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Review #1, by PaulaTheProkaryote Waning

3rd April 2016:
When I read the titles of this story I kind of had a feeling this would be the way the story would go. The last one just filled my spirit so much. This one did too, but in a very different way. Love takes a lot of work. Sometimes too much.

I love the idea of her being sassy Harry 2.0: "she had more of my attitude of not putting up with fools and speaking her mind."

"I would have liked to hate Rolf, but it just wasn’t possible." This is how my brother is with his ex-wife's new husband. He's good to the kids, kind to everyone, and overall just too friendly to properly hate.

Part of me resents Luna and her adventures, leaving her children behind. I mean she's obviously still seeing them and all, but I had to move away from nieces and I'd do absolutely anything to spend every single day watching them grow up.

"I could bear the thought of losing her to an accident or a mauling, but not our unborn daughters." That should really tell you everything you need to know about the condition of their relationship at that time. Part of me also thinks that this whole idea that Harry has that Luna 'saved' him is too much pressure for one person. That's too intense to be healthy. It's really the only thing that seems to hold him to her.

“Make it right, daddy.” Well no pressure there or anything.

I know that it's just Luna's way. I know she is who she is. I still want to violently shake her for hurting Harry. That's a pretty good indicator that her character is excellent portrayed though. I'm just happy that Harry has his girls to get through all of this. If I feel so strongly, it must mean you're an excellent writer!

I knew, when I first saw the titles, that this would be an excellent story. You did not disappoint!

Author's Response: Pandora and Lily are very alike and very different. 'Sassy Harry 2.0' is a good way to describe Pandora and if that came through with that little bit then that's great.

Luna's not hurting Harry on purpose and Harry know it which makes it better, but also worse. I think he'd seen it coming for a while, but been in denial and your point about the accident or mauling is great. He could accept that he would lose her that way, maybe had already accepted that it would be inevitable, but losing her to another man was something he'd not considered.

Strangely, I think that Harry would be upset at Luna for a while and then they'd be friends again, but always with a little awkwardness on Harry's part.

Thanks so much for your review here. I appreciate the kind words.

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Review #2, by victoria_anne Waning

29th March 2016:

This was made even more amazing after reading Waxing. And of course, I understand the story titles now, and it's just a perfect detail. BUT you broke my heart! I was just getting all excited and in love with the idea of Harry and Luna and then you go and break them! NO! Wah!

But how cute are the twins?! I loved them so much! First because they were both named after their grandmothers, and secondly because of their differing personalities. Would you consider writing more on them? I think that would be amazing.

I love (kind of) how Luna ends up with Rolf - that's what I enjoy about this and Waxing, is that there's just enough canon to make it believable. Also, you really do have a knack at summarising scenes, TEACH ME YOUR WAYS! I love the ease of how you write time passing.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read your two amazing pieces!

Author's Response: It was time to kill my OTP, I hadn't done that before, and lately I've become convinced that their long-term viability just isn't there as they are just too different. I don't think they'll ever stop loving each other, they just won't be in love with each other.

Thanks for the canon comment, especially; I wanted this to ring true and it takes a good dose of canon to do that.

I love the twins, too and definitely have some ideas for them. I wrote 'Quitting Quidditch' quickly last week with Lily stopping playing Quidditch in their 6th year and no one knows why. I have ideas about them, but nothing more concrete yet.

Thanks for the great review. It's very appreciated.

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Review #3, by TidalDragon Waning

26th March 2016:
Howdy! Since you and Kenny were the first full pair to submit your entries, I decided I would try to get the jump on y'all before the deluge begins in a couple of days.

Anyhow, this was a really interesting piece. I have read Harry/Luna explored before but always from the perspective of someone attempting to advance it with long term viability (which I've never seen). Though I've read stories of Neville/Luna unraveling they haven't carried quite the same feel for me as this did. I think a great part of that owes to the fact that we have more background of a true canonical connection between Harry and Luna, but you were able to demonstrate here the sort of delicate balance that would make Harry/Luna work (for a time) as long as it did and I think the air of fragility that lent to the entire piece was a real strong point of your writing here.

Perhaps the strongest section for me was the second half, where with some of the background out of the way you started to showcase more rhetorical flourishes and quotable lines. In conjunction with that I thought in that section you really drove home the characterizations you laid out for Harry and Luna which I thought were both handled very well, particularly in the way that you captured their personalities through their dialogue, interactions, and reactions. It was understated, but still captured the complexity of each.

Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Thanks for the early review. I'm always game to enter a challenge like this. Kenny's entry is really good also, I liked it quite a lot.

Yeah, I hate to kill my OTP, but it had to be done. I used to think that there was hope for H/L to live happily ever after, but in reality, I think this is much more likely. They're just too different to be together. They could love each other and live together, but I don't think they'd ever be soul-mates.

I do love their canon friendship and I think she was just the right friend at the right time for Harry. I've always wished that she was a character right from the start instead of just starting in book 5.

I'm always happy to hear about good characterizations, especially of Luna, who I believe is difficult to get down correctly. I've always had a good feel for Harry, since personality wise, I'm very like Harry and Hermione.

Thanks again for the review and I await your decision.

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