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Reading Reviews for Our July
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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Our July

13th February 2017:
Not sure if you're going to see this but wow! I'm trying to read the entries before voting closes on our archive and I was floored by your piece.

I really think you captured Hermione's voice here. I just felt like I was inside her actual head the entire time. I could feel her emotions. I could feel her pain. I felt her character was extremely genuine to who she is. The beginning of the chapter killed me. I had some tears in my eyes. I kind of saw where you were going here but I kind of hoped towards the end maybe, just maybe, we'd have that ultimate happy ending. I'm a sucker for happy endings but also for strong independent women!

Great job Gina!

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Review #2, by torrent56 Our July

12th February 2017:
Wow! This is an amazingly emotional short story and you captured Hermione's anguish really well at the different times, especially after the miscarriage. However, I am somewhat skeptical at how unresponsive Ron was to his wife and how Hermione just seemed to gave up in the April scene but anyways and Ron would not feel resentful of Hermione's successes or became jealous of it.

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Review #3, by SilverMoonFairy Our July

13th April 2016:
I think you broke my emotions. I can almost see them in little pieces on the floor. I came across your story whilst looking through completed banners on TDA and then noted that you were in the same challenge as my friend so I thought I'd read and I just... *sniff*

Can I just say that I love how you kept Crookshanks very active in the story? A lot of people will forget a familiar unless it's convenient, but Crookshanks was like another character and I want to snuggle him. Maybe he should claw at Ron a bit on their way out.

But I seriously want to cry. You wrote this so beautifully and I could totally see it unfolding in my head. But my heart really hurts and I think I need a break...

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Review #4, by TidalDragon Our July

10th April 2016:
Howdy Gina! I have arrived in my quest to R&R all the Knockout Challenge entries today.

Coming back having read the story, I want to start by apologizing that whatever rambling follows, it probably won't do your story justice. From the first word to the last word, it was laden with powerful emotion - in the beginning an event almost too terrible to comprehend and in the end with the sheer weight of the absence of it in the death of something. The clinical handling of its doom reminds me unavoidably of "The End of Something" by Hemingway. Though it's very different - there is no triggering event there as here - I don't know, the comparison just struck me.

Your exceptional balance of description and dialogue and inner thought made this story incredibly compelling and what really drove it was how masterfully I felt you captured Hermione every step of the way. You captured the other canon characters well too of course, but Hermione was obviously the center and you just handled her through so many challenging, soul-crushing situations/revelations so expertly - and tying in Crookshanks who she and Ron have always squabbled over as being closer to her throughout it all - brilliant. 100 percent.

Thanks so much for participating and sharing this story with us!

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Review #5, by cherry_pop94 Our July

4th April 2016:
Hello Gina!

I'm here for our swap. Sorry it took me so long to get here.

Wow, this was a great read. I love Ron and Hermione. I don't read about them often though, as I usually like the ending we get in canon, but this was just so great. It was beautifully written and about a truly terrifying topic.

You've written about such a sensitive topic in a really thoughtful way, I thought. I could feel every emotion that Hermione felt every step of the way through this. I'm really just at a loss right now. This was stunning.

They're relationship felt very real. I could tell that they were very much in love with each other but they had so many hardships. I cannot imagine how much her miscarriage must have broken Hermione. I really got choked up at the Christmas scene.

I'm definitely going to check out your other story. I'm desperate to know more of Ron and Hermione's story!


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Review #6, by Pookha Our July

4th April 2016:
So this is terribly sad and terribly true all at the same time. So many couples just drift apart, little things get in the way, or big things like the miscarriage change the relationship in subtle ways that no one can define or even see until later.

You have an evocative way with words that flows easily and firmly at the same time. Scenes are easy to picture and they are filled with just enough detail to paint the picture of what's going on.

Emotional cheating is cheating, too. And it doesn't seem to be something that Ron understands. You don't have to be physical to be cheating on your spouse. Harry gets it and while he says 'not yet' to Hermione, I think he knows the truth.

Your characterizations are perfection. This is the human side of Hermione that often gets lost in people making her super-smart. Ron is great as the husband who holds the subtle grudge that he's never good enough and he possibly blames her for the miscarriage even though intellectually, he knows it's not her fault.

On a side note, as a cat lover and owner, you also get Crookshanks right. He's a half-kneazle and he's sensing her moods and trying to comfort her at the same time he's taking comfort from her. Very catly. Sorry, I can't take the opportunity to pass up commenting on a cat in a story, even a serious one.

You do a great job showing the small crack turn into a yawning chasm.

a rare 10/10 from me

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Review #7, by victoria_anne Our July

3rd April 2016:
So I just cannot get enough of your writing. Can you just squish over a bit? I'm moving in.

Oh God - pass me that cushion!! *sobs*
I was excited when I first started reading this because I thought we were seeing Rose or Hugo (I'm not good at dates, derp), but you can break my heart... It's fine.

I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING!

You honestly just have the most beautiful way with words. They and flow and read like poetry or something - what is your secret?!

This was such a hard, beautiful handled story. I can't say I've ever experienced anything Hermione went through, but I imagine it feels a little like this, and now I'm full of feels. Your writing just has this way of grabbing you and pulling you in. Your descriptions are just incredible.

Just wanted to say I like this, too: "I canít fathom how Ron doesnít feel the guilt radiating from my body as he curls against it in sleep."

Looks like I'm reading Connect the Dots then because I HAVE to know where this goes!

♥ Bianca

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Review #8, by TheEmotionalTeaspoon Our July

3rd April 2016:
Oh gosh. This is heartbreaking. Just heartbreaking and hollow and that kind of creeping, quiet sad that is the absolute worst. I loved it.

You're really talented; I can't find a single thing to fault. The piece drifts perfectly through places and time just like I think Hermione would have done herself during this period of her life. You started telling such a vivid story right from the beginning, and although I really wanted Hermione to find happiness with Ron, I think I knew from the start that she wouldn't. Little things like Ron leaving his shoes on while he works downstairs were just so real.

You have a beautiful vocabulary and a wonderful way of describing tiny, vivid details. I also love the way you would add little creative twists to your descriptions, or a really beautiful simile "like spider webs or pillars of salt".

I'm really in love with the way you write, I'm definitely going to have to read some more of your work in the future!



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Review #9, by Leigh Our July

3rd April 2016:
This story was wonderful. I never thought I'd see Ron and Hermione written this way. You really do have a way with words. I hope my writing can one day rival yours. My mind is in awe of your writing. I will definitely be visiting your page more often to read more of your stories.

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