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Reading Reviews for Beyond the Breaking Point
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Review #1, by SilentConfession Beyond the Breaking Point

4th May 2016:
Hey, sorry for the late review for our review exchange.

I thought this was interesting and I liked how you focused primarily on Percy and how he became how he was in the books. I also liked how, at this point, there is no misunderstanding of his character. He's just become foul and his belief system has become twisted. You pointed to that Percy has always felt the sting of poverty and eventually thought that it was his fathers laziness that caused the poverty and shame, which made him try to step away from his family. I think this would eventually make his coming back to the light more powerful - that realization that you're wrong and you're strong enough to go and fight for what's right when you're needed.

Good work with this and it was really neat to read about Percy and how there were certain moments in his life that were defining. Good work for choosing those moments to make your story feel complete.

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Review #2, by TidalDragon Beyond the Breaking Point

12th April 2016:
Howdy LJ! I'm back in action R&R-ing all the Knockout Challenge entries and I've finally reached yours! Here goes!

We all knew Percy turned into a truly foul individual at this point in the series, but the way you set it up with what used to be such a strong connection between he and Arthur and what was an originally heartfelt motivation for his obsession with working in the Ministry made his actions that much more disgusting, his words that much more cutting. I think for you that decision was a structural triumph of the piece.

My other favorite portion of it was the way you showcased your mastery of Percy's voice. I've never really written him myself, but I think it's always a challenge when you have such a matter-of-fact individual who at that same time isn't someone who's obsessed with objectivity or rationality - someone who's still like the rest of us with our flaws and failings. In the beginning you captured the inquisitive nature that doubtless propelled him to excellence and wove it in nicely with his ambitions to achieve. Later, you revealed the dark fruits of those twin engines as the acquisition of knowledge no longer seemed to fascinate, but to serve as a means to an end, and above all a basis for belief in his own superiority. His ambition was twisted (even if not in his own mind) to cause him to reject the very motivation that originally drove him in favor of his own self-interest. Jarring. Ugly. But true of the character.

Thanks for participating and sharing this story with us!

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