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Reading Reviews for The Skull Beneath the Skin
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Review #1, by MrsJaydeMalfoy I. No-One Mourns the Wicked

7th August 2016:
This is another intriguing and intense chapter! The ending really shocked me - Posy has described her group as very tight-knit, so to hear that she's willing to become Tibs' rival says a LOT about her character, as well as her determination to do well in the ranks of the Death Eaters.

Tibs' mother's illness is really very, very strange, and must be very hard on herself and Tibs. Still though, reading about the muggle servants made me cringe and shudder.. I'd certainly hate to think what could happen to those poor muggles later on down the road..

And the bit with Mrs. Black was a nice touch, also. On the one hand, I just wanted to argue with her that Sirius was loved and admired by so many people, and that of course people would mourn him, and I'd also love to tell her how misguided all of her thoughts are on Sirius and blood purity - but on the other hand, in a way it was nice to see that she at least cares enough to cry about her son, if that makes any sense.

I'm very interested to see where things go from here, and particularly curious as to what Posy means with "war begins here". I hope to see an update soon!

well done!!

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Review #2, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Prologue

7th August 2016:
Hi there lovely! I hope you're doing well!

I'm here with a few belated Hot-Seat reviews for you! I'm sorry they're late, but I just wanted to show my appreciation for you donating to keep HPFF around! Thank you!

And now, on to your first review!

I think you've got an AMAZING first chapter here! You set a very clear, darker tone here with Posy's thoughts about being a Death Eater and about Aurelius' death, already there's a sense of foreboding blending in with your words and it's given me a Halloween-esque feeling - it's brilliant!

I really like how things are set up here, with the group of four friends who always stick together, sort of like a Death-Eater opposite of the Marauders. Since Sirius was mentioned here, I can't help but wonder if there's going to be some sort of standoff or showdown between the two sets of 'Marauders'.

Also, I think you've done a wonderful job of portraying 'sympathy for the devil' here, if that makes any sense. Death Eaters can sometimes be hard to relate to, for obvious reasons. But, you've really allowed us into Posy's mind and feelings, to the point that when she mourns all the losses the Death Eaters have had lately, I almost feel sorry for them. GREAT job with that!

Anyway, this is an intriguing chapter, and I'm really interested to see where this goes!

Well done!

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Review #3, by long_live_luna_bellatrix Prologue

14th June 2016:
Love the idea of opening a story with not one but two interesting death situations! One, a disgraced grandfather, his own family not bothering to visit his grave. Two, a funeral no one wants to be at. Wonderful setup.

I was confused by something in the first few paragraphs-- you mention Gran telling the narrator something, but then you also mentioned that Gran was "burned" at the stake? Why the quotation marks? Is it because she didn't actually die, and that's why she's around telling the story? I couldn't really tell what was going on there. It seemed like a contradiction with a simple explanation that I was just blanking on.

I also like how you knocked the idea of a relationship with Tibs away right from the beginning. Whereas normally you'd see a boy/girl friendship and immediately think, "They're gonna get together!" this allowed me to at least temporarily put that out of my mind, and focus on them as a platonic unit, which was helpful. This isn't to say they can't become a "thing" later. And even if they do, I like that you're emphasizing their friendship first.

Great line here! "The only real loss sustained is that there's one less Death Eater in the world, and the Mudblood lives." The last line of the chapter is fantastic as well. Way to end the prologue with a bang.

It's so neat to have a character who can only picture herself becoming a Death Eater, given that I really like her already! It's hard to explain why I'm a fan of hers already; I like her matter-of-fact voice, and the fact that she has what seems like a nice group of friends. I think that says a lot about your writing ability, that I've come to like Posy in such a short time and with so little information! I know you mentioned that one of your areas of concern was Posy's narration, and I have to say that it's working really well so far. I'd love to get to know her better.

I suppose at the end of this chapter, I'm kind of wondering what I'm supposed to make of Posy's grandfather, the one introduced at the very beginning. I get how Aurelius' funeral is working in this story; it provides a backdrop for Posy to explain a little bit about her life, and is a good springing board for the rest of the story. I can't help but think her grandfather is still going to play an important role (for no other reason than that the story opens with a mention of his mysterious death... And when you open a story with something, it's got to be important! But Aurelius' funeral kind of pushes that to the background. So I wonder if that's something you want to have happen, or if you want to find a way to incorporate him into a later part of this chapter at all.

