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Review #1, by NPE Chapter 1

4th April 2016:
Hey :)

Here with the review. Sorry for the delay. Drama on HPFF put my attention away from the tales, which is pretty annoying when you think about it and RL as we call it has been hectic.

So, truth be told I don't find the Inbetweeners very funny (sorry) and I glanced through the reviews and saw the references to it. The humour tends to be leery in a way I have never liked, and I always found the four of them so thoroughly unlikable.

Nevertheless, there was a lot to enjoy in this. Your dialogue is blunt, refreshingly so. Furthermore, you don't completely reduce the Marauders to caricatures, you use them as humour devices but you do tie them into the novel pretty well.

The dialogue is pretty swift, as little boorish but not unnecessarily so, and I really enjoy your observational humour and turn of phrase.

In other words, I think you write well and there's stuff to admire in this for sure.

Nick :)

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Review #2, by dreamgazer220 Chapter 1

1st April 2016:
Hi Tammi! Thanks for the review swap :)

Okay so admittedly, I've never seen/heard of The Inbetweeners until now, but I don't think it made much of a difference. This first chapter was hilarious, and you've done a great job creating voices for all of the characters.

And also, your first line? It's brilliant!

I can so totally see Sirius coming up with all of these crazy stories, and I'm glad that Remus doesn't exactly believe them but won't do a whole lot to discourage him. And I love that James buys into it all, I feel like that's a great portrayal of a real relationship.

Great job! I'd love to see where you went with this!

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Review #3, by Aphoride Chapter 1

31st March 2016:
Hey there - thanks so much for the review swap! :)

Ah, The Inbetweeners is great and there's so much potential for random jokes with the Marauders, haha, so the combination is so great :P So many possibilities of terrible, hilarious things! :D

This is such a great first chapter, too - I love how it sets everything up so well: the voices of all the characters (also, I love how well you've merged the characters together, too. They all work so well! :P), how James is so hopelessly in love with Lily who doesn't know who he is, how Remus has a crush on Sirius who is completely oblivious, how you've flipped it so they're not this great, popular group but this tiny group of outcasts, almost. It's so cool and so unique, and it works so, so well :)

Some of Sirius' lines are just too good. Omigosh - all of those stories he comes up with! :P Just so good - you've captured that whole thing from the Inbetweeners so perfectly.

I love as well how you've included Peter in this - how he's almost, frankly, the most normal of them all (save for Remus :P), and one of the more sensible ones. It's always nice to see him included in Marauders fics ;)

Your characterisation is so on point, as well - though I suspect you already know that ;) The way Sirius is so overdramatic, Remus' sarcasm and James' endless, yearning wanting, and how he's utterly hopeless at doing anything about it.

Your writing is so great, too - you really have a knack for writing humour. It's so good: never over-done, never too weak or just not funny. It's so clever and so just right. I'm almost jealous - humour is hard and you do it seemingly so easily! ;)

This is a great, great start and it promises to be a super funny story - I'll definitely have to keep an eye out for updates ;)

Aph xx

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Review #4, by Willowjay16 Chapter 1

31st March 2016:
It was absolutely AWESOME!!

Catchy title, perfect banner, and don't even get me started on that brilliantly written first line of this chapter. All the characters were fantastic, and I really can't wait to see Lily. There were a lot of superb hilariously created WOW moments in the story that left me laughing like an idiot! It was well written and had me engrossed the whole time! Coming to the best part.sorry to say the whole thing was so great, that I can't even afford to pick sides!!

Waiting to read more,


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Review #5, by TheEmotionalTeaspoon Chapter 1

29th March 2016:
Oh my gosh. Brilliant! This made me giggle so much. I love how you've written the marauders, it's probably a lot more realistic to have them doing all these hilarious, embarrassing things than being the Gods we usually describe them as. I like to write the marauders as super cool and attractive but, let's be honest here, I did not have it together in secondary school, so why should they?

I like how you've made Remus the voice of reason, but also left room for him to let loose thanks to his crush on Sirius. Also interested to see how that develops! Especially with all Sirius's bravado and lies, I think there's a big chance it could go horribly wrong, but I hope it doesn't!

This is a really great idea, and a wonderfully written chapter, I'll be looking out for more! 10/10

(I wonder if you're going to adapt the fish/boat scene from the inbetweeners. I actually cried with laughter when I first watched that.)

Thanks for replying to my status on the forums!

-Kate :)

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Review #6, by Drummergirlred Chapter 1

29th March 2016:
Your opening line is probably the best opening line I have ever read. Like it is so awesome on so many levels. I don't know if this story is usually my 'thing' but I had to review to talk about the opening line!

Author's Response: Haha thank you! It seemed like the perfect thing to be said about Sirius :D Awww thank you for being honest :D

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Review #7, by victoria_anne Chapter 1

29th March 2016:
I. Can't. Even.

Tammi, I love you. Oh my god. I love you so much.

I had all the Inbetweeners voices reading the lines in my head! It made it so much more hilarious! HOW HAS THIS NEVER COME UP BEFORE?! The Marauders are perfect!!

5ever! HAHAHAHA!

So many good lines, but I'm pulling out this one: “You hit the asthmatic with the tickling charm? " - Amazing

Your Sirius/Jay is ON FLEEK! I am about to break a rib laughing!

Friend! Classroom friend! Thumbs up friend!

Did I mention that I love you for writing this?

♥ B

Author's Response: Haha :D I love you too!

I have no idea how this hasn't ever come up before! They're so perfect to be them! :P

5ever is my favourite thing to say all the time haha.

Thank you so much! Haha it seemed like something that would happen :P

YES! An on fleek Sirius! He had to be Jay, there was no one else would be worthy of that position!


Thank you so so much! I really need to work on the next chapter!

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