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Reading Reviews for The Darkest Hour
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Review #1, by alicia and anne The Darkest Hour

23rd May 2016:
What?! A letter from Petunia to Sirius? :O I wonder what she needs to write to him about?

:( Oh no! It's going to be sent to him in Azkaban! And Petunia is asking him for advice because she wants to soothe Harry. She cares for him! *cries*

Sirius and Petunia is a ship I have never thought about, but can you imagine if she met Sirius first? :O IT WOULD BE EPIC!

OKay I am loving these letters being sent to each other!

So. I am going to need about a million chapters more of this. because I am loving Sirius and Petunia as a pairing now, and I blame you entirely for this :D

I want them to both see eachother! PLease tell me that you're writing that as a next chapter!! PLease?!

Author's Response: Hi!
She cares at least a little! I always thought she would at least take decent care of him because how much she worries about what others think of her!

Maybe she wouldn't have been such a cow if she and Sirius had been together!

I've got a follow up story coming soon! They definitely are a weird combination! I don't think I've seen them anywhere else!

Thank you so much for the lovely review! I can't believe you stayed up and did as many as you did! That's phenomenal!

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Review #2, by velajune The Darkest Hour

22nd April 2016:
Hi there Paula!

I hadn't forgotten about your request! As promised. :)

I went through a rollercoaster of emotions for this story. I might have giggled a little when Sirius thought of her a pretty Petunia. And definitely, my heart ached for their love and also from the slight suspense during the parchment scene. I also felt like tearing up for the love that will never be.

I applaud you for piling in so much emotion in a short one shot! It was amazing. My only cc is during the "made her heartbeat irregular". I think there should be a space between heart and beat. So that it reads as her heart's way of beating is made irregular instead of how it is currently.

I definitely think it's not in the way you've written the story, but just the thought of a Petunia/Sirius pairing that makes it a story that people wouldn't initially read. Promote it and I'm sure people will love it the same way I do!!!

The only rushness I get is the cut from Petunia's reply and then suddenly Sirius has sent a letter where he's in love. Other than that, everything flowed well.

Where them short stories at? I'd love to read more of Petunia and Sirius. Lol

Author's Response: I'm glad that my story could illicit so much emotion! I think you're right on the heart beat bit for sure, so I'll go back an edit that immediately. I think I felt that was a little rushed too so I'm glad that I'm not the only one. I think I'll add another letter in between to show them falling for one another. Thank you so very much for all of your extremely helpful input! I appreciate it so much!

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Review #3, by Gabriella Hunter The Darkest Hour

18th April 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review and sorry for the lateness! I've been slacking lately. :(

So, this! Interesting idea you have here! I've never seen it before. Like, this needs to be a thing. Pirius? Setunia? I'm totally going to ship this.

Anyway, I think that the reason you haven't gotten much feedback might be because of the unusual pairing. It's not something that pops up all the time, I'm sure and there are a lot of people who don't like Petunia. I think going this route instead of Sirius falling in love with an OC is a good one!

We always have this notion that Petunia was just this all around unpleasant person but you've switched this up quite a bit. I love that you give her some softness and vulnerability, I think it was touching to see her reluctantly becoming attracted to Sirius during the wedding.

Sirius comes off as charming and his portion of the chapter was lovely. I get to see all of his pain and anger clearly, getting Petunia's letter was great for him. I would have liked to have seen more of their budding relationship though, perhaps a few more letters to one another to solidify that they were close.

I think that's the missing part of this piece because it jumps to Petunia in the present a little abruptly. I would just add a bit more about her feelings towards him, how they progressed from loving one another and so on until the present.

Otherwise, I like this! I didn't spot any grammar or spelling thing, I don't think but a clean sweep through could help with that. :D

Thanks for the read!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the incredibly helpful feedback. Following your advice, I added in a bit more development into their relationship. I'm so very pleased that you liked her vulnerability and softness. I didn't want to completely break the character to fit my needs, just give her an alternative backstory. I hope that the added letters solidified their relationship a bit more. Thank you for reading!

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Review #4, by victoria_anne The Darkest Hour

16th April 2016:

You've left me the most amazing reviews, but this is the first time I've read something of yours! *hides*

Okay, so intriguing straight up! Petunia writing to Sirius? Interesting indeed.
Aw, if only that happened so that Sirius could help care for baby Harry :'(

Just Google it, Petunia.

I like how you've written that Petunia has some remorse over what happened to Lily, I like to think she would have eventually been curious to know the details, and I love how she's kept Lily's owl.

Ooh that scene with the dementors gave me goosebumps, argh!

Do you know I've never read a story with Sirius in Azkaban before? I like how you've done it, I must say I never really thought about it before. Ha ha trust Sirius to read Karkaroff's letter though!

Ooh oh my goodness! She wants to be with Sirius! Petunia and Sirius sitting in a tree! K-I-S-


100% yes you HAVE to turn this into a short story! Your characterisation of Sirius and Petunia is really well done and I would absolutely love to read more about this in future! Now go get writing!

Lots of love,
Bianca ♥

Author's Response: HELLO BIANCA!

I think Petunia would have to care even just a little bit very deep down. She could have just as well refused Harry entirely. I don't think Petunia was a particularly good mother so I don't think she'd have the instincts to soothe Harry. Dudley she probably just forced fed until he fell asleep.

Dementors really creep me out, but I almost wish I could experience them just once to appreciate the joy that I do have.

I'm working on the short story now so hopefully I'll get it all sorted out!

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely review (even if it potentially took away time for you to write Hero). You're seriously the best!

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Review #5, by Jo Raskoph The Darkest Hour

29th March 2016:
Paula, you amazing writing procaryote :)

If I promised you never ending devotion and virtual cookies for the rest of your life, would you consider turning this completed into a WIP?

It's so wonderful, I'd love love love to read more.

The owl and everything – I loved it. And Petunias hope at the end – I don't think I've ever read Sirius/Petunia, but I'd love it and it could give both of them so much more than what they got in the books; and they both have serious character flaws, so they would really deserve each other…

Sorry, I'm rambling, I should end this review, I hope you forgive it's uselessness.

A short list of wonderfuls:
- The owl, again I know, but it's just SUCH a sweet detail.
- The sentences she writes and doesn't use. Brilliant characterisation!
- The dementors and desperation, Azkaban in general was really well thought out I think.
– Bellatrix, how Sirius uses her to scare Igor, I think I loved it so much because he is still a prankster despite all the misery.
- How the sisters still loved each other in this and how Petunia really cares about Harry.
- Harry … not spoiled! It's sweet and heartbreaking at once, knowing what he went through I can't say if it makes it worse or better to be reminded he was loved and pampered once.

All in all the characterisation was really goodl you captured both Sirius and Petunia's voices really well!

You're a lovely writer and thank you for sharing your work!

Love, Jo

Author's Response: Jo!

I'm so so so glad that you liked it! I was actually considering writing a series of one shots into a collection for this if my muse cooperates! Just small snapshots and letters between them over the years! I've never actually read a Sirius/Petunia either so I was a little worried about the reception! Maybe a bit about the inner turmoil between her and Vernon.

Thank you so much for the kind words! I really appreciate it! I'm glad you liked the Azkaban and dementors bit because I wanted it to seem as grave as it is, but with characteristics of real prison life (at least what I see on television).

Seriously, thank you so much for the review!

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