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Review #1, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chaos

20th June 2016:
Dear god. My sides hurt from laughing. You did this to me! Although post-Percy I think that's a refreshing change.

Fred, George, and Lee are absolute legends. I can't believe that they managed any of this!Poor Snape! Poor Mrs. Norris! Poor Filch! He's no doubt jealous of Mrs. Norris receiving attention from anyone else. I can't believe he'd have the gall to threaten Snape though! Your Filch is amazing, by the way, straight from the pages of JKR.

Finally, Poor Harry! Getting hemmed up by Snape and being blamed despite being perfectly innocent! That was incredibly funny! I’ll never be able to get the mental images out of my head.

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Review #2, by alicia and anne Chaos

22nd May 2016:
I couldn't stop laughing through this whole thing!

This entire thing was just beautifully funny! From them managing to slip in the potion without Snape knowing, to him chasing Mrs Norris around!

All I can picture now is Snape hugging Mrs Norris and becoming a crazy cat man :D

Thank you for making me laugh so much, this has really made me happy haha.

I seriously can't stop giggling :D

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Review #3, by looneylizzie Chaos

28th April 2016:

So, after approximately 3 months, I’m FINALLY here with your prizes for the Name that Fandom Challenge (and this is after being 5 months late with the results… *blushes* SORRY)!!

Anyway, have I ever mentioned that picking stories to read on your AP is like trying to pick out a favorite candy at a candy store? I easily spent at least ten minutes deliberating over which stories to R&R… there were so many that I wanted to read!

But alas, I’ve only got a little time, so I had to stick with two. So, I chose ones that looked like they needed a little review love. ;)


Excuse me while I roll on the floor and laugh hysterically for the next twenty minutes.


Okay, okay, let me try to review this like I’m actually sane (which I’m obviously not! :P ).

First of all, you’ve told me in the past that you struggle a lot with writing funny stories, and I know that you haven’t written many of them, but the ones that I have read are really good, each one better than the last — and this one takes the cake. I mean, Problems with Pygmy Puffs is brilliant, and makes me laugh every single time, but I think this one is easily your best yet!

Head canon accepted.

The whole concept is just brilliant! Not to mention the way you wrote Fred, George and Lee - they were totally within character, and even though Snape was under the influence of a love potion, his actions weren’t so ridiculous that they were unbelievable either. Like, that’s exactly how I’d expect Snape to act under the influence of a love potion… I think if he’d acted any more outlandish it might’ve been too much, but you got it just right!

Oh, I’ve got to point out my favorite lines!

”George practically tripped over himself chasing Alicia down the hall before I could get the antidote into him. Gave her quite the fright.” and “That wasn’t as bad as you serenading Angelina with love songs. It sounded like someone had skinned a pair of kneazles in the Gryffindor common room.”

*slow claps* Of COURSE they tested it on themselves, and OF COURSE they used Alicia and Angelina’s hair. So perfect! And the fact that Fred got a date with Angelina makes it even better.

“Mrs. Norris. Why are you so angry with me? I only want to hold you,” — S’cuse me while I try to imagine Alan Rickman’s Snape voice basically whining to a cat. *dies*

“Oh Mrs. Norris, how I’ve missed you so. Why must you play such coy games with me?” — ‘COY GAMES.’ *dies again*

“I will not. You’ll only try to take her from me. All of you are jealous, but she’s mine and I love her.” —GENIUS! Snape’s lines were easily the best ones! I read this to Rubidium and they left us in tears.

The cherry on top was definitely that Snape accused Harry of slipping him a love potion, not Lee and the twins. The fact that they’d probably get away with it is just TOO GOOD.

All in all, another amazing story Kaitlin, and this one is definitely high on my list of favorite Fred and George stories. I’m sure I’ll come back and reread this whenever I need a good laugh!

Keep writing Kaitlin! You’re absolutely wonderful!

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