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Review #1, by AbraxanUnicorn Love and Time Travel

14th January 2017:
I was so disappointed you didn't take the first paragraph anywhere.

I felt so sorry for Mary Su; out of all the flaws you could have given her and you made her a Mancunian. Harsh. I thought it a shame you left out details such as her waist size though, because that could have really added to the story.

What a tragedy for the world to end at that moment, but, I dunno, maybe you could write a sequel? Or at least a second chapter, to tie up all the loose ends (or untie the tight ones)?

Thank you so much for this. I needed a bl**dy good laugh today :) X

Author's Response: Hi there! This review was such a wonderful surprise - thank you so much for dropping by!

The first paragraph couldn't go anywhere, because it was in prison. Get it? :P #puns

Hahaha! See, she has realistic flaws. Well, one. And yes I did leave out some descriptions, but then again she's a perfect person and there's no such thing as the perfect waist size, so no answer would be adequate. So unfortunately it means that this otherwise very well described and cohesively-plotted story does have some gaps. Sigh. :P

Unfortunately there are no plans for a sequel after the dramatic apocalyptic ending, but I have written a lot of other parody stories if you're into that.

Thank YOU so much for reading this and for your review, it really made me smile! So glad you enjoyed the story! ♥

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Review #2, by Flower n Prongs Love and Time Travel

9th December 2016:
Oh my God I cannot stop laughing. I was managing to restrain myself until I got to "GOBLETOFFIYAAAH" and then I completely lost it. I got it back under control to the relief of my dog, only to die laughing again the second time Dumbledore said it "calmly".

This was absolutely hilarious. Also, by pure coincidence, I now feel much better about my writing after remembering just how many stories involve some of these cliches with no finesse or twist. (Story grey eyes! Leather mini skirts! Marauder time travel because obviously Sirius Black loves the MC! Masquerades!)

Author's Response: :D Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed this silly fic and that it made you laugh. At least super OOC movie Dumbledore was good for something!

Thanks! And yeah, I think at least 1/3 of the cliches I mock in my parody fics are things I've actually written into stories, haha. But I guess part of the fun in parody fanfic is being able to make fun of yourself. And duh who doesnt love Mary Sue?! :p Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #3, by Charlotte Love and Time Travel

20th August 2016:
Hi! I've never given reviews before so please don't mind me! ^^
This is sooo not the worst story ever! Even your 'Woest Story Ever' is awesome. :P

I love how you started the story! It's hilarious and certainly creative.

And the 'foreshadowing'? Woahh so much mystery. :P

I love this line: "Her best friend, Georgia Chambers, eyed Mary’s hair with envy – it took Georgia at least an hour to get her hair to look that good. Sadly, in addition to her unruly hair, Georgia had personality flaws too, much like a real person."

And this??: "Mary gasped. She was wrong? The world as she knew it stopped. And with the earth no longer spinning, the sudden lack of centrifugal force on the earth caused huge tidal waves, leading to a redistribution of the ocean waters in the poles, and many of the animals in the ocean went extinct, or something else equally catastrophic."

Omg You Are A Genius.

"Her hair a bit messier than before"?? What? How is that possible? She's perfect Mary Sue! Whoops, I meant Mary Su. :P

DUMBLEDORE SAID CALMLY. GOBLETOFFIYAAAH. This was a reference to the movie, right?? Be right back, dying with laughter.

“We already are; we’re Ravenclaws. All we have to do is exist and it’s witty.” This.

Voldemort T. Rex?? omg Kristin you're killing me.

Yeahhh too many people fall in love with Sirius Black.

Wow of course Mary Su falls in love with Sirius Black! XD

OMG I love that ending!

This story is awesome thank you so much for making me die with laughter

Author's Response: Hahaa, thank you for your review! I'm so glad this story made you laugh. This is by far the weirdest and most plot-less story I've written :P And yes, the shouty Dumbledore was definitely a reference to the movie :P (I STILL can't get over how absurd that was in the movie ughh)

I mean, I could hardly let poor Mary Su leave the story without falling in love, since she (and her life) is so perfect. She's not a Mary Su(e) for nothing. :P

So glad to hear you enjoyed the story. Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by Pookha Love and Time Travel

8th April 2016:
"NOTHING WRONG WITH A GOOD CRACK-FIC" He said calmly (pretty sure that's a reference to the movie where DD is anything but calm). It's always good to descend into well-written silliness once in a while and a parodic interpretation of the traditional tropes is always fun.

I especially like George and Georgina's doomed love because their names were too similar. and the voldemortyrannasaurus rex. You caught the extremes of Mary Su well and she is Perfect.

Author's Response: "THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR REVIEW!" the author said calmly. Yeah, that was definitely a reference to that scene in the movie. :P And there is something very liberating about writing a bad story. You know, it gets all the absurdness and silly ideas out of my brain so I can go back to writing real fic without feeling the impulse to put dinosaurs in the story.

I'm glad you appreciated that truly tragic love story and the most fearsome dinosaur of all. And that you loved Mary Su! Of course, I knew you would love her - everyone does, because she is just that lovable. :P (haha, ok, jokes aside, I'm glad this story gave you a laugh! Thanks so much for reading.)

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Review #5, by Rumpelstiltskin Love and Time Travel

8th April 2016:
YES! I've been DYING to read entries to the Worst Story Ever Challenge!

You've even named your character Mary Su, that's absolutely beautiful! I also love how the scene at the beginning had nothing to do with the rest of the story... hahaha!

