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Review #1, by nott theodore Dear Gellert

19th June 2016:
Hi Frankie! This is a great opportunity to read some more of your work, and this story really intrigued me. I have to admit, I love Albus/Gellert stories!

Just before I start the main review, I did notice that you spelt Grindelwald as Grindewald a couple of times. It's only a tiny typo but fixing it would help this story seem even more polished.

I really enjoyed this story! I liked the way that you opened it with the passage on Grindelwald's rise to power. It's the sort of thing I can definitely see being written by political commentators at the time, and then Albus reading it and feeling the personal connection to it that nobody knew he felt. I think you wrote his reaction to the piece really well. It must have been so difficult for him to read about Gellert doing the things that they had once talked of together and feel that he's maybe partly responsible for what is happening to innocent people.

I really liked the style of this piece, as well. The beginnings of those letters to Gellert that Albus could never send, and never really work out what to say, worked really well. It shows that he really wants to reach out to his old friend (lover?) but there are really no words. No wonder it took so long for Albus to admit to anyone what had happened then.

Your description in this piece was really evocative; there was some wonderful imagery and I could really picture the scenes that you were describing. I loved the last line, too. The triplication there worked really well to emphasise their common qualities, but also shows the differences in the way that they chose to use their powers. This was a lovely story!

Sian :)
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Review #2, by LadyL8 Dear Gellert

18th June 2016:
* For the LGBTQA+ Pride Review Event*

Hi Frankie.

I’m was looking for stories for the LGBTQA+ Pride Review Event, and this story looked good and didn’t have any reviews yet. So I thought I’d come by and leave you, your first one. And seeing as I love Taylor Swift and Albus/Gellert, I just think I’ll love this story as well. And let me tell you, I did love it.

I felt like you really got the feel of the song - one of her most personal and heartbreaking songs too - into the story, and I didn’t expect it to be such a good match - Dumbledore and Taylor Swift isn’t the most normal combination, I think I can safely say - but it actually did work. Albus was young and played by Grindelwald, and Taylor was young and played by the older John. It’s surprisingly a really good match, and I really felt for poor Albus.

Now there’s really just one tiny little comment I have. I noticed that you misspelled “Grindelwald” as “Grindewald” quite a few times in the story. That’s just a small typo that can easily be fixed though, and the rest was okay. So all in all I think you did an amazing job. You really made me sympathise with Albus, and my heart really did break for him. And you also got the feel of the song into the story, so just good job. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!

- Lotte

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