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Review #1, by Jo Raskoph Waxing

13th September 2016:
Hi Pookha.

Thanks for requesting a review from my thread :) So this was a very interesting take on canon and I can totally see how Luna/Harry would make a good couple.

You asked in your request if I liked the way your story follows canon closely and for this I have two answers. The first part is that I liked the way you match your tale so well to what happened in canon and to what we know about the characters. The other hand is that I found it a little tiring to read about the occurences from canon again. I think you could have done these retellings with less detail without making your story any less. I also think that less detail in the less important scenes would be working better for the train of thought experience you were going for.

Your characterisations were really good, I liked how Luna is not portraied as completely loony but rather a quite sensible character despite her quirks (this is also rather close to my headcanon). I think it works nicely to contrast her against Harry, who in the books is always relatively 'sane' losing himself in his grief. It underlines their compatibility :)

All in all I think you told a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it.

Lots of love, Jo

Author's Response: Thanks for the responses about canon specifically. I can see how this fic could be that way, since I wrote it just as it came out of my head, with minimal editing (only for grammar, repetition, and errors). I'm glad that it came across as train of thought though, since that was what I was going for.

So glad that you think Luna is IC, as that's always my primary worry. So many people have different headcanons of her, and it's always gratifying to know that my image meets other people's images of her.

I very much appreciate your review and the time you took to do it.

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Review #2, by Aphoride Waxing

20th July 2016:
Hey there - I'm so sorry this is so late! I got caught up in the last months of uni, revising for finals, and then graduation, but I'm here now! :)

I gotta say, I'm not usually a massive fan of AUs - they're either done mostly for the purpose of self-insertion or in order to completely change the plot, and I love that this manages to be an AU while still following the main plot and things, just with a slight character difference. It's a great idea, and it works so well!

I really like Harry and Luna in this - there's something really sweet about them, and Luna kinda calms him down and doesn't ask many questions about things - she's very accepting and it kinda works with how hot-headed and almost demanding of understanding Harry can be at times. It's not a pairing I ship, but I can totally see why they might work - you've convinced me of that much, at least! ;) I love how character-driven this is, even though there's so much plot to fit in, and how the focus is so much on how the relationship develops. It seems so easy and so simple and almost like a relaxing relationship, which is kinda really lovely to think that Harry could have, you know, since so many of his relationships are more complicated than that in canon.

Your writing in this is so great, too - I'm so amazed by how you manage to work so well and so efficiently with such a large amount of plot. There wasn't a part which felt rushed or like there wasn't enough detail, which is pretty impressive, given how much stuff you got through in it. I also loved the little details of things - the humour and the references to Luna's beliefs in Wrackspurts and things, and the painting on the ceiling with the lines leading to her friends. They really brought the entire thing to life :)

I'm so glad I (finally!) got a chance to read this - it's really an impressive story, and I really loved it! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you enjoyed reading this story. I'm especially glad you liked it because it's AU and you don't normally like AU. When I write something like this, I really try to keep it as close to canon as I can since it makes the story feel more real.

Thanks so much also for saying it doesn't feel rushed or lack of detail because that's something that plagues my writing at times. I can be terse. Like that.

Yeah, Harry/Luna is my OTP, but it's definitely a hurt/comfort sort of ship. I'm starting to move away from it now, and when I write it, I can see that they're good in small bursts for each other.

No worries on how long it took to get to the review. Real life comes first!

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Review #3, by Dirigible_Plums Waxing

13th May 2016:

It's Plums here with your requested review that (I'm ashamed to say) is long overdue. I'm sorry, these past couple of months haven't been the best, and I wanted to make sure that I could properly enjoy this one shot since it was also entered into my challenge.

First of all, can I just say how much I love the title? I mean, Waxing, Waning, Luna... It's a small detail that just has to be pointed out in admiration - I love little things like that.

Another thing I really enjoyed was the way you followed canon, but didn't. It was interesting to see how events folded out in a similar way, making the differences all the more blindingly clear. At first, it was small things - the kiss, Harry's responses to Luna, a different implication to their actions - until everything changed properly when they began dating yet it somehow followed the structure of canon. It was really fascinating to see how things genuinely could've turned out. Harry himself admits it here: "If I had gone off to be on my own then, itís likely that Luna and I would have just remained good friends." If it wasn't for this small action, he would've fallen in love with Ginny.

Speaking of Ginny, I like what you've done with her. Not so much with her death (did you have to destroy the Weasleys even more? *sobs*), but how she accepted the relationship between Harry and Luna. As you pointed out throughout the one shot, she still fancied Harry even though he wasn't aware of it at the time. Yet when push came to shove, she protected Luna. She punched Harry in the face when he broke up with her and she pushed her out of the way when Bellatrix threw the Killing Curse. Seriously, I really like that you didn't write her as a jealous and psychotic friend or anything. It does her character justice.

I also really loved that little touch at the end, of how the words surrounding Harry's painting said "lover". I always found the portraits rather bittersweet and I feel like it's fitting that the one shot ended on this. Their journey wasn't easy, but it ended on a hopeful, rather sweet note.

My only concern with the one shot was that I felt a little talked at as I was reading. As a personal preference, I would've liked to see a little 'show not tell'. I understand that this is like an account of Harry's relationship with Luna and covers the span of years so it is understandable that the style would be like so, but I do think I would've liked to see it switched up here and there.

Hope this review helps! Oh, and thank you for entering my challenge. It was an honour to read this.

Plums xo

(Once again: so sorry for the late review!)

Author's Response: No worries at all for late review. I totally understand that real life gets in the way sometimes. I've disappeared from the site for years at a time before.

