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Review #1, by Leefy one.

26th October 2017:
Pleas update! You are an amazing writer! I love your stories.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review and compliment. This story should be on hold for a bit, but I promise I will update at some point.
Xxxx ImaRavenclaw

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Review #2, by IchigoPan one.

24th October 2016:
BvB Review! *salutes*

I'm currently writing a cooking fic and thought I'd check this one out for ideas :D Is it sad I can see Albus being a substance abuser much more than Scorpius? I blame Harry's reckless behavior in his youth.

And dear ol' cinnamon bun Scorpius, trying to keep everything in the homestead together for the sake of their kids. It's amazing even after everything Al's put him through emotionally, he's still trying to work things out. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

All in all, this was a wonderful one-shot.

One small edit:
"a lot less then normal"

should be

"a lot less than normal"

I'm sure it was a glossed over mistake. I've been known to do that with my writing, too.

Thanks for the enjoyable fic!

-ichigo :D

Author's Response: Hey Ichigo!

Thank you so much for the kind review! I'll definitely be sure to edit that in. I hope that you enjoyed it.


P.S. This is actually supposed to be a novel, I've just been on a bit of a hiatus with it lately.


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Review #3, by HPFT Ghost one.

15th September 2016:
Hello, it is your friendly neighborhood ghost popping in for a visit to read your story. You have got an interesting start here. Poor Scorpius dealing with all of this. I know Albus is having a hard time too as addiction is never pretty but Scorpius trying to keep everything together, it makes your heart go to to him.

It will be interesting to see where you will go with this story. How will it be explained to the children why they can't stay home. How much of a struggle will it be for Albus to keep himself dry. As I said before addiction isn't pretty. I have to say I am routing for both Albus and Scorpius and I hope that they can come out on top.

Anyway nice job writing, I loved Rose's remarks and her making out how it was exactly her point. I was very amused by that. Anyway keep up the lovely work! I must be off to haunt other stories now.


Author's Response: Thank you very much for popping in to read my story! I just recently re-edited this one! I appreciate you taking your time to review so much.

Hopefully I'll find it in me to continue. I've been having issues with this one lately, as it was old and I took a long pause to work on other stories. Addiction isn't pretty, I fully agree.

I'm glad that Rose's personality amused you. I wanted her to be witty and sarcastic!

Well, I hope that you have a lovely day, and thank you for stopping by.


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Review #4, by beyond the rain one.

30th July 2016:
Hey! Bex here from the review tag! I think you've really set the tone and pace in this chapter pretty well, it's pretty dark. I like that despite that we all think of after the war being a better place, people still struggle. I mean, Albus has a drinking problem, and might lose his children.

I really feel for Scorpius and the kids, and I really hope everything turns out alright for them! I think you've captured the emotions of those suffering from Albus' alcoholism really well, so well done on that!

There's a few things I wondered about, for example how did Albus come to learn about the muggle culinary world and michelin stars? Would you not have been able to write it in a wizarding setting but with something the equivalent of the a michelin star? I think it would be pretty cool if Albus was desperate for that perfect review from the quibbler/prophet or some new newspaper.

The only thing that I don't think works for me, is the muggle concept, but other than that I love it! Well done!


Author's Response: Hey Bex! I'm so glad you liked it, and thank you for reviewing. I'm really glad you thought that the emotions portrayed were realistic, that is really what I was going for. Darkness and impending doom!

I agree with you on the Michelin stars, I might change that. I just thought it would be better for the whole drinking aspect (and Jules getting the phone call from her father on that dandy muggle cell phone). But thanks for that insight!

I hope you have an awesome day, and thanks again for reviewing!


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