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Reading Reviews for Last Summer
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Review #1, by deceptivesweetnessx Two Summers Ago

25th February 2017:
hope you haven't forgotten about this story! really liked the concept and development and i hope you update soon! great work :)

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Review #2, by Sam The Present and Onward

30th March 2016:
LOVE this story!! Keep it up!

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Review #3, by Gabriella Hunter A Short Beginning

26th March 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review for our swap and I am SO sorry that this is late! I would have been here sooner but real life was being a jerk and stuff. ;__;

Anyway, this! I am really curious about what's going on here and who our main character is! I think that this was a really thrilling way to start a story though, my blood was pumping and I was trying to process everything. I immediately started wondering if she was being chased, if there was some dire threat behind her and I think you did a great idea of keeping us in the dark until the very last minute.

The opening scene paints this as something very traumatic and her frantic thoughts were well written too. I didn't know what was going on but I got a good gist of her character, she seems overwhelmed and being lost in a foreign city can be scary as heck without any friends. Now, that ending has my jaw dropping a lot but I think you left this chapter off on a good cliff hanger.

Louis...as in, Louis Weasley? I have to wonder about that but in the mean time...James cheated?! Come on, that's not cool. I have a feeling that our main character found out in a harsh way too, so make sure that you swap with me again for chapter two!

Great job!

Much love,


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Review #4, by Jo Raskoph Two Summers Ago

24th March 2016:
Hello Leigh!
It's Jo for our review swap.

First off: Thank you so much for contributing not one, not two but four amazing chapters to the Extravaganza! It's so impressive – how do you do that?

And secondly: You, my lady, sure know how to work them cliffhangers :)
I read (had to read, because I needed to know more) all four chapters straight and they were each exciting and made me curious for the next.
I love how you make the whole story really fast-paced and that you jump between present and past.

Also I've got a soft spot for love/hate relationships and this certainly reads like that's what this will be about.

What you wrote about cheating felt so real – the pain and not wanting to know, looking away, feeling guilty for doubting, accepting someone back… I could feel it.

I would love to find out more about James and May's relationship – I think it would add to the story. Right now I mainly know bad stuff about James and I probably wouldn't be very disappointed if you sink them.

Thank you so much for sharing your work :)
I can't wait for more.

Lots of love,

Author's Response: Hi Jo!

I don't know how I found four chapters within me. I haven't written so much so fast in forever. :p

Haha I have a natural thing for cliffys. I don't even write the purposely half the time:p but thanks so much! I'm happy I got you hooked!

Ugh I have a thing for love/hate relationships too. Absolutely love them.

I'm relieved you think the feelings she had with cheating were believable. I know many people would be like 'why isn't she leaving him?!?!?!' But I feel like you want to forgive them no matter what. So thank you!

Don't worry, you'll hear more about their relationship soon!!

Thanks for the amazing review!

- Leigh xx

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Review #5, by blackzero Return to Present

23rd March 2016:
Aha...Deja vu.And thanks for such a quick update

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Review #6, by blackzero Last Summer

22nd March 2016:
Looking forward for next update. So far wonderful build up.Plenty of emotion in both chapters

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Review #7, by dreamgazer220 A Short Beginning

22nd March 2016:
Review swap!

Thank you so much for giving me a chance to read this! You have a very strong start here, and you immediately gripped me in. Your language was great and you were able to paint a picture in my head of a girl running through the streets of France.

Immediately I have so many questions! I want to know what's happening, why she's running to Louis, why James cheated... I'm also curious to find out what Louis is doing in France!

I'm definitely going to keep reading this =)

One small, very minor thing "I would have apparatus back home" I think you mean Apparate?

Otherwise, great job! Thanks for the swap!!


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