I definitely don't think the prologue needs to be expanded, at least not for the sake of a higher word count. I think short and sweet prologues are quite nice, they let readers get a taste of the story without slogging through 4,000 words. And while many short and sweet prologues could use more, you really have packed a lot of intriguing information into this. I definitely want to keep reading!

Overall, I thought this was a very successful opening chapter! Interesting characters, interesting premise. How unusual to see a friend group that's three boys and one girl... I hope Posy can hold her own, and I'd guess she can!

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Review #4, by alicia and anne Prologue

23rd May 2016:
Isobel I am excited about reading this finally, after hearing you talk about it! :D

I love the entire idea for this story, focusing on the 'bad guys' and those who have plans to be death eaters and the such.

It seems like such a pureblood thing to do, making a show and appearance to give off an impression of themselves. Everything is about how they look to outsiders, and it's cruel and sad, but that's how they are. And you've done a fantastic job at showing that, you really have.

Such a brilliant ending to the first chapter, and a wonderful cliffhanger of course!

I can't wait to read more!

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Review #5, by BookDinosaur I. No-One Mourns the Wicked

31st March 2016:

oh my days. i want to be repulsed - i am repulsed, by their casual arrogance and the way they look down on everybody else and this terrible, brilliant idea that tibs has had, but at the same time, these four fascinate me, and you make me want to read more about them and their beliefs and what they do. how do you do that??

posy's behaviour to the house-elf was - not very nice, to say the least? i think you've captured so well what someone would think of a house-elf if they were brought up in an environment which told them to believe that house-elves are slaves, or servants, and it's kind of horrifying?

ooh, i really really loved the scene with walburga ♥ i think a lot of people just take her image from the portrait we have from her in canon and leave it at that, the scream-y, vicious mother (and i'd love to read something which explores the differences between the person and the portrait, but that's neither here nor there). i love that you gave her more personality than that, that she still loves and worries about her son even though she doesn't understand him or his choices at all, because she's still his mother, after all.

Sirius, who continues to break his motherís heart even after being disowned. Sirius, captivator of attentions, consumer of innocent hearts, shining brightly in these dark days and trapping Regulus in shadow.
this quote is just really beautiful ♥

and, of course, lila nott and tibs - what can i even say to that?? tobs' plan is just undeniably clever but also so cruel, and i feel so sorry for the Muggles who respond to the advert and end up caught in the trap. and tibs has thought of everything and it all ties in so neatly - it's very impressive but i shouldn't find it impressive, damnit isobel, what are you doing to me xD

and posy, right at the end:
Iíll do whatever it takes to succeed Ė even if it means becoming my best friendís rival.

War begins here.

you give us such a great look at her character and her determination to succeed and i just find her so engaging. update soon, my dear, because i can't wait to see what you have in store for your characters

♥ emily

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Review #6, by BookDinosaur Prologue

31st March 2016:

the first thing i need to do here is just marvel at the way you can explore single things, single people, so deeply - VA and TAOS and this are all about the same events within the HP world but they all tell such different, fascinating stories, and i don't know how you do it but it's so amazing to be able to see the different effects that the war had on such different people in such different situations.

you set things up so well in this chapter as well - the way that everybody behaves is just a really good indicator as to how they're feeling and their beliefs and you get that across so well. especially through the contrast of what people expect at funerals, tears and sadness, compared what went down at this one; everyone was cold, uncaring, and by showing us their actions you also get across their situation and beliefs so so well ♥

Aurelius Nott had an affair with a Mudblood, the Dark Lord found out, he was killed as punishment for betraying the Dark Lordís wishes.
this is so terrifying?? like, the fact that voldemort was willing to kill his own supporters if they disobeyed him - kill them. just, that terrifies me. i can't imagine living under that sort of regime, oh my days

you probably know that i really love stories set in the second wizarding war because i can never get enough of that, but i really really love that you're exploring the slytherin point of view as well. one of my main gripes with the canon series is that the slytherins were all portrayed as evil and voldemort supporters, but there must have been more going on behind closed doors, right? so i'm very happy that you're writing a story about this and can't wait to see where you take it

in five yearsí time, weíre all going to be dead.
what a chilling quote to end the chapter on! i don't know why, since she's probably right and they're all going to end up dead, but this just made me want to read more, even though you've effectively spoiled the story for us. what is this witchcraft? :P

♥ emily

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Review #7, by Dinthemidwest Prologue

28th March 2016:
Funerals are always a good start to a story-keep going!

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