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Reading Reviews for Revival
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Review #1, by Danica Pansy

11th April 2017:
This was the first fanfic I've ever read and it's absolutely amazing. I feel like I'm actually reading J.K Rowling's work, you're so talented. I'm so excited and I hope you write more.

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Review #2, by Tsh Pansy

7th December 2016:

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Review #3, by petunia Pansy

27th July 2016:
Absolutely wonderful! Please keep updating this has been a fantastic read :)

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Review #4, by Cec Seeking Redemption

30th May 2016:
I love this story it's so good!! I like how you kept the characters true to their character. Update soon!

Author's Response: An update is waiting validation. Thanks very much :)

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Review #5, by petuniamoonbeam The Virgin

17th May 2016:
Amazing! Please continue this fanfic :)

Author's Response: Thanks very much.
The mods are still validating the next chapter. However, if you'd like to jump ahead, there's much more already posted on
Thanks for your support :)

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Review #6, by Anna_ The Virgin

11th May 2016:
Loving this story so far. Please keep writing, the suspense is killing me!!
You captured the angst between malfoy and hermione perfectly.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your kind words. I try to capture their differences as best I can. Unfortunately, the mods are slow with validating the chapters, and there's actually 9 more chapters posted elsewhere.
If you aren't a fan of that particular site, the next chapter should be up within a few days.

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Review #7, by SiriusAura92 R.A.B

20th April 2016:
I am thoroughly enjoying this story! Your characters are SPOT ON and your twist on the story has me really invested in where you'll take it.

I'm sorry I don't have much else to say except Well Done! :)

Looking forward to the next chapter,

Author's Response: Thanks very, very much. I'm glad you're enjoying it because I'm enjoying writing it.
The next chapter is still waiting to be validated, but there are actually 3 more chapters already finished and posted elsewhere if you wanted to jump ahead.


Take care

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Review #8, by SiriusAura92 Head Boy

20th April 2016:
Hey there,

This is a really nicely done chapter but I can't help but feel we've missed a large part of the story. I know it's in your synopsis that Draco accepted Dumbledore's offer, but I think starting your story there would've proven very effective.

However your characters are spot on, your writing's got no errors that I can see and I'm really interested in where your story goes.

Great job and I can't wait to read more!
SiriusAura92 :)

Author's Response: It's funny that you mention that, actually, because the first draft began on the Astronomy tower, but in the end i scratched it because I thought it would be better to start off with Hermione's point of view. I don't know if you've already read through the later chapters yet, but I planned to go back to the Astronomy tower once I started bringing in Narcissa and Lucius as major characters.
But I'm still not sure how to do it. It seems very cliche to do it in a dream.
Thanks very much for your kind words about the characters and writing and such, and thank you for reviewing. Hope you like the rest of the story. :)

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Review #9, by InkWords Head Boy

14th April 2016:
This is pretty good. I like how you are keeping to the characters!

Author's Response: Thanks very much.
I try to keep them all in character as much as possible, even though it's hard to breach the Dramione relationship that way.
The new chapter is pending.

Thanks for reviewing :)

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