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Review #1, by snapeangel Trapped

5th June 2009:
heart renching

well written

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Review #2, by Fate Trapped

5th July 2005:
*hides tears* I'll help you, Severus! That's a really powerful poem!

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Review #3, by Lily Severn Trapped

22nd June 2005:
This was beautiful; the imagery was wonderfully written! You've written Severus incredibly well, and the poem adds a nice touch. The desperation, and yet his resignation, makes this powerful in a way that urges the reader to continue. Excellent work!

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Review #4, by Bryan Trapped

20th January 2005:
This is amazing! You have sooo much talent, Kirsti, it's un-real!

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Review #5, by Helena Yuris Trapped

29th September 2004:
hmmmm it's pretty good, one of the better songfics i've read.

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Review #6, by Portia Trapped

25th September 2004:
I LOVE this story! it's soooooo cooooool

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Review #7, by Ever Sanpes Daughter Trapped

19th July 2004:
hey, I really liked this songfic! I think that it's one of my favorite stories on this site!

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Review #8, by cass Trapped

3rd May 2004:
Kirsti!!! I didn't kno u had so much talent! I havent read any of ur others yet but u are assured that i will!!! Wow! that was awesome! Curse ur talent! Man u a legend!

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Review #9, by jake epstein Trapped

28th April 2004:
Snape sure does seems to change that name around for himself later, doesn't he? once again, you have amazed me... another of my fave characters, severus snape. (i have a great love for all bad guys, its odd) but anyway, i am going to read all your stories tomorrow when i have the time. you are my favorite author. oh, and i love slash too, im writing one right now, but it is about two very unforgotten characters... harry/draco. and i wrote another one, too, about Hermione/Draco, so actually, you probably wouldn't like that one either, but if you want you could check them out, Lucius is a very regular appearer, as well as snape, in that second one i mentioned. my penname is jake epstein

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Review #10, by Forgotten Trapped

27th April 2004:
I like this piece, short but very accurate to Severus's character. It has a kind of quiet poetry about it. I'm sorry about your earlier experiance. Although there are a few "bad eggs", most of the users on the site are very friendly and nice. If you have any further problems, don't hesitate to contact us. - Amber

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words! it was great to see how easy this situation was handled! ^_^

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Review #11, by Twotoe Trapped

26th April 2004:
It's a great story and the poem fits in it perfectly. You let Snape's feeling come out clearly. *thumbs up*

Author's Response: Oh, thankyou so much i absolutely love your stories, i'm so happy you reviewed! ^_^ woohoo!!!

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