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Review #1, by Marshal Should've Thought Twice

8th April 2017:
Poor Lavender. Really she has a way of jumping to conclusions no? Really thinking he was going to curse her just because his wand poked out of his robes. My word. She is very much the emotional sort.

As a minor bit of critique. I think you have a question mark where you meant to have an exclamation point. The line to so with not touching her. It doesn't quite work as a question at the very least.

Also I wanted to ask why was Ron's wand taped? Did it break again? I thought his wand was replaced after his second year. Maybe I'm not remembering correctly? Still the insult was still pretty good and poor Ron getting embarrassed like that. The smart thing for the boy to do is to leave well enough along and not talk to Lavender but Ron does not always do the smart thing and it was sweet of him to try to say something to Lavender and try to make things better between him and her.

Lavender really is an interesting and fun character and you did a good job of including the two elements that you needed to include from the challenge. I think I like your use of the quote the best in the story.

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Review #2, by adluvshp Should've Thought Twice

8th April 2017:
I rarely read a Ron/Lavendar fic as I'm not a huge fan of the pairing so I was apprehensive when I started, but I think you did a good job of writing the pairing as one-sided from Lavender's POV. Her anger and hurt was justified i suppose and while she was annoying in the sixth year, i do feel bad for her too as ron should have treated her better. The way his thoughts kept haunting her and how she disliked even standing in front of him or didn't want to listen to him at all aligned with her character. I chuckled a bit when she called him a flobberworm though. I think you got the angry rejected teenage girl's thoughts on point here. Her loathing for Hermione also came through. Ron was a little weird though, kind of out of character, but I suppose you were just writing him as awkward in the current situation so that worked too. One little point of concern - why did Ron's spell backfire? Didn't his broken wand get replaced after second year with a new one? Unless this is AU of sorts, then it's cool.
Besides that, I think this was an interesting little fic and you used the quote well to give the perspective of a less loved and less written about character, especially in a time frame which is difficult to write. Kudos!


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Review #3, by PaulaTheProkaryote Should've Thought Twice

20th June 2016:
I can't blame Lavender at all. Because Hermione is my favorite character I was so very relieved to get rid of what I thought was such a stupid girl. Now I realize that Id probably be more Lavender than anyone else.

The personal attacks against Hermione like calling her buck tooth goody goody are uncalled for and juvenile, but I understand them. That jealousy, that feeling of worthlessness. I understand why shed lash out like that. Shes just a teenage girl trying to cope with the loss of her first love. Of course shes going to be angsty and dramatic.

She did overreact a bit, but I think if my boyfriend was unconscious moaning another girls name, Id be irate too. And Id assume he was cheating. But Ive always been a bit insecure and I think Lavender has been too.

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Review #4, by Musing Should've Thought Twice

21st April 2016:
Hi Kaitlin! I'm here to review your entry for the Taylor Swift Ultimate Challenge. :D

I really liked this one-shot. Honestly, I haven't read many stories from Lavender Brown's POV, so this was different for me. Her actions seem consistent with the canon. What was Ron trying to do? Was he afraid of Lavender's anger? His spellotaped wand did nothing good for him though, haha!

I liked the way you incorporated the song and the prompt. It was difficult to use the prompt in the given situation but it fit rather well and provided some comic relief. Thanks for a great read!

Thank you so much for participating in the challenge. I'm very happy that this challenge is going to be one of your 100 completed challenges. :P All the best towards your legendary goal.


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Review #5, by Avanell 2 Should've Thought Twice

9th April 2016:
Interesting short story. What was Ron intending to do, lol...? I don't normally read this type but saw your name on it :)

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Review #6, by NPE Should've Thought Twice

7th April 2016:
Hey there, nice to see you rocking your way up to 100 challenges. :)

I have no idea where I intend to go yet when all this ends, but I am happy to be doing this extended swap. Knowing that most your tales are challenges, I have made a concerted effort to review as much of your stuff as I can as my chapters are long reads :)

So - thanks for keeping this up.

Now to the actual story here.

This was an interesting literary aperture to slide your creative energy into. It has lots of promise, the premise is cool and yet it is finite in term of plot substance which makes it a challenge to write indeed.

I like how you referenced it with her rage and frustration. It comes across as teen angst rather than sincere emotional harm. I am not sure whether that was the intention, but Lavender was always a drama queen with an orchestral range of emotion. You did a good job at showing the perspective of a volatile seventeen year old.

It was largely done through action rather than perspective in my view, but you give a sense of torment plus a clear suggestion of envy at Ron and Hermione's established relationship of six years at this point.

I think you characterised Ron really well. And you did a good job keeping the long lyrics semi-relevant to the story. Sometimes they can seem pretty hokey in these sort of challenges but as I am overly familiar with Taylor Swift (a little embarassingly so) I'd say it worked for this story.

As for CC, Lavender felt like a typical teenage moper. I know the word count is limited but I learnt nothing profound about her here. It was narratively consistent with the book, but there was little depth to her feeling or say, any spin or inclusion that you put in about the character.

Maybe I have misread this, but why does Ron have a spellotaped wand? The one from second year? Would he still have it in the Half Blood Prince? I am pretty sure he had a new one by then! Though I can't recall which book it was.

I also don't get why he took out his wand out in the first place, it isn't narratively clear.

A lot to like. Keep racing on to 100!

Nick :)

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Review #7, by Dojh167 Should've Thought Twice

3rd April 2016:
Okay, made it here! *whew*

I'm quite tired, so my review may not be super coherent, but I figure that's better than no review.

I was interested in this story, because I think it's very rare for people to look closely at Lavender during HBP. You do this, while still kind of poking fun at her characterization and motivations in a way that's true to the book. I think you can do her justice while kind of poking fun at her. I guess that's maybe part of being an adult looking at the way a teenager sees the world.

I can definitely feel Lavender's anger, though I can't help but look down at the drama at the root of it.

That's right. Flobberron.

I find it interesting that Lavender calls Hermione buck toothed, even though Hermione had her teeth fixed two years below. It shows both a shallowness on Lavender's part, and a refusal to let things go.

I'm actually kind of impressed that Ron so clearly apologized to Lavender.

I'm not sure there's supposed to be a question mark in "Dont you dare try to touch me?"

Wow, sad to see things got violent.

Well, I did it! The reviewing and reading (woops, other order). I'm really proud of you for everything you've been able to do this week, including posting new stories. I will always be your fan. ♥


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