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Review #1, by krazyboutharryginny Fade

19th April 2017:

I think it was a really good call to take your prompt about the destruction of a relationship and write about that destruction from the outside. When you're in a relationship like that (as is explained toward the end of the story) you don't really see what's happening, so writing it from the outside gave it a clarity that I don't think would have seemed as natural if you'd been writing from the inside.

I actually really liked the way you wrote Daphne. She was so clear-headed and self aware, and seemed to really have her feet on the ground. And despite that self-awareness (knowing that Astoria was more beautiful and desired than her, knowing she'd been put in the room away from the party because her parents didn't think she was as good as Astoria, etc) she was remarkably free of anger/bitterness, and still clearly adored her sister. I feel like I usually see a lot more bitterness and resentment in that sort of situation, and I really liked seeing something different here.

Also, I really liked how you brought the idea of Daphne being kept in a separate room back into this at the end, I thought that was really clever and tied the whole thing together nicely.

This was sad but really well written. I hope Daphne will be able to get through to her sister one day and help her :(

Great work!


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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Fade

19th April 2017:
Wow. Can I just say Drastoria is like my OTP. We know next to nothing about them and yet I feel like you could write volumes about their love.

I love how different this story is. The fact that we are so far getting everything from Daphne's point of view. The picture you are painting of Astoria and Draco are so vivid. Also, the relationship the two share. I like that Daphne is sort of the 'ugly duckling' and she's extremely self-aware. While Astoria is spoiled and has her head in the clouds just like how I think Draco is or at least when he was younger.

Geez, that was. Wow. It was...just extremely dark and depressing. I mean I know Draco was going to destroy her in the end but he completely broke Astoria down. She should have heeded her sisters warning but Astoria liked shiny things and Draco was shiny and new in her eyes but Daphne could see how worthless he really was. You have to hand it to her because she's the one that's not supposed to be strong. She's not 'in' but on the cusp of the inner circle, always looking in. She doesn't envy her sister. She doesn't envy any of them. If anything she's the smart one because she knows exactly what to look for and what not to go for.

God, to think someone could just drain the entire life out of you completely scares me. I've been in bad relationship and bad relationship but this right here is what I fear the most. I don't want to be forgotten or forget myself in another person that isn't worth it. Astoria might have been spoiled but she still deserved real love. Authentic love. The only love she ever had was her sisters and she didn't even value that.

Really thought provoking stuff. Excellent chapter!

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Review #3, by TidalDragon Fade

10th April 2016:
Howdy Leigh! I'm stopping by as I continue my quest of R&R-ing all the Knockout Challenge entries.

This was such an interesting story to me for a number of reasons. First, it was written from Daphne's POV, which is one that doesn't get an enormous amount of play on this site. Second, Daphne was characterized quite differently than she often has been when I've read her in the past. Most of the time Astoria seems to be the one looking up to her or she at least seems equally captivating and/or similarly successful and you changing that had a great impact on the story on top of changing the dynamic between the two sisters. Finally, you thankfully didn't write Post-War Draco as healed or redeemed or even particularly worthy of redemption, which I felt lent a lot of authenticity to how he - and his impact on Astoria - were presented.

On the more micro level, I really enjoyed the way you used first-person POV, typically more intimate, to both give us that deeper understanding of Astoria, but also to make the distance that developed between the sisters seem like that much more of a chasm. I also enjoyed the times that you mirrored some high-impact language - most notably the references to the "far-off room" and Daphne's stranding there. However, you also leveraged your short lines well to make maximum impact, especially when they were standalone sentences.

I was really impressed with this story, Leigh! Thanks so much for taking part!

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Review #4, by TheEmotionalTeaspoon Fade

29th March 2016:
Hello, I'm here for the review swap! Sorry it took me a little while!

I really enjoyed reading this, well done! I think you gave the story so much depth, especially when you talked about the far off room Daphne often got stranded in at parties. That just seems exactly like the sort of thing that would have happened in pureblood circles! It's really interesting reading about this side of the wizarding world from the perspective of someone who is in it themselves; and I really enjoyed your description of Daphne and Astoria. The way you described Astoria's sparkling looks and personality really painted an interesting picture. It's really hard to balance the effect that sort of dark upbringing would have had on a character, whilst keeping them relatable and human, but I think you did it perfectly!

Also, I'm not sure if I was imagining it, but it felt like, even though Daphne knew Draco was 'too broken', she sort of recognised how attractive he was, especially when she calls him the "even more beautiful Draco Malfoy". That sort of made it more heartbreaking to read, because I imagined that she had once perhaps had a crush on him too, but knew it could never happen for her.

Overall a really great read, I'll be watching out for your other work! :)

-Kate :) x

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Review #5, by SJB Fade

28th March 2016:
A new angle . . .

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