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Review #1, by PaulaTheProkaryote Wound Tight

20th June 2016:
My immediate reaction to this based on all that I read was that it was Ginny and Tom. The days missing as it was with possession. The diary literally sucks you in and envelops you and I could see how it could be hard to see where you end and he begins. She used it like a diary so of course he knows her soul and her desire. Not to mention he quite literally possessed her. His requests and her unease to me further supports this. When he is ripped away, she's dying in the chamber.

I mean all of it would make sense to me. She was young and impressionable and someone paid attention to her. It would make sense that she would feel so conflicted.

I hope that you decide to update this story!

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Review #2, by victoria_anne Wound Tight

23rd May 2016:
Kaitlin ♥

Do you know how hard it is to choose something to read on your page? Extremeley hard. Everything just sounds so amazing. I chose this one because I think I just have enough time to read and review it on my lunch break at work - a little gift for you!!

As always your writing is impeccable, and this was truly haunting. I felt every word.

I'm going to be honest, I checked the other reviews for guesses as to who it's about :P I'm sorry but I'm just rubbish at things like this! Everyone has said Ginny and Tom Riddle, and I'm inclined to agree. It makes the story all the more amazing if I read it with this in mind.

Simply incredible. Love you Kaitin!

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Review #3, by TidalDragon Wound Tight

10th April 2016:
Howdy Kaitlin! I have arrived to R&R for the Knockout Challenge and even though your opponent has waved the white flag you have still more than earned some feedback on this one.

The feel of this story is quite interesting. It evokes a constant yearning, but as you mention in the story itself, there is also a sort of fog. Mysterious. It's also stylistically different from your other stories I've read - more comparison-centric and imagery-laden with the language that typifies that manner of writing (though thankfully not excessively verbose).

Of course, given your character indicators and the question in your A/N I think what lies at the heart of the mystery is who we're talking about here so I'll hit that too as it is what I think will ultimately make the piece of the most interest to readers for impact and debate.

Of course, like any delightful reviewer, I will reject the premise of your final question and just tell you how it read to me. :p I saw the first...third or so of the story as describing Ginny's connection with and ultimate possession by Tom Riddle/Voldemort. It's possible for the story to be read that way in its entirety, however, after several reads I decline to do so. Instead, I read the story as containing three distinct time periods, with the words "The world turns upside down around you, but you hardly notice." being a critical inflection point. After all...if the world has turned upside down perhaps we're no longer talking about "he" and "him" as the same person.

As I've stated before, prior to those words, I think we're talking about CoS-Ginny and Tom/Voldemort. In that paragraph, I think we're talking about HBP-Ginny and Harry, when their love is brand new and deliciously distracting to the point that it's nearly all-consuming. Subsequently, I think we're talking about Ginny after Harry's ACTUAL death. They've both lived full lives, but she's the one left behind and being elderly, perhaps those "welts and scratches form" more easily.

ANYWAY, I'm probably completely off, but that's my take. This was a thought-provoking piece! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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Review #4, by NPE Wound Tight

30th March 2016:
Hi Kaitlin,

Sorry I haven't been reviewing so regularly. Life and all. Can only apologise.

I definitely intend to review more of your work. I love reading it and I think all the challenge stuff and HPFF fundraising stuff you have accomplished is remarkable.

So, to the story at hand.

Really, I think this is tremendously written.

Truthfully, I read it three times. First time I read it like a poetic confession, not overly bothered about who it referred to, thinking of it as poetry rather than FF.

I think this is easily the most lucidly poetic thing you have written by the way.

Next two times after seeing you author's note, I had a guess at who it was. For a minute I thought maybe George and Fred's "twinship" but then it got all dark and sinister and my mind went to Ginny and Voldz. Griddle. Or Goldermort. Or Vinny. Or Tom Weasley.

Ok I will stop with the "ship" merging they are all terrible haha.

This is really well written. I think you did a brilliant job in expressing the self-loathing and the odd pleasure of the connection that went with the horror of being possessed. The vulnerabilities of Ginny are laid bare here and I think it is a valid explanation about why she isn't a vocal character until say Order of the Phoenix, this obviously had an effect that a trip to Pomfrey's didn't solve.

Only CC is = do wizard's know of/say DNA?



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Review #5, by adluvshp Wound Tight

30th March 2016:
Hello! Here for our review swap from the forums =)

Wow, this totally gave me chills. It was haunting and poetic and beautiful. I figured this is talking about the connection between Ginny and Voldemort (partly due to the listing of the characters). There're bits and pieces that clue you in too, like the obsessive, almost "wrong" nature of the connection. The moments when Ginny can't remember, when the days blur together, the 'fog' in her mind. Then the uneasy requests, and her conscience screaming it's not right. All of that fits into the Ginny/Tom scenario - when their souls were literally connected.

You have shown this in a lovely manner. It's tragic and insane and scary all at the same time. Yet Ginny's longing for him makes sense and her sense of abandonment, of incompleteness without Tom's presence, is also on point. The descriptions and imagery you use is just brilliant and it really kept me captivated in the narrative throughout.

I don't know what else to say except that I'm in awe. This one-shot is a true masterpiece. I loved reading it. Honoured to have been able to read it! Great, great job.

Angie (Lost Muse)

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Review #6, by Dojh167 Wound Tight

27th March 2016:

I know I said I wouldd keep away from non-Puff stories while I try to catch up on reading for Keckers, but I couldn't help it in this case.

To me, it is very clear that the MC is Ginny, and she is talking about her connection with Tom. Of course, the listed characters did clue me in. Was that why you included both Harry and Voldemort, to make the reader question which one it was? The way that I interpreted this story, I didn't really see him here.

I think that you definitely could just put "othercanon" if you wanted to make the reader guess at it more, and I think most people could figure it out. At the same time, knowing who the characters were is part of what drew me to this story (As I may, er, be writing my entry on the same broken connection...)

I really liked how you talked about their souls separating. It was both literal and metaphorical, and I think that worked really well.

The hours under scalding water was very evocative as well. I could really picture it, both physically and emotionally.

I do often get frustrated by stories where the characters are not clearly identified, but I think the emotions and language you used made it very clear and effective in this case. In fact, not naming the characters also added to Ginny's sense of isolation and not completely knowing who she is, which is very appropriate.

Good luck in the challenge. I'm glad I stopped by!


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