff like quidditch and just keeping her life together. Through all of that though, she's there, fighting for a better future for herself and wizarding kind. She's a force to be reckoned with. Beautiful? Absolutely. Graceful? No doubt. Fierce? Beyond words. Cedric was spot on. She's a swan. I love your writing style and reading from her perspective. The insight into her mindset really brought her off the pages and I just think you made her into a wonderful character.

Author's Response: Paula! Gosh I love your reviews so much (and I am so glad you have a review thread, muahaha). I especially appreciate this review because you picked up on all the elements I tried to get across in the story - the hurting side of her that wasn't really in the book, and that she really was a strong, independent woman. After all, that's what the challenge was about! (So phew!)

Thank you so so much, you wonderful person ♥

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