Of course Mary loves everyone, and everyone loves her... obviously ;) :p . "GOBLETOFFIYAAAH" Oh my God! You're killing me! I'm sorry if this review is crazy and hopping around all over the place... it's just, too funny.

The time turner, the dinosaur, the Tweeting...it's all just so perfect, I don't even know how to respond to this properly. The Earth spinning into the sun, and being unable to finish the sentence... god it's beautiful!

Thanks for the awesome awful story!


Author's Response: I was so excited to see this challenge posted. I'm sure I'll be reading all of the other entries because this kind of story is just too much fun to resist writing, or reading!

Haha, yeah, actually named Mary Su. I mean, if I was going to go for a cliche, I was really going to go for it. You can't go wrong with an unrelated scene when writing a bad story, either - especially when it was so important to put in Dramatic Descriptions.

no worries for a review that hops around, I'm sure you noticed the story does the same :P And yes, that Dumbledore line. I just... had to. That scene from the movie is a parody without me even having to do anything to it.

I'm so glad you liked this beautiful, artistic story that thoroughly examines the nature of friendship and time and adventure with its wonderful three dimensional characters. (haha I can't even type that with a straight face.) I'm glad you liked the badness of this story! Thanks for reading, Rumpel! You rule! ♥

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Review #6, by MuggleMaybe Love and Time Travel

8th April 2016:

OMG, Kristin ♥

This is the most amazing thing! You win! You win the challenge!

I was laughing from the first sentence!
This: "No, that’s not a typo - the badge was just being completely honest and telling the truth, which was that Mary was perfection personified. Coincidentally, she was also a Prefect"


Voldemortyrannosaurus rex is without question my new favorite animal.

How did you even think of all this stuff??? You are amazingness personified.

I am favoriting this story for bad days!

love you dearly!

Author's Response: RENEE. ♥

This review made me smile so much. I'm so glad the story made you laugh in all its absurdity! Man, you know, it's a good thing someone wonderful and humble like Mary Su got the badge that says Perfect because if Percy got it instead, we'd never hear the end of it. :P

hahaha, I'm glad you appreciated Voldemortyrannosaurus rex. Really thinking about it kind of makes me just laugh, as I imagine it to be a T. rex with Voldemort's head, but if he tries to cast any spells his arms are too short? like, these are the things I think about :P My brain is so full of clutter and nonsense that sometimes I just have to get it all out in the form of a parody or a really bad fic before I can write real things again. It's quite liberating, really :P



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Review #7, by 1917farmgirl Love and Time Travel

7th April 2016:

Oh my gosh. THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!!! How could I NOT like this story? Can I hug you? Can I clone you? Can I keep you forever?

You are brilliant. That's foreshadowing. It will come back again.

YOU ARE BRILLIANT! (see, told you)

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for this. For the uber kind shoutout at the beginning that you didn't need to do. And most of all for making me smile and laugh in what has been a very gloomy time.

You rock.

Author's Response: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

(I was going to have that be my whole response but decided that you deserved more than that... Thank you! I'm so glad this story gave you something to laugh about and that you enjoyed it :D Did you notice who Fred and George were talking to in the corridor outside the Ravenclaw Tower? :P

Excellent use of foreshadowing by the way haha. And thank you. :D

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Review #8, by Felpata Lupin Love and Time Travel

5th April 2016:
You know what is funny?
That you are brilliant even when you try to be awful! :D

So, I was scrolling through twitter posts and what did I see? Kristin had written something new? That was about to give us a good laugh? Well, you know how it goes... when Kristin writes, Chiara reads! (Is this cliched?)

Anyway! I had so much fun with this!
I loved the completely unrelated bits you put in here, like Azkaban in the beginning and the policewoman looking for the disappeared person (the true plot of the story... ahahah! How did you even think that???)

And I loved how calm was Dumbledore when he calmly explained things! Ihihih!

And then I loved the hair potion!!! Who doesn't love hair potions???

And, aww, Mary Su fell in love with Sirius... how romantic... (even if I would've made her fall in love with Remus... :P)

Ok... I'll stop this nonsense... I need to do a few things before the world ends, you see...

Honestly, though, you're just as genial as always! This was such a funny read! I adore you, Kristin!!!

Snowball hug!

Author's Response: Chiaraaa ♥

Awww! ♥ If that is cliched, it's perfectly acceptable for this story that is full of cliches :P But really omg thank you! You seriously are the most amazing reviewer, and I can't get over how you'e read EVERYTHING on my AP. :O Just... all the hugs ♥♥♥♥ You are wonderful!

I'm so glad you had fun reading this story :D I think most of the story is unrelated tangents that kind of got strung together. Much like the way my brain works, in fact :P As for the missing plot person... well, though it is a bad fic, it's a self-aware bad fic :P

I think that line from the GoF movie is one that annoys every HP fan to no end, because he's supposed to be calm, it even says so, and then he's THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE, WHYYY? I didn't even have to do anything to make that part ridiculous, it was written for me in the movie!

This bad fic wouldn't be complete without a completely self-referencing allusion to my other stories and Gilderoy Lockhart's hair tonic! :P

Haha, yeah, had to choose Sirius because I think in general there are more fics where the main character ends up with Sirius, esp time travel fics, so it was just another cliched fanfiction trope I was making fun of here. (That said, I do enjoy a time travel Marauder fic every now and then - as you know Meg writes great ones :D)

I ADORE YOU, AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL REVIEWS ♥ thank you so much for reading!!

SNOWBALL HUG (even though it's definitely not winter anymore - gotta keep some reserve snowballs on hand for occasions like this)

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