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Review #1, by nott theodore Bomb Shield

4th April 2017:
Hello again!

Also, I am very excited about writing this review because it's my 1500th review on the archives (finally! It only took me the best part of five years...) and I can't think of anyone better to write it for than you ♥

The title of this story was so intriguing - just the objects are so evocative, and I was already thinking about what this story would be before I read it. Then I saw the banner and that you'd added horror as a genre, and was even more intrigued. But I absolutely love what you did with this story, and the title just fits so perfectly.

Your characterisation of Victoire is absolutely fascinating. I really loved how you began everything with this delicate imagery of the lace and paper flowers - I've never considered Victoire as a particularly delicate character, but I have seen her portrayed that way quite a lot, especially when people are describing her outward appearance. Beauty somehow becomes synonymous with vulnerability in a lot of stories and I thought it was great that you took that idea and flipped it on its head.

From there, I loved the next imagery that you used, conjuring up images of the war that Victoire never lived through: the minefield, the explosions, the hairpin trigger. Those were such powerful ideas to weave into the story and played such a contrast to the more beautiful and delicate themes you began with. I think that contrast really helped to emphasise the conflict that Victoire grew up around, and the extent to which it impacted on her life.

It makes me kind of sad to think of Victoire growing up like this, though, with so much conflict around her. I don't think I've seen a story which actually portrays her upbringing in this way before, which is very interesting now I think about it. Obviously, I think the Weasleys would have all wanted to do everything they could to ensure that their children had a happy childhood, but when they were suffering so much from their own memories and experiences, there's every chance that the trauma they're still living would have had a negative impact on their children. It's so true that she's suffering the effects of a war that she never lived through. But it's a testament to her character that she's the one who tries to protect her younger siblings and stop them from suffering the same way she does.

The clash of imagery at the beginning of this piece also really highlighted the way that Fleur doesn't actually see Victoire clearly - she thinks she's much more vulnerable than she actually is, but Victoire has grown to be strong and resilient, and I love the fact that she knows that she is strong and is not afraid to admit that to herself.

Also, your use of second person here was wonderful! It's my favourite perspective to read, and in pieces like this one it's used so well. I loved the way it seemed to address Victoire and help her acknowledge all of the things that she's grown up having to live through, and affirms how strong and brilliant she is in spite of (or because of?) it all.

This was brilliant, and I loved every word of it! ♥

Sian :)

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Review #2, by PaulaTheProkaryote Bomb Shield

20th June 2016:
The introduction to the story is so incredibly powerful. Abuse is really hard to characterize in a tasteful, educating way, but you've done it so well. Her fear of the darkness due to her mother's screams. Her dislike of firewhiskey due to her father's addiction. Her obsession with perfection because of the broken childhood she had to suffer through.

I think you're brilliant at writing these delicate situations. Your approach to sensitive subjects like PTSD is bar none. She is strong through all of this. I hate to think characters I love so much could damage Victoire this much, but you've done such a brilliant job. You really have.

This story, despite being so very short, is one of my favorites that Iíve read by you. Itís just so very powerful.

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Review #3, by Gabriella Hunter Bomb Shield

1st May 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums once again here for our swap! This is the third and final one, sadly but this was so much fun. :D

I was curious about what this story was about because the title didn't give me any hints, which is nice. I also saw that this was for the Quill and Ink challenge! I was going to enter this but my workload was a little too much at the time.

Second person is so hard! I don't know how you were able to do this without going crazy. Iv'e never really attempted it with much success but what I like here is that you were able to convey so much emotion in such a short amount of time.

You could feel the history through your heroine's eyes and I got the chills. Abuse of any form is a difficult thing to write about but you've really done a great job of showing how it damages children.

It's not always an outward thing and I know from personal experience that a lot of what you wrote for your OC is true. Loud noises, particularly shouting is hard to get used to after growing up in a place like that.

I may not have experienced everything here but there were a ton of things that rang true for me and I'm proud that you've written this.

Thanks for the awesome swap!

Much love,


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Review #4, by TidalDragon Bomb Shield

25th April 2016:
Howdy Kaitlin! You are my midpoint in reviewing the Quill and Ink Challenge entries - so here I am!

Ahh second person, one of the most challenging perspectives to execute, but one of the most satisfying to read when it is executed well. You, my friend, despite the conciseness of the piece, executed it very well.

I think part of what made it so successful here was your excellent use of comparisons in conjunction with imagery to give us a deeper feel for Victoire. I've got a bit of a lingering headache and so I'm sorry my review won't be as long as I normally make them, but I wanted you to know that I really appreciated your story and that you participated in the challenge!

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Review #5, by Gryffin_Duck Bomb Shield

17th April 2016:
I really cannot say enough good things about this fic, Kaitlin. :) It's so short, but you've managed to convey so many emotions and images in very few words. As I've already mentioned, I am so impressed with how you can pack so much into short fics.

My favorite part of this is the lace and paper flowers image. There is something so beautiful about the phrase and it immediately makes me think of a young, blonde girl running through an overgrown field full of wildflowers on a warm, sunny summer day. I know that image isn't in your fic, but I can see Victoire as that little girl, who then comes home to the chaos that is her home life.

This made me think a lot about Victoire's family. I've only ever seen them portrayed as a happy, perfect family, which is also how I wrote them in my Albus series. But this makes so much sense. Bill suffered severe trauma and wouldn't have come through that unscathed. And Victoire, as the eldest, would so clearly step into that protective role with her younger siblings.

I like how you used second person and kept it vague as to who it was about. It made me want to keep reading to figure out who it was.

And then, at the end, you brought back the lace and paper flowers. I love it. That image tied the story together so well. This is definitely one of my favorites on the archive right now and I'm so glad you asked me to read it over for you! And thank you for the shout out in your author's note. That was very sweet. :)

I'm going to have to read some of your other stuff now!

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Review #6, by dysfunctional Bomb Shield

11th April 2016:
I can't even begin to describe how beautiful this story is.

The way you write... its incredible and unique. It paints such a vivid picture. Just 500 words long yet I felt all the emotion and power.

Truly, truly amazing. I loved it.

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thank you so much for this review! I want you to know that it truly made my day. It's wonderful comments like this that inspire me to keep writing. :)


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Review #7, by alicia and anne Bomb Shield

10th April 2016:
No!! I wasn't first! The shame! I'm redoing this as I missed half the review off *shakes head*

Your descriptions in this were amazing, they were so brilliant at making me feel the pain and heartbreak that she was going through. As you know, I had my mouth open, stunned, as I read through this. That's how brilliantly epic your writing is! It makes me speechless.

I love how you've mentioned how she's a victim of a war that was won before she was born. It shows that not everything was happy and merry as people (myself included) make out. There's going to be pain, it's going to be raw, and people are going to continue feeling it.

The truth is youíd been destroyed by a war fought ages before you were born. - THIS. THIS IS MY FAVOURITE LINE.

You are so welcome for the help, hun. Aw *blushes* You are so amazing and I can't stop smiling from your A/N.

I really love your writing so much, and you are fast becoming one of my favourite authors on this site. I hope that I can continue reading your work for a very long time. :D

Keep being awesome!

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Review #8, by Dojh167 Bomb Shield

10th April 2016:
You already know I think this story is awesome, so this review is to say something different:

I think YOU are awesome.

♥ ♥ ♥


Author's Response: Sam!


You are the best. What would I do without you?


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