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Reading Reviews for Moving Forwards
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Review #1, by TidalDragon Moving Forwards

10th April 2016:
Howdy Vicki! I'm trying to complete an all-day blitz of the R&R-ing of the Knockout Challenge entries, so here I am.

First things first, I did notice a couple of typos up top and a misused word, "ineligible" instead of "illegible" - not a big deal, but I never know if people beat themselves up over them for editing purposes so I've taken to just saying so in case you're a big fan of editing to make things perfect (unlike me :p).

More importantly though, let me say that (though I have many more to read) you are one of only two entries that I've read that have allowed disconnection to give much chance at rebirth. While I wouldn't say that skew was entirely unexpected, I still like to acknowledge when someone's taken the road less traveled - kudos.

Anyway, we should move on to your exceptional story now, shouldn't we? Normally I'm not a fan of infidelity in fic, but I thought you handled it with a reality and maturity that doesn't happen often and it was refreshing to see. Rose has gotten herself into a difficult place with some seriously abysmal decision-making, but you wrote her pain so well, and her acknowledgement of her own idiocy and acceptance of fault so earnestly that even I couldn't help but feel what she was going through.

From a structural perspective, I also though the way you wove in memories and the substantial Scorpius/Rose flashback really worked well for what you were trying to accomplish - anchoring her agony and remorse in real things and events rather than leaving them an unaccompanied "woe is me" inner monologue.

Congratulations on a moving story! Thanks so much for participating!

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Review #2, by blackzero Moving Forwards

31st March 2016:
The story was very good.The background narrative was expertly incorporated. A refreshing take on ScoRose.

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