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Reading Reviews for Selfietastic
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Review #1, by twiy_pigeons #QueenoftheSelfie

25th December 2016:
XD suitably terrible as promised

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Review #2, by SilverMoonFairy #QueenoftheSelfie

28th August 2016:

Wow. Just. Wow. Weirdly enough, if the Marauders lived in our technology based world, I could totally see this happening. A lot of the stories, both canon and fic, portray the boys as arrogant, cocky, over-sexualized. It's bad that I can see this actually happening! XD

But Barry-Drew? XD I read the whole name to my husband and he stared for a minute before asking, "There were four more of those *bad word*???"

Yup. Brilliant entry!


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Review #3, by marauderfan #QueenoftheSelfie

28th August 2016:
Bahahahaha Tammi this is glorious. So happy to know this story exists. Wow Sirius is such a complex character! :P I also love the historical accuracy, regarding all the twitter, and of course his medieval betrothal that he narrowly avoided. (to Barry Kinder Egg... hahaha what a name. I know his real name was longer but I'm sure he goes by Barry Kinder Egg for short/ I'm too lazy to type it all out) Thank you for all the laughs! :D

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Review #4, by Raylis #QueenoftheSelfie

25th April 2016:
lol. (yes, in spirit of the theme of the piece, that is my whole review XD )

Author's Response: Hahah thank you! :D

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Review #5, by Gale #QueenoftheSelfie

24th April 2016:
I Laughed so hard I think I need a medic!!! THIS WAS SO FUNNY!! That said, you win! The worst story contest...

Author's Response: YAY!! :D Hahah thank you! It was a lot of fun to write :D

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Review #6, by IchigoPan #QueenoftheSelfie

10th April 2016:
I think Sirius was one step away from becoming a sparkly vampire from a certain series xD #WorstFicEver

Author's Response: I think he was too! But who knows what will happen if I ever make a sequel? :P

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Review #7, by Pepper Finn #QueenoftheSelfie

6th April 2016:
Wow. Just.. Wow.

A round of applause to you, this was spectacular and a great way to kick things off.

I love the breaking of the fourth wall, however I felt you could take it a bit further.

Be fearless and really rip into what burns you about this kind of story - the cliches, the OOC dialogues and the blatant disregard for setting and established rules.

Its what the right kind of reader loves to see (you know - the ones that have read and understood the story id for a "Worst Story Ever" challenge - not the ones who are bagging you out saying this is terrible and never write again).

Also if you are going to go the super popular jerk / angst romance angles I really want more jerk behaviour (the ďIím sorry, but Sirius isnít in right now. If you write your message down on a piece of parchment, itíll be filled away for future reference.Ē was priceless!)

Perhaps a "He should feel so lucky that such a lesser being was allowed to be so close to me. I expect he will never want to wash where I have touched him" kinda thing would sell it a bit harder.

I also didn't feel the depths of his despair - mentioning how upset it made him that it gave him an extra luscious, more genuine pout that caused the internet to explode would have been nice. (but the lack of internet could do nothing to console his heart for the lack of love it received from his one true desire... though it did give him more time to stare wistfully at his scalp and right hand - the main parts visible because of his book.)

Spelling was great, flow was lovely and I had a great time reading it.

I loved all the little touches you added - standby healer, hashtags, melted butter, animagus con and a roundhouse wolf kick? Pure Gold!

Good luck with the competition!

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Review #8, by banshee #QueenoftheSelfie

5th April 2016:

This shouldn't be called the worst story ever, because it is the best thing to happen to hpff since sliced bread. (idk?)

hahaha hashtag what fourth wall though.

I can't. I just can't. I'm crying and this was hilarious and I don't even know what to say you're amazing ♥

(sorry this review is so short, heart you)

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Review #9, by rosiful #QueenoftheSelfie

5th April 2016:
Wow, I knew this would be amazing from the title and the summary, and you didn't disappoint!
This was pretty terrible... is a good/hilarious way!

Barry-Drew Cortina Fredrick Hoffsbottom-Mars Bar Kinder Egg Jammy Dodger the Fifth... I had to read that a few times because I kept laughing at it! I love that name! Imagine roll-call in class or going for a job interview with a name like that xD Awesome.

Thank you for sharing this very interesting and highly entertaining story. I just wish my eyebrows could be as on fleek as Sirius' are!

Good luck with the challenge!

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Review #10, by TheEmotionalTeaspoon #QueenoftheSelfie

5th April 2016:
Oh wow! This gave me such a good laugh, there were so many brilliant one liners.

For some reason I was envisioning Barry Drew as Drew Barrymore before he twirled his moustache. Also, I laughed out loud when I read he was "second in line to the pureblood throne". Brilliant.

Also, I feel like the story summary for this was just perfect. And your opening line was perfect. And the final line was perfect. And basically it was all perfect because Sirius is fabulous, and the whole of Hogwarts knows it.

Brilliant/Awful job!


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Review #11, by Someone who saw your status on the forums and thought they w #QueenoftheSelfie

5th April 2016:

I saw your update on the forums and was immediately interested. This story certainly lived up to expectations!! Here a few of my favourite parts:

~Desire McHotface -> who is this mystery man, will we hear more about him?
~ďIím sorry, but Sirius isnít in right now. If you write your message down on a piece of parchment, itíll be filled away for future reference.Ē -> Secretary James Potter is now in my headcanon
~#Sadness #Worstdayofmylife #atleastmyeyebrowsaregorgeous -> this whole thing in general!

I would love to see more terrible writing from you, it has brightened my day so much!

Good luck with the challenge!!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you!

-Desire McHotface is a very mysterious man, so full of secrets. I may need to have him appear in a sequel.
-Secretary James Potter is in mine now too!
- Hashtags are so much fun to think of, I feel like I need them in every story from now on.

I need to write more terrible things just so you can enjoy them!

Thank you so much! :D

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