Showing rather than telling is something I struggle with sometimes, so thanks for that CC. I appreciate it. It's especially hard for me in first person, as I sometimes come across flat affected, so again I appreciate the CC for that.

I knew I had to keep it as close to canon as possible and at the same time, be AU, so I'm glad that came out here.

Ah, Ginny. I actually like the Harry/Ginny fiery relationship dynamic, so it was hard for me to take her out, but I really feel that when you have an extreme AU relationship like Harry/Luna, that there has to be a real reason for it and if Ginny were still there, I think she'd eventually pull Luna off of Harry. I thought that she would punch Harry for hurting Luna, and she actually made their 'breakup' look more real by doing it. She's Luna's friend and Harry's friend, so it's important to show her heroic side.

I know this was very long, so thanks for the kind read and review.

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Review #4, by PaulaTheProkaryote Waxing

2nd April 2016:
Hello there!
I'm not saying that I forgot to review ealier. I'm just saying that somehow it might have possibly slipped my mind. I blame the writing extravaganza. April fools, was arguably the worst day in the world to try to read this, but it's much easier now!

OH! Both of these stories are on my reading list! Expect a second review shortly!

For starters, I really like the way you've written Harry and Luna together. They both complement each other so well and I find the relationship very believable.

Stupid Cho getting in the way. I suppose it makes sense that he'd also care so much so suddenly for her considering they went through the trauma of loss together. I actually think Harry was a real jerk to her, regardless of how emotional she might have been. People grieve differently. That was a tangent, sorry, back on subject.

Harry putting on the ear muffs in public tells me he was doomed right then and there.

One thing that I really like is the way you spread out the events of the books. It felt like the story progressed more naturally. The relationship also felt the same way. It was never forced.

Your characterization of Luna is what really impressed me in this story. She's the weird, bizarre girl that we all know and love, but she's also a very real seeming person. She's what I'd expect from canon. She's very observant and understanding, which I like even more. I'd want to be friends with her in real life. Also, she easily gives the best gifts.

I think a great teller that they belong together is how easy it is for him to talk to Luna about Sirius. It was a topic he could barely face by himself, much less hashing out with anyone else. Another major teller is that she was there for Hermione. If she can be there for his best friend, he should nail it down.

Absolute best line of the chapter:
ďAre you all right? You look constipated. Some Gurdyroot tea is good for that.Ē I legitimately nearly sprayed my coffee reading that line. Well, she's thoughtful at least.

Also: "Ginny punched me in the face, hard." What a Ginny thing to do. I loved this bit.

This story left me feeling full and satisfied and happy with life (which is some feat considering the emotional few days we've had. As far as an AU goes, this is one of the best. Harry and Luna are just too precious for words!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this nice review. This is an extremely long chapter for me, but I felt that I couldn't ignore the canon of the books and just say, 'they got together,' it had to build naturally. Glad you thought they grew into a believable relationship. That's primarily why Cho was there, was it was canon and important to Harry's character. I made sure that she was one of the one's comforting Luna when they 'broke up' as I felt it was Cho-like, too. Yes, he really didn't treat her well, but he just didn't understand what was going on.

Hearing that Luna's characterization is good is really pleasing. I spend a lot of time dithering about whether or not she is different enough. I specialize in writing about her a lot, so I try to make sure she's in character.

Luna's a great listener and she understands Harry better than even Hermione sometimes, with their shared past of lost parents. She's such a great judge of character and I wish that she'd been a character since book 1.

Ah, since Ginny wasn't in on the 'breakup' I thought that was a very Ginny thing to do and she just sold the 'breakup' even more. I picture Harry telling her later at the Burrow before DH why he broke up with Luna in a parallel scene to how he had that discussion with Ginny.

Glad you liked the AU in this. If you're not looking for an emotional experience right now, you may want to skip 'Waning' for a bit.

Thanks again for the great review.

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Review #5, by victoria_anne Waxing

26th March 2016:


How is this the first story of yours that I've read?! It's beautiful! You have such a clear writing style that I like.

Now, I love Luna, so I can honestly say you did her justice. She's still a little weird, but she's human. She's honest and she's fierce and she knows what she wants, and I see this in your story.

I liked your summary of the book events. They still ran smoothly and were just enough to keep us clued in on what was happening and how Harry was feeling - that's important. It wasn't just you summarising the books, and that's what I like. Especially since you showed how Luna was always there, and Harry's feelings toward her during the time we know they actually spent together!

I love how we saw Harry and Luna's relationship developing throughout the years. It feels more natural that way, especially since Harry still had to focus on defeating Voldy. In fact, the whole way you stuck as close as you could to the real story (including Cho) was very well done! *applauds canon in an AU fic*

I do feel sad for Ginny though - wah! :(

Whew, I'll have to read Waning now!

- B

Author's Response: Thanks for being the first reviewer for this. I appreciate it; the 0 review stories always feel lonely to me.

You probably haven't read any of my stories because I was mainly active 7-8 years ago with only sporadic updates until this year, when I've gotten back into fanfic.

Ah, Luna's my specialty to write. I love her and I think it always shows in the characterizations. I made her a bit less strange here, as it's being told from Harry's rose-tinted perspective and he sees her a bit less strange. Thanks especially for saying she's honest and fierce. That's Luna in a nutshell.

I could have just bagged all those events and then said, 'oh, they're together.' But it wouldn't have felt true, so thanks for the feedback that the AU summaries went well. I worried they were too dry.

Yeah, Ginny. I love H/L and it's my OTP, but with Ginny there, it's hard to justify. I have a hard time with H/L fics that ignore Ginny just like with the Hermione/Draco fics that marginalize Ron. I really think you need more justification for how they get together in those circumstance.

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks again for the review. If you read Waning, it's very similar, but more angsty and less romance-y.

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