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Review #1, by PaulaTheProkaryote Attack

20th June 2016:
My feelings or lack thereof for Snape has never been a secret so itís funny that I picked this one but sh. I ship Jily until death and beyond!

I understand Severus' passion for potions so much. That's how I am about biology. I could read text books or camp out in the lab for hours perfectly content.

I completely hate James and Sirius tormenting Severus though. He really never did anything to deserve that kind of torment, no matter how jealous and immature.

I do like that you mention how much he hates Lily coming to his aid. Of course it would wound his pride. I've read other stories where he lapped up the attention but I think it would just mortify him further.

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Review #2, by Wildmoon Attack

7th April 2016:
This is really great! More than anything else, this story is is really great foreshadowing of future events. You can see how their lives build through a progression of events to what we see in the books and movies.

It brings back to home the bullies that James and Sirius were, and it gives great foreshadowing to the 5th year event that caused the split between Lily and Snape.

I love the picture of Snape going into a near trance before the marauders break in because it foreshadows Rickman's speech during Harry's first class. That voice and that speech really connect to this scene in a very well thought out way.

Based on what we know of James and Sirius, you voiced them really well. I see a young Snape, not quite the Alan Rickman we know and love (nor should he be yet), but definitely on the path to becoming that person.

Well done!

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Review #3, by princesslily_36 Attack

3rd April 2016:
Hey Kaitlin!

Am here for the Alan Rickman Challenge. I was so excited to read the Marauder's era from you because I particularly enjoyed the Lily/James and Peter Pettigrew ones you had written, and honestly I find it hard to believe you had such a hard time writing them, because this has turned out so well.

Starting off with how Snape spent his free time was a wonderful insight into who he was - recluse, withdrawn and definitely not very social. The way his mind was constantly thinking of options, and analyzing him even when James and Sirius caught him off guard brought out how very Slytherin he was - able to keep his cool, and quite self preserving. Challenging James by appealing to his Gryffindor weakness is yet another Slytherin trait in him. You seem to have embodied the spirit of teenage Sev in this story :)

James Potter is quite the brat here. Though I feel sorry to see him portrayed this way, it is the harsh truth and from Sev PoV quite accurate. Looks like he pulled the 'go-on-a-date-with-me-i'll-leave-him-alone' trick on Lily more than once. That itself ought to have gotten Severus' blood boiling, if not anything else.

The emotion and the character have been well included and the whole scene has come out so well. Wishing you all the best in the Challenge.


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Review #4, by Challenge Cheerleader, baby Attack

28th March 2016:
Hhheeelllooo Kaitlin!

WOO! Hi hi hi!

I love how you brought in a memory of playing with Lily in the forest as children through the scent of the potion, that's a beautiful detail. Actually, I love everything about Severus potion-ing and all the potion-ness of the potion-y potion. (Okay, I just ruined it, but seriously - it was just gorgeous, he really is in his element, I can see it's all second nature to him!)

Eck, normally I love James and Sirius and look past them being bullies (I'm anonymous, I can admit that muahaha) but you really made them awful, because they really kinda were. Poor Severus, you wrote his desperation and fear of being bullied so well!

I love (word of the day, but what isn't there to love about your work?) all the references you used, too. Just a little detail that really puts the cherry on top. Like: "about as safe as trying to pet a manticore" and "the same look that he mightíve given to a bucket full of bubotuber pus". Brilliant. It's brilliant. You're brilliant.

What do you mean you don't normally write Marauders?! As someone who reads *ahem* a couple *cough* of Marauder fics, I can honestly say you did an amazing job.

I love seeing you sign up for so many challenges and am in awe of what you can come up with and that it is always for the highest quality. Wha-? How-? Eh-? You're a machine! (gold plated with diamonds, of course)

*shakes pom poms*

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